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Since we don't have any ads on the website, these links are our only source of revenue.

Why we don't believe in ads

We don't have ads on our website for three main reasons:

  • To keep our focus on great recommendations and reviews, not the number of page views
  • To prevent any conflicts of interest, because ads on tech websites are typically paid for by manufacturers
  • To keep the website's design clean and simple

How these links work

When you click a link to Amazon from our website, we receive a commission on anything that you buy from Amazon within the next 24 hours. Everything you buy counts; it’s not just the product at the link you clicked.

Why only

This was a tough decision, which we made based on the following criteria:

  • Great shipping and return policy for TVs
  • Large selection of TVs, so we could review any TV that we wanted
  • Lowest price guarantee

We were left with only two options: and Up until April 2015, we had both on the website. To simplify our website, we decided to go with exclusively, as it was far more popular.