We just started testing cameras, and our test bench v0.7 is rather simplistic, so we decided to launch without text in the test boxes. If you have any suggestions on what to improve, let us know here. As we gather your suggestions, we plan on making more frequent changes to our methodology and we'll be able to add text to the reviews in the near future.

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Luminance Noise

What it is: The signal to noise ratio (SNR) at a light intensity of 18% which correspond to middle gray. The reference exposure of a camera is based on obtaining an average light intensity of 18%. This is done by analyzing the RAW format photo of the camera.

Noise starts to be noticeable below an SNR of 30 db

When it matters: It's a good indicator of the quality of a sensor. A less noisy signal will give you a better photo or video quality in a low light situation and more flexibility for your perfect shot.
Score distribution

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RAW SNR 18% at Set ISO