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Help with 1440p @ 120 Hz: 9.3 ms on PC

When configuring the 1440p resolution on the PC it does not fit the TV screen, only when I put the hdmi input on PC is that it fits correctly. I would like to use the resolution 2560x1440p with 120hz, but I’m going through this problem, in the game Battlefield V, with that resolution without the hdmi input for PC, the colors of the game gets much prettier and also do not feel as much imput lag, but for the game fits the screen in this configuration, I have to change from full screen to the no borders. Question: Does the 1440p resolution only work on the PC if I change hdmi input to PC? I only use PC with game mode enabled. Vga: Nvidia GTX 970 Actually my biggest question is, does this resolution only work on the computer, if I rename the hdmi input to PC?

Edited Feb 18, 2019 12:30: Add VGA



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