Samsung J6200 LED TV Calibration Settings

We used the following calibration picture settings in our Samsung J6200 LED TV review.

Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 1

Movie mode has really good default values, not just for watching movies, but for sports and TV shows too. If you find the picture too dim, increase 'Backlight', and do not touch 'Brightness'.

Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 2

If you like the soap opera effect, turn on 'Auto Motion Plus'. The 'Warm2' color tone was the closest to the D6500K standard, but you might find the picture too yellow/red. If that's the case, change it to something colder.

Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 16

Turn off 'Dynamic Contrast'. This crushes the blacks and washes out the whites.

Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 5 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 6 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 7 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 8 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 9 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 10 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 11 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 12 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 13 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 14 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 15 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 17 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 18 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 19 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 20 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 21 Samsung J6200 Calibration Settings 22
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Questions & Answers

What is the setting for 10pt @ 10%? It is missing in the slides. Thank you!
Sorry for the error. The correct image is now in the article.
What are the best calibration settings for Samsung LED TV 48" UE48J6275XXE?
We haven't reviewed that TV, so we can't offer any settings recommendations.
I just purchased my Samsung UN55J6200 and I wanted to know if thess settings can be used on 'Standard' or 'Custom' mode, and how do I make the motion or movement more fluid?
They'll work well in 'Custom,' and should be okay for 'Standard,' too. To make the movement look fluid, set 'Auto Motion Plus' to 'Smooth.'
How do you get to the "2 point", "10 point" settings? I can't find that step, what menu is it? Is that the same screen on each screen shot?
It is under 'Advanced Settings' - 'White Balance'. You will need to enter all the values, because they are all active at the same time.
Do I have to set the 10 point settings?
No. Those aren't guaranteed to work for any TV other than ours, so it's better to leave them alone.
Hi, I just purchased a j6200 and had a question about the actual Directv settings. When I go into where the resolutions are there are boxes for 480,720 and 1080 I and P for each. Should I have only the 1080 boxes checked or all? Thank you!
The Samsung J6200 isn't the best to upscale 720p resolution so just check the option that would upscale that resolution to 1080p. Everything else should be left as is since the TV will do a good job upscaling those.
The screen information shows the resolution information with '60i.' Does the "60i" mean 1080p?
No, it's referring to the signal frequency (60 hz) and the type of signal (in this case, interlaced). You can have 480, 720, 1080, and 4k signals that are 60i. If you're watching TV, you're likely watching a 1080i channel at 60 hz.
When trying to adjust the white balance, I am unable to access the 10pt settings. It only gives me the option to adjust 2pt settings. The 10pt settings is listed, but not accessible. How do I activate the ability to change 10pt settings?
Set the picture mode to 'Movie' to enable the 10pt setting.
I've been using these settings since I got my tv and they look fine. I have a suggestion for those who care more about picture quality and frame rate over input lag. I turned off game mode and turned on auto motion plus. And the picture looks way better and smoother. I also don't see a difference with input lag. I was wondering if I need to adjust something because my blacks are pixelated and not uniform. Is this an issue with this tv?
Image interpolation does look good and it is worth mentioning that this TV is able to maintain a respectable input lag with the feature on. Most TVs have double the input lag with image interpolation. If your blacks are pixaleted, turn on 'Digital Clean View' and 'MPEG Noise Filter'. This isn't an issue with this TV.
Does the Samsung UN60J6200 support full RGB range? Should I turn it on on my PS4?
It does. As long as both of your devices have matching RGB settings (either limited or full), it doesn't really matter which you use. A mismatch will make the blacks either too dark (and undetailed) or too light.
You mention "if you like the soap opera effect..." Uh, what exactly is a "soap opera" effect?
It's an optional feature that enhances the frame rate of video to make it look extra smooth - similar to the look of a soap opera. We discuss it in more detail here.
The HDMI Black Level shows it should be on Low, but my TV doesn't allow me to change it from Normal. I have the Samsung UN60J6200. I was able to change all the other settings. Am I missing something? How do I change that setting?
Don't worry. It means the TV has detected that you are sending a full range HDMI signal (0-255). In our case, we were sending a limited range, which is why we set it to low on the TV.
Hi, I just purchased the 65j6200 and when I watch movies I have to turn the sound to 100 just to hear, is this normal? Even at 100 it's still not loud enough.
Set the volume setting on the source device to maximum then adjust the TV volume accordingly. If that doesn't work, try a different source. On the TV, try to turn off 'Auto Volume' from the 'Sound' menu under 'Additional Settings'.
To my understanding I can't have these settings and game mode on at the same time. Also thanks for the answers I've used your site as a reference for the past couple months and I came to this tv for my xbox one.
