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The Q7FN is Entirely Underrated. It Would Have Won Awards, if Introduced in 2017 as the Q9F.

After having lived 9mo with the XBR75X900E, I can say unequivocally the X900F is highly overrated and the Q7FN is disappointingly underrated. I realize that edge-lighting is archaic technology and FALD has a much better technological road-map, but in 2018 FALD is only impressive if you can afford the Z9D or the Q9FN, and I believe their is an innate bias against edge-lit TV’s in general that skews the reviews of the Q7FN.

The FALD iteration found in the X900E/F series is a joke. One has to live with the TV for an extended period of time to become fully aware of its shortcomings. To highlight one example, blooming is horrendously distracting on spectacular (2% window) highlights in a dark room. Forget about running captions, because your viewing experience will be ruined. It also makes it impossible to attain natural looking skin tones near areas where their is glare on skin.

To the contrary, I have lived with the KS9000, KU6290, MU7000 and the MU8000, and all of them have more natural skin tone capabilities than the X900E. From all that I can research, the Q7FN is the best performing edge lit LED VA TV ever produced, and it is a crowning achievement for Samsung, given their poor offerings of 2017. When you compare its pricing to the 2017 Q9F, it is remarkable how much value this TV provides. I do not believe there is a better option in the various screen size price ranges for 2018 than the Q7FN, for LED VA paneled options.



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