Test bench 1.0

This is the first release of the Monitors test bench. Many of the picture quality and motion tests are based upon the TVs 1.1 test bench.



  • Added additional tests (curve radius, weight with stand, weight without stand)
  • Included width and depth of stand
  • Added a test for ergonomics and comfort
  • Added test for thickness with and without stand

Picture Quality

  • Adjusted horizontal viewing angle test to include both directions
  • Added test for vertical viewing angle
  • Added new calibration using ICC profile
  • Added monitor settings in pre and post calibration
  • Split SDR and HDR color tests into different boxes
  • Added tests for sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamut and volume
  • Added additional photos for average room and bright room with monitor off
  • Added new test for color bleed


  • Added 'Best overdrive setting' in motion blur test
  • Added BFI maximum and minimum frequency in Image flicker test
  • Added 'Refresh Rate' test to include factory overclock and variable refresh rate options


  • Adjusted input lag to test at native resolution, with black frame insertion and with variable refresh rate
  • Added 'Resolution and size' test


  • Added 'Additional Features' test

Usage ratings

  • Office rating, for an average-bright room which favors screen real estate and image accuracy
  • Gaming rating, for gamers looking for a low response time and excellent motion handling
  • Multimedia rating, for those who watch movies and tv shows in a dark-average room
  • Media creation rating, for editing photos or videos to ensure image accuracy regardless of the environment
  • HDR gaming rating, for those looking to game with HDR features such as wide color gamut and high peak brightness
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