Indeed, game mode grays out most of the settings. Don't worry about the ones grayed out. For the ones that aren't grayed out though, you can copy our settings.
Hi. With the 10 point settings you show levels of 10 to 100. I don't understand. Should I set it at 100%? Thanks.
The different percentages represent different shades of gray (10% white to 100% white). You need to adjust every shade to get proper calibration. Keep in mind that our settings aren't guaranteed to work with any TV other than our own.
I just bought this TV, and have a few questions that I as hoping you could answer. First, I am experiencing lip syncing issues. The sound is a bit ahead of the picture. Is there a lip syncing setting on this TV that I can try yo adjust? Secondly, does this have a 120Hz Native Panel built in? I have read that what sets Refresh Rates apart is the actual refresh rate panel that is built in to the TV. Is it true that this TV only has a 60Hz Panel built in, whereas a similar Sony has a 120Hz built in? Thank you.
That TV is really 120Hz, so don't worry about this. For the sound sync issue, there is an option to increase the delay under the sound settings. If that doesn't work, try turning on 'Game Mode' (under System-General).
Do I have to change my TV to 1080p setting or does it do this automatically?
Everything that goes to your TV is either displayed as is (if already in 1080p) or upscaled to your TV native resolution of 1080p. No need to change the TV resolution (it can't be done anyway).
I recently purchased this TV and I noticed that my (HD) television channels seem a little grainy/fuzzy, which is not what I'm used to seeing from other HDTVs. I tried playing some video games and they look fantastic. Do you think it's a problem with my cable provider? I adjusted the settings and it didn't really help anything. I also just upgraded from a five-year-old, 36" TV, so there may be some degree of adjustment to the size. What do you think?
It's normal for 720p video to look a bit fuzzier on this TV. If you can, go into the cable box's settings and change the output resolution to 1080i or 1080p. That should look a bit better.
What are the original, out-of-the-box calibration settings? I followed all the steps of your calibration process and the picture is good, but the original settings were better. I didn't write down what the numbers were before I changed them, and now I do not know how to change them back to the original settings. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me figure out how to reset my TV. Thank you so much! Your website is very informative and helpful!
Use the 'Standard' picture mode, and then choose the 'Reset Picture' option at the bottom of the 'Picture' menu.
Two part question: Are these settings good for the Samsung UN60J6200, and are these settings the best for PS4 gaming, or are there better settings for that?
We recommend those settings for everything, and for all sizes of the J6200. Just be sure to enable 'Game' mode so that you get low input lag.
If I ever decide to reset the picture settings on my Samsung UNJ406200 will it reset ALL of the picture setting, Auto Motion Plus, Colors, etc. Thanks in advance.
Yes it will reset everything back to 'Factory settings', but it should only reset the settings for the 'Picture Mode' you are in. In any case, it is always a good idea to take note of your setting before doing a reset, if you want to come back to it later.
Should I adjust the color space to the values in this video, or are those the default values that came with your TV?
We do not recommend you use our custom color space values; we used a spectrophotometer to calibrate our TV to those values, but your TV will not be the exact same as ours even though they are both J6200. We recommend you use the default color space.
I recently bought a Samsung UN60J6200 60" smart TV. There is a hazy look to the picture when viewing it from the side at a little bit of an angle. Is there something that would help make the picture clearer?
No. Unfortunately, this is an issue most LED TVs have. If you really need a TV that looks better at a wider angle, consider switching for an IPS TV (this comes at the cost of overall picture quality, unfortunately). Just keep in mind that there are no good IPS options that cost around what your J6200 did.
I just replace a 2008 Panasonic plasma with this Samsung 60" j6200. I used your picture settings, bright scenes are great. My issue is dark scenes, movies like dark knight, the blacks are black enough for me, its the detail in the blacks. For instance its difficult for me to see the detail in batman's suit, or pinstripes on slacks. Is this something I can change in the settings or is this something I have to get used to with led tvs or just this particular model. Great site very helpful for people like me researching tvs to buy. Thanks.
There is a few things you can do. Try to increase 'Gamma'. Also make sure the brightness setting is Ok. In our calibration settings we have it on 45. If you watch the TV in a lit room, you may want to increase the 'Backlight' value. The value we have in our settings (10) is suited for a pitch dark room and it may not be optimal to pick up shadow details in other lightning conditions. A higher value won't affect the picture quality. Of course, a plasma TV will still be better at displaying shadow details.
Hi. We have the Samsung UN55J6200, and with non-HD channels on Dish, the picture looks fuzzy. Is there a way to clear it up? I'm not looking for HD quality and definition - just a clear picture.
That kind of content is always going to look a bit fuzzy. Your best option is to set 'Digital Clean View' and 'MPEG Noise Filter' to 'High.' That should clear away as much noise as possible, and will make the picture look better.
If that doesn't cut it, you can try increasing the 'Sharpness' setting. Just keep in mind that this will make HD channels look a bit worse.
Does the Samsung 55" J6200 ship with a protective film over the screen that needs to be removed when the tv is set up?
There is no film to peel off the screen, but it should come with a sheet that envelops the whole TV.
