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Test bench 1.0

The following changes were made between February 2016, and March 2017. They are kept for reference, however the test bench was not versioned at this time and changes were made irregularly throughout this period. For more information, see here.



  • Added test for headphone Breathability
  • Increased the pool of subjective evaluators from 1 to 3 people


  • Updated weighting breakdown for Sound to better match human perception
  • Changed high-mid range from 1KHz-2.5KHz, to 1KHz-2KHz
  • Changed low-treble range from 2.5KHz-5KHz, to 2KHz-5KHz
  • Updated Frequency Response target to a hybrid of Harman Target Response and the Diffuse Field Response
  • Updated FR testing methodology by measuring the Bass of Over/On-ear headphones on 5 human subjects
  • Added test for Frequency Responses Consistency
  • Updated THD's weighting filter

Active Features

  • Divided the Wireless box (which included Latency) into two separate boxes of Wireless and Latency
  • Added Passive Playback test to Battery

Usage ratings

  • Added Home Theater usage rating
  • Removed Studio Recording usage rating






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