Best 65 inch TVs - Spring 2016

We’ve now updated our guide to reflect the best 65 inch TVs available in spring 2016, based on our reviews. At this time of the year, most 2015 models are still available to purchase, and represent a great deal especially if you don't need the latest technology.

Best 65 Inch TV - $3,000+

8.8 LG 65EF9500
LG EF9500 Design

If you can afford it, the best 65 inch 4k TV overall is the LG 65EF9500. Being an OLED, its picture quality is one step above other LED UHD TVs and will pleased most people.

If you prefer the curved look, the LG 65EG9600 is almost the same TV, except with a curve (it doesn't make a difference, see curved vs flat). It has the same picture quality.

Best 65 Inch TV - $2,000 to $3,000

8.2 Vizio P65-C1
Vizio P Series 2016 Design

If you primarily either watch movies in the dark or play video games, the Vizio P65-C1 is the best 65 inch LED TV we reviewed in 2016 at these two things. On the flip side, it is not as good for other uses like watching lower quality cable TV shows. It is a bit less versatile for a day-to-day TV in a living room used by an average family.

8.1 Samsung UN65KS8000
Samsung KS8000 Design

The Samsung UN65KS8000 is a more well rounded TV without major flaws, and will therefore please most people looking for a 65" TV.

Technically, the higher model, the Samsung UN65KS9500, is slightly better, but the difference in terms of picture quality isn't worth the price difference, so we recommend buying the cheaper UN65KS8000 instead.

Best 65 Inch TV - $1,500 to $2,000

7.7 Samsung UN65JU7100
Samsung JU7100 Design

In the mid-range, the best 65 inch TV that most people should buy is the Samsung UN65JU7100. As far as basic picture quality goes, it’s pretty even with the more expensive Samsung UN65KS8000 above, which is great. The main loss is it won't be as good for watching HDR, but that content is still very limited anyway.

It is a 2015 model that is still available to purchase, which explains why its price dropped. It will get replaced by the UN65KU7000 and we don't expect a big difference of picture quality.

7.4 Vizio M65-C1
Vizio M Series 2015 Design

The Vizio M65-C1 is a good deal cheaper than the UN65JU7100, and while its picture is a little bit worse, it isn't far off, especially for movies. The difference is bigger for sports and video games though.

Like the Samsung, it will get soon be replaced by a new 2016 model, but we don't expect a noticeable improvement.

Best 65 Inch TV - $1,000 to $1,500

7.3 Samsung UN65J6300
Samsung J6300 Design

The best budget 65 inch TV to buy is the Samsung UN65J6300. It is not 4k, but this isn't a big loss depending on your distance or if you don't have access to 4k content.

Like most Samsung TVs, it is a well rounded TV that will please most people for any kind of room or usage.

7.3 Vizio E65-C3
Vizio E Series 2015 Design

For an even more limited budget, the Vizio E65-C3 fits the bill, especially if you are only looking for a basic TV without much extra features.

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Our recommendations above are what we think is currently the best 65 inch TV to buy for most people in each price range. We factor in the price (a cheaper TV wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't really worth it) and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

A few examples of 65 inch TVs that didn't make the cut:

  • Samsung UN65JS8500. Almost out of stock everywhere now. See our review
  • Sony XBR65X930D. Great TV, but the Vizio P or the Samsung KS8000 is better for most people. See our review
  • Sony XBR65X810C. The 65" size of that TV isn't as good as the 55" that we reviewed, especially in a dark room. See our review
  • LG 65UH8500. Great TV and an improvement over the equivalent model from last year, but priced too high for what it is. See our review

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here are the list of all our reviews of TVs that have a 65 Inch size. Be careful to not get too caught up in the details. While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. 

