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Hisense 2018 Lineup

We've only reviewed two Hisense TVs, the H9E Plus, and the H8C in 2017.


  • 08/24/2018 Hisense H9E Plus reviewed
  • 09/09/2016 Hisense H8C reviewed

Compared to other brands

  • Good value. Hisense TVs we've tested have good picture quality at a lower price than their competitors.
  • Good Smart OS. Hisense TVs used to use the Opera TV OS that was quite limited. They have since switched to a mix of Android TV and Roku for their high end models.
  • Below average viewing angle. Hisense TVs have very drastic drops in picture quality at an angle.

Overall, Hisense TVs have good picture quality at a low price. That makes them good value for most use cases. Don't expect a very seamless Smart OS however.

Hisense's Lineup - Description and Reviews

Hisense's lineup is mostly budget oriented. They're starting to introduce more high-end models, but the bulk of their TVs are aimed at the low-price market.

2018 models

For 2018, Hisense updated most of their lineup, with higher-end models running Android TV 8.0, and most of the lineup supporting Amazon Alexa integration.

4k TVs

H9E Plus
Hisense H9E Plus Design
55" 65"

Hisense's flagship LCD TV. Has a wide color gamut and is now powered by Android TV

55" 65"

Similar to the H9E Plus. No wide color gamut but added Full Array Local Dimming


Hisense is a growing brand. They've shown to provide a competitive product in the mid-range sector and are looking to expand in other price ranges. Our sample is pretty small, but their TVs tend to be at feature parity with competing products that are quite often quite a lot more expensive. They aren't without flaws, however. Their smart system is a definite weakness compared to Samsung, TCL or Sony, although it has improved recently.



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