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Input Lag of Discontinued TVs

2014 LED TVs

9.2 LG LB5600 Input Lag
Input Lag: 27.8 ms
9.0 LG LB5900 Input Lag
Input Lag: 29.8 ms
8.7 LG LB6300 Input Lag
Input Lag: 33.9 ms
7.5 LG LB5800 Input Lag
Input Lag: 49.4 ms

2013 LED TVs

8.8 LG LN5400 Input lag
Input lag: 33.3 ms
8.8 LG LA6200 Input lag
Input lag: 33.3 ms
8.4 LG LN530B Input lag
Input lag: 37.5 ms
8.4 LG LN5300 Input lag
Input lag: 37.5 ms
6.1 LG LN5700 Input lag
Input lag: 66.6 ms

For Samsung TVs, some people reported achieving better input lag than us by changing the input name to PC, which we didn't do in our tests, except for with the Samsung F8500.

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Questions & Answers

Would you recommend the 4K LG55UB8500 TV for gaming? What is the input lag? THANKS I see some on Amazon for $400 and may pull the trigger.
Unfortunately we don't have any data about the LG 55UB8500 since we did not review it, so we can't really make any recommendation base on that.
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