Product Year Type Resolution Movies & TV Video Games Sports Overall Our Reviews
LG OLED65E6P 2016 65" OLED 4k 9.1 9.3 9.0 8.9 See review
LG 65EG9600 2015 65" OLED 4k 8.9 8.8 9.3 8.8 See review
LG 65EF9500 2015 65" OLED 4k 8.9 8.8 9.1 8.8 See review
Samsung UN65KS9000 2016 65" LED 4k 8.4 8.7 7.9 8.2 See review
Vizio P65-C1 2016 65" LED 4k 8.4 9.5 8.2 8.2 See review
Samsung UN65KS9500 2016 65" LED 4k 8.4 8.6 7.8 8.2 See review
Samsung UN65JS9000 2015 65" LED 4k 8.0 9.1 8.5 8.1 See review
Samsung UN65KS8000 2016 65" LED 4k 8.4 8.4 7.7 8.1 See review
Samsung UN65JS8500 2015 65" LED 4k 8.0 8.7 8.5 8.1 See review
Sony XBR65X930C 2015 65" LED 4k 8.2 8.4 7.5 8.0 See review
Samsung UN65JS9500 2015 65" LED 4k 8.2 8.7 7.6 8.0 See review
Sony XBR65X930D 2016 65" LED 4k 8.1 8.5 7.8 7.9 See review
Samsung UN65JU7500 2015 65" LED 4k 7.5 9.4 8.3 7.9 See review
LG 65UH8500 2016 65" LED 4k 7.7 8.7 7.7 7.8 See review
Samsung UN65JU7100 2015 65" LED 4k 7.4 8.7 7.9 7.7 See review
Sony XBR65X810C 2015 65" LED 4k 7.2 8.8 8.4 7.7 See review
Sony XBR65X850D 2016 65" LED 4k 6.9 9.0 8.2 7.6 See review
Vizio D65u-D2 2016 65" LED 4k 7.2 9.1 7.5 7.5 See review
Sony XBR65X850C 2015 65" LED 4k 7.7 8.2 7.5 7.5 See review
Vizio P652ui-B2 2014 65" LED 4k 7.5 8.3 7.4 7.5 See review
Samsung UN65JU6400 2015 65" LED 4k 5.8 9.4 8.6 7.5 See review
Sony XBR65X900C 2015 65" LED 4k 7.0 8.5 7.6 7.5 See review
LG 65UH7700 2016 65" LED 4k 7.2 8.4 7.3 7.4 See review
Vizio D65-D2 2016 65" LED 1080p 7.0 8.6 8.0 7.4 See review
Vizio M65-C1 2015 65" LED 4k 7.7 8.0 7.1 7.4 See review
Vizio E65-C3 2015 65" LED 1080p 6.9 8.2 7.6 7.3 See review
Samsung UN65J6200 2015 65" LED 1080p 6.4 8.6 8.1 7.3 See review
Samsung UN65J6300 2015 65" LED 1080p 6.8 8.0 7.8 7.3 See review
Samsung UN65JU6500 2015 65" LED 4k 6.5 8.5 7.7 7.2 See review
LG 65UF9500 2015 65" LED 4k 6.6 8.6 7.1 7.2 See review
Samsung UN65KU6300 2016 65" LED 4k 6.9 8.4 7.1 7.2 See review
Samsung UN65KU7000 2016 65" LED 4k 6.9 8.1 7.3 7.2 See review
Samsung UN65JU6700 2015 65" LED 4k 6.4 8.3 7.3 7.1 See review
LG 65UF8500 2015 65" LED 4k 6.2 7.7 7.2 6.9 See review
TCL 65US5800 2016 65" LED 4k 6.8 7.5 7.1 6.9 See review
Sony KDL65W850C 2015 65" LED 1080p 6.8 7.2 6.6 6.8 See review
Sharp LC-65UB30U 2015 65" LED 4k 6.7 6.9 7.3 6.8 See review
LG 65UF7700 2015 65" LED 4k 6.2 7.5 7.1 6.8 See review
LG 65LF6300 2015 65" LED 1080p 5.8 7.3 7.1 6.6 See review
LG 65UF6800 2015 65" LED "4k" 5.9 7.2 7.1 6.6 See review
Vizio E65u-D3 2016 65" LED 4k 7.0 6.1 5.3 6.3 See review
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I have a seating distance of 10' away, but would also like to view from bar area which is 20' away. I was thinking about a 65 inch 4k, but would 65 inch 1080p be better?
At 10 feet for a 65", the 4k improvement is noticeable, but it isn't significant. So get the 1080p TV and save some money. The Samsung UN65J6300 would be great.
Update: Changed the recommendations to current models.
Are curved TVs better?
Just got DirecTV. They are telling me that in order to receive their 4k content I need to buy a Samsung TV. They also said that Samsungs have the DirecTV receivers built into them. Is any of this true? Thank you.
Yes. Right now, only Samsung's 2014 and 2015 UHD TVs are able to play DirecTV 4k content. DirecTV does say that more partners will be coming this year, and that there will be ways for TVs from non-partner brands to play its 4k content later this year.
I'm in the market for a 65 inch TV. Maybe Samsung, Vizio, or LG. However what I really need to be certain of is does the TV have a tuner that I can attach to my roof antenna to receive broadcast signals? You don't mention this in any reviews. Is it simply standard on all of them? I would hate to get it out of the box and find out I can't watch TV.
It is standard on all of them, which is why we don't mention it. Check the photos of the inputs in our reviews, you will see an RF input on all of them.
Update: Vizio new TVs don't have this feature anymore.
We just bought a Samsung 6300 LED TV. We have noticed that when the TV is turned off, the screen looks like there is a film on it - especially when the light from the window is shining through. It looks like it needs cleaning, and we bought a TV screen cleaner, but it did not help. When the TV is on, you don't see this. Is this a defect, and can I do anything about it?
This is most likely not a defect, especially if it can't be seen when the TV is on. If you rub it with a soft dry cloth, does the 'film' change? If so, it is just dirty. It is very hard to completely clean a TV screen.
I would like to start by saying how much I appreciate your website. Great reviews. I'm in the market for a new 65" television. I will be using it in a large living room at a distance of 10 feet. I will be using it mostly to watch movies, sports, and cable TV via FiOS. As I'm also upgrading the surround sound, I'm trying to limit my budget for the TV to around $1500-1800. I'm considering the Samsung UN65J6300 or Sony KDL65W850C. Or should I take money away from the surround sound budget to move up to 4K, such as the Vizio M65-C1 or Samsung UN65JU6500? Any suggestions are much appreciated!
