TCL 2017 TVs

We’ve reviewed 4 TCL TVs this year, which is four more than last year. All of the models we've tested are aimed at budget conscious buyers, and they often offer quite a bit of value at their price point. We will continuously update this page as new models are announced.


  • 01/04/2017 TCL 2017 lineup announced at CES
  • 09/02/2016 TCL UP130 reviewed
  • 06/10/2016 TCL UP130 reviewed
  • 06/03/2016 TCL US5800 reviewed
  • 05/13/2016 TCL FS3750 reviewed

Compared to other brands

  • Inexpensive. By far the cheapest priced brand we've tested this year. Most of them can be had for under $500.
  • Great Smart OS. All TCL TVs use Roku TV. Roku is Intuitive, snappy, fully featured and has all the apps most people want.
  • Not very bright. All the TCL TVs we've tested have below average brightness measurements. Not unusable, but might not be enjoyable in brighter environments.
  • Below average viewing angle. Even compared to other "small viewing angle" TVs, TCL TVs tend to perform even worse.

In general, TCL TVs are inexpensive and have good smart features. They don't usually match the more expensive TVs we recommend, but they're good value for money nonetheless.

TCL's Lineup - Description and Reviews

TCL's lineup strangely has a lot of overlap; Different models have the same sizes for about the same price as others and with no difference in picture quality.

2017 Models

For 2017, TCL expanded their lineup in the US. They added support for HDR across their line including Dolby Vision for a few of the models.

4k TVs

50" 55" 65"

The new flagship of the brand. Has a full-array local dimming and supports Dolby Vision.

49" 55" 65" 70" 75"

Nicest looking series of the line, drops the full-array backlight for an edge-lit solution instead.

43" 50" 55" 65"

TCL's budget series has a plastic stand and no Dolby Vision support.

2016 Models

We didn't cover any TCL TVs in 2015, but they only really grew in popularity this year. two models that were released last year have been kept as part of their current lineup, but we've gotten to review them this year. All the 2016 models sport the excellent Roku TV smart platform. While it only started to appear a couple of years ago on TVs, its still a mature platform that is very polished.

4k TVs

TCL US5800 Design
55" 65"

The current flagship model, 4k with decent picture quality. Good value. It's the cheapest 65 inch model we recommend.

TCL UP130 Design
43" 50" 55"

Essentially the same as the US5800 but with an altered design and an upgraded remote. Available in some different sizes.

43" 50" 55"

Same as the UP130, but without the voice search or a 3.5mm jack on the remote.


Not much different from the US5800 except for a cheaper stand and design.

1080p TVs

43" 49"

The premium 1080p line. Should be similar in picture quality to the FS3750 but with a nicer stand and design.

TCL FS3750 Design
40" 48" 55"

Decent budget 1080p TV. Exceptionally cheap.

2015 Models

TCL FS3800 Design
32" 40" 50"

Exactly the same as the FS3750, but available in a different set of sizes.

28" 32" 40" 48"

The only TCL TV still being sold that doesn't have the Roku smart OS. Similar to the FS3800 otherwise.

Discontinued Models


  • S3700. Cheap 1080p Roku TV, 60hz.
  • S3850. More premium design with metal feet, but otherwise more of the same.


While they're currently far from being top contenders, TCL TVs often offer good bang for your buck. This is mostly thanks to the excellent Roku smart platform that makes them well featured TVs for the price. Their picture quality is usually nothing special, but they're also far from awful. Overall, TCL TVs are a fairly safe choice for a cheap but fully featured TV.

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