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Test bench 1.2

See previous 1.1 changelog.



  • Added "Truly Wireless" to the Wireless types
  • Added Channel Mixing to Controls


  • Soundstage overhaul: PRTF Error replaced by PRTF Accuracy, PRTF Size, and PRTF Distance. Scoring weights updated.
  • Imaging overhaul: Phase Error replaced by Weighted Group Delay. A perceptual filter added to the mismatch calculations. Scoring weights updated.
  • Soundstage weight reduced from 21% of the overall Sound to 20%
  • Imaging weight increased from 5% of the overall Sound to 9%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion weight reduced from 10% to 6%


  • Added playback to Recording Quality and Noise Handling

Active Features

  • Moved Bluetooth type to Connectivity
  • Moved Latency to Connectivity
  • In Battery, replaced Auto-off by Power Saving Feature


  • Added new category: Connectivity
  • Added test for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Added Bluetooth Version, Multi-Device Pairing, NFC and console Compatibility
  • Added test for wired connectivity
  • Added Connection Type and Console Compatibility for Audio and microphone
  • Added test for Dock/Base Station Connectivity
  • Added input/output types, Optical Input, Line In, USB Input, RCA Input and Line out
  • Added test for console and PC compatibility
  • Added power supply and dock charging

Usage ratings

  • Added the Gaming rating to the Mixed Usage rating
  • Updated Mixed Usage, Sports/Fitness, Commute/Travel, Office, Home Theater, and Gaming ratings
  • Added Microphone to Commute/Travel and Office usage ratings.
  • Added Connectivity to Office, Home Theater, and Gaming usage ratings

Headphones updated


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