1. Product Issue

Recent Sony Android TV update disabled the ability to remove ads/sponsored content from Home Screen

Hello RTing.com team,

I realize that your TV reviewing criteria includes whether or not ads are present when using smart features, so I wanted to give your team a heads up a recent issue.

Within the past few days an Android TV update from the Play Store disabled the ability to disable ads on Sony TVs home screen. There is no longer a toggle to disable Sponsored content within the Customize Channels menu. I’ve seen posts on Reddit where users of X900Es and X900Fs have reported this issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/AndroidTV/comments/b5ljs2/sony_900f_sponsored_content/ https://www.reddit.com/r/bravia/comments/b5xpjv/x900e_55_65_running_oreo_new_sponsored_and/

I’ve also experienced this issue first hand on my X930E: https://i.imgur.com/b1CDqDC.jpg

Any possibility if your team at RTing.com could confirm if a completely up to date X950G also has this same issue?

At this moment I’m confused if this is a goof caused by Sony/Google or if this change has been purposely implemented. Either way it now means that Sony Android TVs (at least some of those capable of running Android Oreo) no longer offer an ad-free interface. =(

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