The Best SoundPeats Headphones of 2019

We have currently reviewed 4 SoundPeats headphones. They're an affordable brand that makes cheap headphones for sports and casual, everyday use. Some of their models are designed to look like popular headphones from other brands but at a fraction of their retail price.


Compared to other brands

  • Good for sports. Most headphones produced by SoundPeats are in-ear/earbud models that are portable and stable for sports use. The greater majority of their current lineup are intended for working out, running, and exercising.
  • Affordable wireless headphones. Soundpeats has some of the cheapest wireless headphones available on the market. They also do wireless headphones quite well with up-to-date Bluetooth versions, truly wireless models, and good wireless range.
  • Mediocre build quality. SoundPeats headphones don't have the best build quality or the most durable design when compared to other brands. However, it's to be expected at their budget price point.
  • Sub-par sound quality. The headphones we've measured from SoundPeats so far have a mediocre-at-best sound quality that won't be ideal if you're a critical listener. Their current headphone lineup is geared towards delivering a stable sports experience rather than an accurate audio reproduction.
  • Lack of variety. We have yet to test SoundPeats' full lineup, but their current headphone releases are mostly in-ears and earbuds, with only one official over-ear design.

Overall, SoundPeats makes some of the most affordable wireless headphones that use up-to-date Bluetooth versions, as well as support for some latency and audio quality codecs like aptX. They even offer some truly wireless headphones at a cheaper price point than any other brand. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of variety in their models; their lineup focuses more on in-ear/earbud designs that are good for sports, but offers nothing for more critical listeners who want a full-sized headphone or dislike the in-ear fit.

Best SoundPeats Headphones

  1. Best SoundPeats Headphones For Mixed Usage

    Usage Ratings - Version 1.2
    Mixed Usage
    Critical Listening
    Type : In-ear
    Enclosure : Closed-Back
    Wireless : Yes
    Noise-Cancelling : No
    Mic : Yes
    Transducer : Dynamic

    The best SoundPeats headphones for mixed usage are the SoundPeats Q9A Wireless. They're primarily sports headphones with a design similar to that of the much pricier Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless, but they're also versatile enough to be good everyday headphones. If you're looking for a compact wireless headset to carry on you at all times that you can also use at the gym, then these are a good option. They have a stable fit, they're a bit more comfortable than typical in-ear models, and they even have a decent sound quality to satisfy most listeners.

    See our review


SoundPeats makes affordable wireless headphones. Their current lineup is mostly geared towards sports fans who need a compact headset for working out or running and don't mind sacrificing a bit of sound quality for a budget pair of headphones. However, SoundPeats doesn't have much headphone variety for now, which means if you don't find in-ears comfortable, then you won't have a lot of options to satisfy your preferences. 

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