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TV Deals - Canada 2019

Looking to get a deal on your next TV purchase? These are some of the biggest and best deals currently available, from budget models all the way to the high-end models with the latest features. If you find a deal that isn't listed, send us an email at and we will update this page.

This page list only deals for Canada; also check out our list of TV deals for the US.

Monday Deals on TVs

Sony XBR65X800G


43" - ​$598 CAD - Dropped by $150
65" - ​$998 CAD - Dropped by $300

The Sony X800G is a decent 4k TV with an IPS panel, which delivers wide viewing angles and good peak brightness. It has very good motion handling, with an excellent response time, so fast-moving objects look great, with very little blur behind them.

Samsung QN55Q70RAFXZA


55" - $1,298 CAD - Dropped by $400

The Samsung Q70R is a great 4k QLED TV with impressive picture quality. It can deliver deep uniform blacks in a dark room thanks to the high native contrast ratio and decent local dimming support.

Hisense Q9809


55" - ​$898 CAD - Dropped by $602

The Hisense Q9809 is a Canadian variant of the H9F. It's a great 4k TV. It delivers great picture quality, with excellent peak brightness, deep blacks, and a great color gamut.

Samsung Q80


55" - ​$1,498 CAD - Dropped by $500

The Samsung Q80R is an excellent 4k LED TV with impressive picture quality. It delivers deep blacks thanks to the high native contrast ratio, excellent black uniformity, and very good local dimming support.



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