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TV Deals - Canada

Looking to get a deal on your next TV purchase? These are some of the biggest and best deals currently available, from budget sets all the way to the high-end models with the latest features. 

This page list only deals for Canada, check out also our list of TV deals for the US.

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Canadian Deals on TVs we've Reviewed

Sony X900E Design

Sony X900E - ALL SIZES


Already started
55" - CDN $1369 - dropped by $230
65" - CDN $1898 - dropped by $400

The Sony X900E is on sale on It's a great 4k TV that offers some of the best picture quality found in an LED TV. HDR content looks particularly good on this TV since it gets very bright, and it handles motion exceptionally well. 

Sony X850E Design



Already started
65" - CDN $1598- dropped by $300
75" - CDN $2498 - dropped by $800

The Sony X850E 4k LED TV offers better than average picture quality and excellent motion handling but lacks a handful of high-end features. It does best in darker environments, but it's still capable of getting bright enough to be used in lit rooms without issue.

Sony X930E Design

Sony X930E - ALL SIZES


Already started
55" - CDN $1998 - dropped by $500
65" - CDN $2598 - dropped by $900

The Sony X930E 4K HDR TV is a great LED TV with top of the line picture quality. It's one of the brightest TVs we've reviewed, so it does great with HDR. It covers everything quite well as both motion and input lag are good. 

LG C7 Design



$2023.99 - Already started - We’ve found the LG C7 OLED TV to be a notable improvement over LG’s previous OLED TVs as this is the best TV we’ve reviewed this year. OLED allows for exceptional picture quality thanks to their ability to produce perfect blacks. It’s also a very versatile TV that will do a great job with just about every usage.

Samsung Q7F Design

Samsung QN55Q7F


$1,923.99 - Already Started - The Samsung Q7F QLED TV is a good, well-rounded 4k TV that will perform well in almost every use-case. It's not the brightest in its category, but the Samsung Q7 produces better colors than any other TV. 

Samsung Q8C Design

Samsung QN55Q8C


$2,423.99 - Already Started - The Samsung Q8C is a versatile curved 4k LED TV with a great design and good build quality thanks to its brushed metal finish. It gets decently bright, and it can reproduce one of the widest color volumes we've tested, which is great for HDR.

Sony X800E Design

Sony XBR55X800E


$998.00 - Dropped by $200 - The X800E is a good 4k smart TV on sale on Amazon Canada. It has a decent picture quality for an LED TV. It has a wide viewing angle and can display a wide range of colors with very smooth gradients. It also has low input lag and deals with motion well, making it a good gaming TV. 

Vizio M Series 2017 Design

Vizio M55-E0


55" - CDN $797 - dropped by $200
65" - CDN $1279 - dropped by $300

The Vizio M Series 2017 is a good 4k UHD LED TV that works best in a dark room. It produces deep and uniform blacks, and its great handling of motion and good input lag are a boon for gaming. Its local dimming feature isn't the best, but it still enhances the depth of the picture a good amount.

Samsung MU6500 Design

Samsung UN55MU6500


Ended - $749.99 - dropped by $300 - The Samsung MU6500 is a decent entry-level 4k LED TV with good picture quality in a dark room. It features a curved design that is pretty rare to find nowadays, and it can produce uniform blacks without any major uniformity issues. 

Other Deals

  • VIZIO E43-E2 (43") for $499.00 on (Link). Ended
  • LG UJ6300 (49'') for $623.99 at The Source (Link). See our Review.
  • Samsung MU6290 (55") for $723.99 at The Source (Link). Variant of the Samsung MU6300
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