Toshiba L3400U LED TV Calibration Settings

You can choose whichever mode you like on the Toshiba L3400U, even for gaming. They all have very low input lag, and the same settings can be enabled.

Toshiba L3400U Calibration Settings 1

As usual, in the advanced settings, we turn everything off. If you watch SD content, though, you might want to leave a few options turned on, like noise reduction.

Toshiba L3400U Calibration Settings 2

The color temperature closest to 6500K was Warm, but it was missing a little bit of green by default.

Toshiba L3400U Calibration Settings 3
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Questions & Answers

Why will Netflix not connect to the internet?
Have you tried using an Ethernet cable? It may be a WiFi issue, so changing the connection type might help to isolate the problem.
How do/can I use my external speakers with Netflix?
Use the TV's digital audio out.
How do you set up the WiFi?
You can find instructions for how to setup your TV's WiFi on page 106 of the manual. You can also find the manual online here.
Is it possible to do a calibration for the game settings? The colors go off a good bit using these settings, and the TV is being used mainly as a gaming display. Thank you!
Unfortunately, we no longer have that TV, so we can't do another calibration. Keep in mind that you should not be using our Red/Green/Blue settings, as those are unit-specific and won't be correct for your TV.
Is there any way to add an output?
No. You can buy an adapter if you want to convert your Digital Audio output for a different input, but you can't add outputs to a TV.
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