Get the Samsung J6300. On top of the good contrast, uniformity, and motion handling, it also is very good at upscaling lower-resolution content.
The Samsung JU6500 has judder when playing movies, the M-series isn't good at upscaling 720p or 480p, and the W850C has quite a lot of blur, so none of the alternatives are as good for what you want to do.
What is the highest mounting height if sitting 20 feet away from the TV? I am considering putting it above the fireplace. Right now I have a 52" and the middle of the screen is about 68" from the floor, with a slight forwards tilt. It is comfortable as is, but I want to get a screen of maybe 65" and raise it to about 60" off the floor.
60" off the floor should still be fine, as long as you tilt it down a little bit. The important thing is to have the TV facing you at a perpendicular angle.
Fist time viewer of your website and am very impressed. Excellent analytically detailed evaluations of various products! I am leaning towards the Smart Samsung H7150 and would like to know how the remote will interface with my Verizon FIOS controller. Will I be able to completely retire the Verizon remote and instead use the Samsung?
It depends on which functions. For basic usage, Samsung's remote can act as a universal remote (check out the user manual to see how to program it).
I hear that "smooth motion" is best for sports, but on my 65 inch Vizio, when a football is thrown or a baseball is thrown or and ball is thrown, the ball becomes pixilated. It's very annoying. Why is this?
Smooth motion introduces artifacts, which are known to cause problems like making a ball look pixelated, or even making it appear to vanish while in motion. You'll need to choose between smoother motion and the artifacts that introduces, and regular, unsmoothed motion that doesn't create artifacts.
Hi, hoping for some help to save me wasting anymore time researching! I have the following shortlist of three 65" Samsung TVs, which will be used to watch TV, movies, and a lot of sports. Will be watching in an open plan family room / kitchen area, generally around 10-12 ft from the couch. The TV will be mounted on a fireplace wall.
Curved 4K UN65JU670DFXZA - $1,879.99 Flat 4k UN65JU650DFXZA - $1,779.99 Flat HD UN65J6300DAFXZA - $1,512.49
Doesn't feel like a huge jump from regular HD to 4k, and an even small uplift to the curved option.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!
Get the UN65J6300. The other two TVs have judder when playing 24 fps movies, so they won't be good for your needs.
I have enough money to buy any 4k 65" TV. Who makes the best 4k TV? Second, if I would go with Sony, is the XBR-65X930C is it worth the money?
The Samsung JS9000 is the best overall TV we've seen this year for a mixed usage, so we'd recommend going for that. The Sony X930C is the best 4k TV for movies we've seen, and is very nearly as good as the JS9000 for the rest. Both those TVs are worth the money if you can comfortably afford them.
We are in our 70's and currently have a 55 inch TV. We want to get a larger TV because our distance from the TV is 15 feet and we cannot read the information well. Would a Samsung 65 inch solve our problem of reading small print on Guide listings? What would you recommend?
A larger TV will likely help some, but 15 feet is a bit too far away even for a 65 inch TV. For a 65 inch TV, the ideal distance is about nine feet. For a 55 inch TV, it's about 7.5 feet. You should notice an improvement with a larger TV, but it might not solve your problem as completely as shortening your viewing distance will.
My wife and I are shopping for a replacement of our 10-year-old Pioneer Elite Plasma TV. We were spoiled by the picture quality and clarity of this plasma during its time, but the color is beginning to fade out in the middle of the screen. We are now shopping for a replacement 2015 65" UHD 4K Smart TV.
We are considering the new Sony XBR65X850C and Samsung UN65JU6700. My wife prefers the curved design of the Samsung because the seating arrangement in our living room is a U-shape with the TV in front. Which of the two has better features in terms of picture quality, clarity, processor speed, design, and overall smart features?
In a recent visit to Best Buy, we noticed that the picture quality of the Sony is somewhat soft and faded, unlike the Samsung. Please advise. Thanks for your guidance. Ray.
You can't really judge a TV based on what it looks like in stores - they're playing content tailored to make certain TVs pop, and are often calibrated poorly.
