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Local Dimming Issues

I purchased this TV in a 65 inch to replace my 55 inch 1080p Samsung. The first one went back to best buy yesterday because of dirty screen effect, random lock ups, terrible blooming and the local dimming causing terrible block shadows when watching Netflix. The new TV has a great panel with no dse, but with local dimming on, I get terrible blooming and the weird block shadows. It makes watching a show like The Punisher almost unwatchable due to the distractions. The TV looks great watching 4K HDR Youtube videos, but we usually watch Dish networks and Netflix. I also use it to play PS4 Pro.

I would love to hear if anyone has any settings to fix this issue since I like the price or another TV close to this price to try. My options seem to be limited to the Q6FN (which I hear nothing good about) or the Sony X900F (which I hear has terrible blooming and leans back on the stand).



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