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Seems all 4K TV's do WORSE at showing 720p/1080i (broadcast) material than my 2K television ! Why ?

I was very excited and expectant of buying a new 4K television (probably a 65" OLED LG C8) until I did some very careful viewing of it and various other 4K televisions with 720p/1080i (high def BROADCAST) material on it. The picture just did not look as pleasing and natural as it did on my eight year old 2K high-def plasma ! I own a 50" plasma, and I was wanting to purchase a 65" OLED, As we watch a fair amount of broadcast 2K hi-def, I feel as though much of our viewing would be “going backward” on picture quality.

Is this a “dirty secret” about 4K ? RTINGS has not really spoken about this phenomenon. I think it is well worth a discussion. Several of my finely eye-tuned friends agree with me, so it would not just be “me” seeing this ! Thanks for responses.

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