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Our score is automatically calculated based on a formula. We simply enter all our measurements and the score is generated. It is a weighted average. You can drill down the tests via the box to the right

How to interpret the scores

10 to 7.5

This pair of headphones is great for this usage or test. You will be satisfied with it.

7.4 to 6.0

It is good enough for most people, but if you care about this usage or test, it will bother you.

5.9 to 0.0

This headphone is below average at this usage or test. It could be an issue even if you aren't particularly picky about this aspect.

Test results


2/26/2016 Initial scores.

5/09/2016 New weights for Overall Score:
Design: 20% (down from 21%)
Sound: 65% (up from 58%)
Isolation: 15% (down from 21%).

7/21/2016 Complete overhaul. The test results are now completely separated from the ratings, and you can create your own.

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Questions & Answers

Could you please include _RAW_ frequency response graphs in your reviews, as well as the Compensated FR plots. Or, post the target/compensation curve that you're using for the Compensated FR plots in the FR reference section, so we can see how the raw data is being corrected. Thank sincerely. This site was very helpful in the purchase of my last TV btw. I ended up getting a Samsung 40J5200, and am very satisfied with my purchase (in spite of its somewhat poor angle of view). Headphones Compensation Curve

We are planning on including raw measurements on the website in the near future, but that requires us to upgrade our charts from JPG to dynamic ones. With that, we could even provide a number of compensation curves (flat, bass-heavy, treble-heavy, etc.) for you to choose from, so that the recommendations would be tailored towards your taste.

In the meantime, here is our current compensation curve.

Could you please provide a way to view a table of headphones with Bluetooth capability?
We will add a dedicated Bluetooth page in the future, but in the meantime, you can sort the headphones based on their wireless capabilities here. At the moment all of our wireless headphones are Bluetooth.
I would like to know why you guys haven't review any Beats by Dre headphones lately? I'm deciding on which headphones to buy out of the Beats studio wireless or the Bose quietcomfort 25. Thanks and by the way you guys are amazing I love your website it has helped me a lot on tvs and now headphones!
We have a couple of in-ear Beats reviews scheduled for the summer, however, more Beats reviews would probably have to wait until sometime in the fall. We have a lot of other headphones in the queue already.
What is the criteria for "Limited Availability Products". I don't understand why the Sony MDR7506 is marked as one.
The criteria for "Limited Availability Products" is usually, if they're out-of-stock or unavailable through the affiliate links. However, thanks to your question, we noticed that some headphones would display as unavailable because of the "hidden price" feature of several Amazon links. We have since pushed a fix for this issue, and all test result tables should now be displaying the correct list of available headphones.
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