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Sony XBR55X900F/A 55 inches on CAD$1600 -> 1300 late @ night

So, I’ve been percolating on a 4k tv and even went to compare @ LD the LG C8 + 900F.. Of course I am stunned by both, especially the C8, but they both looked awesome to me.

Been watching the 900F on for CAD$1600 {yeah, they do that stupid 1597 schtick.. but whatev}, and even put into my cart at that price once, but thought ‘nah, they can do better..’. And they did! Shortly after I removed it from my cart, like an hour or so, the price on the 55" was the same as the 49"?! Sold! After all taxes and whatnot, plus free scheduled shipping, it’s CAD$1430, Should arrive on Nov-23.

At the same time, I am curious to see how far the C8 price is gonna move (in Canada), as well if that famed unicorn tv, the PQ65 Vizio, will ever make itself attainable again.

One thing I am puzzled by, well perhaps two things, is why an Android tv, the X900F, doesn’t do HDR on its YouTube app? Also, does Amazon AI watch and/or listen to me bitching about prices and shipping? ;)



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