Curved TVs aren't really any better for a wide viewing angle (they can actually be worse for people on the sides), so you're better off putting your money toward a better flatscreen TV.
The Sony X850C has better black uniformity and motion handling, and also has a judder-free 24 fps playback option, which the JU6700 does not. The smart features aren't great at the moment - many apps, including Netflix, are missing - but they should improve soon. Pick the Sony.
Do you have plans to review the Vizio d65u-D2? It's going on sale this Nov 14th at Sam's club for $998 and seems like it could be a very good deal if the quality is decent. I like the price and features of the Vizio M65-C1 but it's color just doesn't look as good as Samsung side by side. We watch a lot of movies from DVD and Blu-ray so a 120 Hz panel is important to us. Most of the other sets with 120 Hz panels are out of our price range (up to $1500). Any suggestions? Thanks for the great site!
Unfortunately, we don't have any current plan to review that TV. On paper, it looks like a cheaper version of the Vizio M. Note that it is a 60Hz TV, not 120hz. The specs says 'Effective Refresh Rate', which is a fake number, not to be confused with 'Refresh Rate'.
Will Rtings be able to review any of LG's newest OLED TVs for 2016? I realize they are very expensive! However, I believe that the B6, C6, E6 and G6 models all have the same visual specifications, so you may be able to do a critique for the entire series by reviewing the lowest-priced model. Currently the 55OLEDB6P is on sale for $3,999.
We will, in a few months.
I'm looking to get a 65inch 4k TV. I sit about seven feet away. Will that be too big?
It is definitely big. Resolution-wise, you are fine, but your field of view is the equivalent of siting at about one third in front of a normal theater.
Hi, this is a brilliant site. I'm currently thinking about getting a 65 inch 1080p TV, as the 4k equivalent is very expensive, but I saw you said above: "At 10 feet for a 65", 4k does make sense (not now, but in the future, when native 4k content is available)." But when looking at the viewing distances section, you seem to suggest a 70" 4K TV becomes worth it at 10ft, not a 65" TV. I guess my question is, should I buy a 50-55 inch 4K TV, or should I get a 65 inch non-4k TV with my viewing distance of 10 ft, or as you suggest, maybe save for the 65" 4K TV even though it may not have HDR or FALD? I was thinking of getting the bigger TV and in a few years get a FALD and HDR-ready 4K TV when they come down in price. Thanks.
The reason there are different distances stated is that the viewing distance article points out the ideal distance for getting the most detail out of 4k resolution, whereas the above statement was referring to a point at which the difference between 4k and 1080p is noticeable.
At that distance, you're better off getting the 65" 1080p TV. It will make the bigger difference for your enjoyment of the content you watch - at 10 feet, you're not likely to benefit from 4k on a 55" TV, so the extra size will be better.
You could also save for a 65" 4k TV. You would notice a difference - just not the full benefit of 4k. Realistically, too, there's no reason to wait around for HDR or FALD. There is always something new on the way, and you can't wait forever.
I recently bought the x930c and have noticed really bad pixelation in black and grey shadow areas. Is this from the source being 1080 cable or settings? I've also noticed vertical bands across the whole screen when watching 4k or upscaled sources when the screen is mostly one color.
Is that a uniformity issue or a defect? I really don't want to have to mess w/settings constantly like I have. Should I exchange for a UN75JU7100, since I'm about 12 feet from the TV, or a UN65JS8500? I really like some sources upscaled, but the awful pixelation in dark images (like Fear the Walking Dead) looked terrible, with blocks of black and grey where there should be smooth black/grey shades. Will the Samsung's uniformity solve this, or are these complaints common with upscaling?
The pixelation is from the source, and the banding is from uniformity issues.
You can solve some of the pixelation by enabling 'Digital Noise Reduction,' but the banding problems aren't solvable with settings.
At your distance, a larger TV would indeed be a better choice. The UN75JU7100 would be a great choice. It has good picture quality, and fewer issues with color uniformity.
The Samsung UN65J6300 is $1,500 and the Vizio E65-C3 is $1,000, but people recommend buying speakers. So we add $250, and the total price is $1,250. How is the sound of the Samsung? Would I need speakers for it, too? If not, the price is getting closer. Which one would you recommend?
We don't currently test for sound, so we can't evaluate the TVs on that criterion. That said, neither TV's speakers will equal what you get with even an inexpensive soundbar.