I just moved from a 2008 Panasonic Viera to the UN55J6200 and I use my google chromecast dongle quite a bit. Whenever I began a stream to it, the Viera would automatically switch the input to the ChromeCast or even turn the tv on. How can I get this feature to work with this television?
This feature is called HDMI-CEC. The J6200 doesn't have that feature unfortunately. You will need to upgrade to the J6300 to have it.
I really appreciate the service you provide. It really helped me feel far more comfortable with my selection. I went through and adjusted the settings on my UN55J6200 as recommended. When watching in an unlit room at night the images are quite dark. Pretty much every scene takes on the appearance of sitting in an unlit room at twilight. Flipping to Sports mode has the images appear more realistic, though too bright. Should I increase the Backlight setting? Please advise.
Try moving around the back light, and Gamma in the "Picture" settings to see what best fits your needs.
Hey there, great site. I purchased the J6200 based on your recommendations. I have read reviews after reviews and notes that quality is an issue with lots of people, especially concerning Vizio. I have no knowledge of their products, but I can offer my experiences with Samsung. I have owned 3 Samsung products so far. The first from several years ago was a portable DVD player for car use. It lasted about 6 months, with little use I may add, then the screen just died. Then a few years back, maybe 3-4 years, I purchased a Samsung 51” plasma TV. It had to have 2 service calls within the first 6 months to replace boards that failed. Now to the J6200, purchased in April, lasted 16 days. Best Buy replaced it, no questions asked even though it was just beyond their return policy (gave them +5 stars for customer service). The first one out of the box was, as you said, slow and clunky for menus and smart hub response. Thing is the picture at default was like watching the walking dead on every settings, flesh tones were way purple. So I tweaked and used you calibration settings as baseline to try and get the picture right. I was making progress, but then it failed. So now to TV number 2, same thing out of the box, purple flesh tones. After a few weeks with the help of you calibration settings, this one (still working, fingers crossed), has a fairly decent picture but still is not as good as the still working plasma which I never tweaked a thing out of the box, the picture was just fine and still is to this day. So, I have 2 questions. I used your 2 and 10 point settings under white balance. I can’t tell a difference with them set to your settings or at default. What type of picture would I have to display to see the difference? And (not wanting to put anyone out of a job), why don’t they just set up a robot station at the end of the assembly line where the TV is made to calibrate to specs?
Thank you for sharing your experiences. It shows that even with top brands, problems can occur. The 2 point and 10 point white balance settings should improve shadow details and skin tones but since they are mostly unique to each TVs you might not see an obvious improvement, if at all. Since it is the case for you, just reset to the default values not to create other problems. The rest of our settings should be fine and bring you close to our calibration result. TVs are somewhat calibrated from the manufacturer but with a wider threshold than a professional calibration. Most of the time, it is good enough.
Great Website! Do you have any recommended sound modes or equalizer settings?
The best sound settings will depend upon your room, and the TV's location in it. As such we can't recommend equalizer settings as the ones which work well for our room wouldn't necessarily work well for yours.
What are the best calibration settings for Samsung LED TV 32j4001?
The 32J4001 isn't available in the U.S. and we haven't reviewed that specific model but we would assume it to be similar to the J4000. We have posted our settings for the J4000 here.
Which HDMI port should I use for my PlayStation 4? Sorry, may be a dumb question but I am unsure.
For gaming, any HDMI port will do. Just make sure to use either the game mode or the PC mode to get the least amount of input lag.
If I enable 'Game Mode' will I need to reset these settings after switching back to 'Movie' or will the TV save these settings? If I'm gaming on a PC via HDMI, would it be better to set this TV in 'PC Mode' or 'Game Mode'? Thanks in advance for everything, you've been very helpful and this has really improved my picture quality!
The TV save the settings for each HDMI ports meaning that you won't lose your settings when you switch. Set the TV to PC mode when using your computer. You will get chroma 4:4:4 under 1080p @ 60Hz.
Is there a way to clean up the picture? I'm showing a noticeable amount of grain/snow. I am watching Hulu on my Apple TV 4. Do I have the tv too close ? It's about 8 feet away from me.
You can watch a fairly big TV at 8 feet away so it shouldn't be a problem. The 'Digital Clean View' and 'MPEG Noise Filter' options will help you clean the picture noise.
I see that your color settings are only made for your unit. How do I go about figuring out how to calibrate my TV in the first place? I've looked it up but I haven't found any information as in depth as yours.
For the color settings, we use an expensive and accurate tool called a spectro-photometer. Basic calibration can still be done without it with simple blu-ray calibration disks like the Disney one. We got good results with it. And you can always try our settings, we never know. If the picture quality end up worse, just reset the values.
How do I set this TVs inputs to PC mode? I can't find it in any menus.
The way you can set an input to PC mode is by pressing ‘Source’ on the remote, a list of your inputs will appear at the top of your TV screen, navigate to the desired input you would like to switch to ‘PC’ and then hold the middle button between the arrow keys until a dialog pops up. There you can change the device type to PC.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.