The Best Monoprice Headphones of 2019

We have currently reviewed 2 Monoprice headphones. They're a big electronics retailer that also produces their own headphone line.


Compared to other brands

  • Headphone variety. The Monoprice lineup has many different headphone types including planar, open over-ear models, so you'll easily find a model that fits your use and preference.
  • Affordable. Monoprice headphones are comparatively cheaper than other brands, especially since they offer features like wireless and active noise cancelling at an affordable price range. They even have high-end, planar headphones with their Monolith series that are relatively affordable when compared to brands like HifiMan or Sine.
  • Plasticky build quality. We have yet to test the pricier lineup from Monoprice, which most likely will have a better build quality than the cheaper models, but the headphones that we've reviewed so far have had a plasticky build quality that was not as durable as some of the other headphone brands.
  • Inconsistent noise cancellation. Some of the noise cancelling models from Monoprice have high noise isolation, especially, their in-ear designs. However, the over-ear models that we've tested so far have mediocre or average-at-best noise cancellation.

Overall, Monoprice is a big electronics retailer that makes a wide variety of affordable headphones. They offer a lot of features for their budget price and even have some pricier, higher-end models with better audio reproduction, which can compete with some of the more known brands in audio. However, the headphones we've tested so far did not have the best performance regarding isolation and they were also a bit plasticky.

Best Monoprice Headphones

  1. Best Monoprice Headphones For Audio Quality

    Usage Ratings - Version 1.2
    Mixed Usage
    Critical Listening
    Type : Over-ear
    Enclosure : Closed-Back
    Wireless : No
    Noise-Cancelling : Yes
    Mic : Yes
    Transducer : Dynamic

    The best Monoprice headphones for audio quality are the Monoprice 110010 Hi-Fi Active Noise Cancelling. While the Monoprice 10799 Enhanced Active Noise Cancelling Earphones have better isolation and mixed usage performance overall, they're difficult to find or discontinued in most places. However, if you want the best sounding Monoprice headphones that we've tested so far, these are a great choice. They're not the most comfortable, but they have a decently well-balanced audio reproduction; they're lightweight and isolate enough for commuting.

    See our review


Monoprice makes a wide variety of affordable headphones. They have cheap wireless and noise cancelling models, but their Monolith lineup, especially, offers planar magnetic headphones at a lower cost than most of the competition. They also have a lot of headphone types, so you can find what best suits your use and preference. However, the headphones we've reviewed so far from Monoprice don't have the best build quality, and their isolation performance has been a bit inconsistent from model to model.

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