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Cheap Stop-Gap or Wait?

I’ve got a Sharp Aquos LC-42PD7X that I have loved and has been great for the 12+ years I’ve had it, but it is getting old so I’ve been looking to replace it. However my primary uses, gaming and watching movies in a dark room, are at odds with each other for current tech so I’ve not seen any TVs that suit both my needs as I either get burn-in on my games if I choose OLED or I get bright blacks if I choose anything else. Micro LED looks to be my saviour, and I had been hoping to wait it out and get a Micro LED TV with HDMI 2.1 and its variable refresh when one finally comes on the market in a year or two, but the uniformity of my Aquos has been deteriorating rapidly for the last year or two and it’s getting quite noticeable even on still scenes and I’m not sure I can put up with it till an ideal TV comes along :(

So to my question, is it worth picking up a decent cheap TV to tide me over until an ideal TV is released, or just holding out? My main concern with getting a short term TV is that even good TVs have terrible sound these days, I haven’t heard any TVs at a reasonable price sound even close to as good as my Aquos and I really want to avoid having to get a soundbar (seriously what is the point of hiding speakers on a TV if you expect people to have to get a soundbar for tolerable sound). I’m not an audiophile or anything, I like my cheap $7 in ear Sony headphones just fine, but holy cow do TVs sound like crap now :(.



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