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The Best V-MODA Headphones of 2019

We have currently reviewed 3 V-MODA headphones. They're a fashion-forward brand with sturdy and durable headphone designs for everyday use.

Test results


Compared to other brands

  • Sturdy Build Quality. Most of V-MODA's lineup are well-built and durable headphones with a lot of premium materials in their design. The headbands and ear cups are typically a good combination of metal and high-grade plastic and they're usually flexible enough to not break even if you twist the headphones at odd angles.
  • Stylish Looking Designs. V-MODA headphones are popular due in part to their fashion-forward design while maintaining a sturdy build quality. They are eye-catching headphones with a unique look that won't be mistaken for another brand.
  • Above-Average Sound Quality. We have yet to review all of V-MODA's lineup, but the few that we've tested have a better than average sound with good bass. They won't be the ideal headphones for critical listening, but they have a good enough sound quality to satisfy most listeners.
  • Expensive. V-MODA headphones are pricier than the competition for what they have to offer. Granted, they have a more premium design than most mid-range headphones, but compared to other popular brands they are a little overpriced for their feature set and sound quality.
  • Lacking In Features. V-MODA headphones typically lack in features when compared to other headphones in the same price range. They don't have noise cancellation or a companion app to let you customize the sound profile to your liking. They don't have any cool or unique active features to make them stand out from the pack. 

Overall, V-MODA makes sleek and sturdy headphones with durable and premium materials used in their build quality. They stand out thanks to their unique designs and they have a better than average sound. However, they lack a bit of detail and clarity for more critical listeners and they're a bit expensive for what they have to offer. They don't have as many features as comparably priced headphones, so they won't be as versatile for all use cases. 

Best V-MODA Headphones

V-MODA has a slightly unorthodox naming convention for their headphones, but they are mostly split into three categories.

  • Crossfade =  Closed over-ears with a wireless variation. They're mostly for critical listening and everyday casual use.
  • Forza = The in-ear line up with a wireless variation.
  • XS = The on-ear line-up with a more compact format of the iconic V-Moda design.

Best V-MODA Headphones for mixed usage

Usage Ratings - Version 1.2

Test Benches:

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2017
  • 0.9: Winter 2016
Mixed Usage
What it is: This is the combination of the different use cases to evaluate how versatile the headphones are. Therefore an everyday headphone should be well-rounded enough to adapt to most situations and environments without significant losses in sound quality, design ergonomics or isolation.
Score components:
Critical Listening
What it is: The level of audio fidelity a headphone can reproduce. Therefore a balanced and true representation of bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, as well as a comfortable listening experience, is essential for critical listening.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones handle the loud environments involved in commuting or traveling. Therefore your listening experience should be comfortable, hassle-free and as isolated from noise as possible.
Score components:
What it is: How well-adapted the headphones are, to use while doing sports or strenuous exercise. Therefore the headphones should not be too cumbersome and deliver a stable and comfortable listening experience.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones can deliver a comfortable and isolated listening experience in an office-like environment. They should not leak much and should block the noise of a busy office.
Score components:
Score components:
Score components:
Type : Over-ear
Enclosure : Closed-Back
Wireless : Yes
Noise-Cancelling : No
Mic : Yes
Transducer : Dynamic

The Crossfade 2 Wireless are the best-mixed usage headphones from V-MODA that we've reviewed so far. They have the iconic V-MODA look with a durable yet flexible design, and they're a bit more comfortable than the other V-MODA headphones thanks to the thicker padding on their ear cups. They're also wireless without sacrificing the sound quality of the wired variation (the Crossfade M-100). Unfortunately, they're a bit pricey and don't have as many features as some other similarly priced headphones, which is a bit disappointing.

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V-MODA is a fashion-forward brand that makes durable yet sleek-looking headphones. They're not as practical as other similarly priced models from other brands, but they offer a unique design that also delivers in the sound department. If you like stylish-looking headsets and you don't mind spending a little more for the unique design, then the V-MODA headphones are a good option. They won't break easily and they sound sufficiently good for most listeners.

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