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One of the best experience in dark room gaming.

First of all, don judge and brush off this monitor based on its review here. This monitor certainly has its flaws but there are certain scenarios where its far superior to monitors in its price range. I own a 27LGUK600 as well as this monitor. Both are mounted by a monitor arm.

My Comparions:

LG is far superior when it comes to a well lit room or a dual monitor setup. In my case i use it together with a Qnix 2710 PLS for my PC gaming needs and the LG for my PS4 Pro. It pretty much looks phenomenal with its PPI at 27inch. Being an IPS Panel, there is no question its better when you have to pan across 2 screens. Its ideal at 60-75cm vieweing distance.

The Benq on the other hand excels when you have minimal lighting. I use ambient lighting for my dark room setup. The LG is really bad in this setup. Due to ips glow, even with lowered brightness, night time in RDR2 looks unimpressive, The contrast of the Benq definitely shines in this setting especially in HDR mode. This monitor is meant for single usage. No compromises there. Viewing distance for this screen is 75-90cm. Yes i slouch when i watch netflix.

They both are faux HDR but i feel contrast/colors is far more important than brighter highlights in HDR mode. They both run a software implementation of HDR. No actual dimming zones means you cant experience the real effect of HDR without brightening the whole screen. Think of it as filter enhanced.

This is how my monitor looks like similarly in a dark room setup although not as good a setup as his.



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