They both have similar picture quality. The main difference is that the E65-C3 is slightly worse at upscaling 720p and 480p signals. If you don't mind that, save money and go with Vizio. If you do, spend the extra for the Samsung J6300.
Would you please compare Samsung UN65JU7100 with UN65JS8500. Is the picture quality the same on the Samsung 60" 4K as the JS8500?
We'll be reviewing the JS8500 shortly, so expect that review sometime in the next week or so.
You guys have the best review site out there! I have read your reviews and seen comparisons between these TVs, I just wanted to put them into real world terms.
What is the best wall mounted 65" TV for $1000-2000ish for my needs?
Samsung J6300:$1600
Sony W850C: $1500
VIZIO E65-C3: $900
*any other suggestions at my price range?*
- Streaming ESPN football, Netflix, and 480p thru 1080p rips of DVDs/Blu-rays (no cable).
- No game consoles so input lag is not important, neither is 3D
- Mostly straight on viewing from 9-10 feet with an L-shape setup, so some 50/60 degree angle viewing from 6-7 feet
- In a living room with curtained/blinded windows to the side, and a window with blinds straight behind it like 30 feet away
- I am not a color purist, good color is fine with me
- I have Chromecasts and fire sticks, so crappy smart features do no matter
1) Gray uniformity ratings of these sets are all "meh", so all of them will show football slightly poorly?
2) Your rating is that The E-series Vizio has better black uniformity than the Samsung JU7100. How did Samsung manage that on a TV that is 2.5x the price of the vizio?
3) Is the Vizio's small # difference in upscaling really that much worse than the others in it's size class at 10 feet?
4) Does less than the best motion blur with motion interpolation really affect football that much? Doesn't the E65-c3 have that? I could not make a comparison because it is not listed in the rating, since you tested with the E60.
5) Is it really a night and day difference between the Vizio and the more $$ models for my needs? Seems that a J6300 will give me a big jump in black uniformity, but only a slight tick up in motion blur, the 60i category, and upscaling. If you say the j6300 is a mid range TV, is the E65-C3 considered a mid ranger too?
Thanks for any help you guys can give, no rush.
Of those TVs, the Samsung J6300 is the best option. It has good contrast, good black uniformity, and little blur, so it's good for all kinds of video.
The only thing it doesn't have is a wide viewing angle. It means the view from the sides isn't as good, but given that you plan on sitting directly in front most of the time, it's a necessary downside.
Gray uniformity needs to be pretty bad to be noticeable while watching sports, so don't worry about that too much. None of those options will be perfect, but neither are the most expensive TVs we reviewed this year.
There's variation between individual units, so some JU7100 units might have better black uniformity than the E-series, and others (like the one we reviewed) will be worse. The E-series is full-array, which helps some for evenly distributing light, and therefore for getting better black uniformity. The edge-lit technology of the JU7100 makes even light distribution a bit trickier, and sometimes leads to uniformity issues.
It's noticeably different, but it's not horrible by any means. Most people will be fine with it.
Interpolation helps a bit at clarifying movement, but the length of the motion blur trail does not change. It's also not advisable to use interpolation for sports, as the process creates artifacts that can do things like make a ball or puck disappear.
The E-series is a budget TV, but it punches above its weight, and really isn't that much worse than the J6300. For most, the E65-C3 would be a better value. It's only people who want the absolute best 1080p TV, regardless of the price increase, who are better off getting the J6300.
I have a viewing distance of about 12.5 feet. Would a 65" work or would 70" be better. If so, which 70" do you recommend. Thanks again for this great service.
A 70" TV would be a better choice. The Vizio M70-C3 is the best 70" TV we've seen, but there are also better 75" TVs available, should you be willing to size up to that. We list our favourites of that size category here.
We are shopping for a 65" 4k smart TV for our basement. We installed a 5.1 surround sound system and would like to watch movies and sports. Would you recommend either one of the Samsung JU6500 or Sony XBR65X850? They are now on sale for the same price. Any other recommendations for under $2,000? thanks
The Sony X850C is one of the best TVs for watching movies, so you should get that. It has deep, uniform blacks, no trouble playing 24 fps video, and can display more colors than the average TV - a feature which will be useful once UHD Blu-rays are released later this year.
Looking to purchase a 65 inch Samsung or LG, LED (not 4K) but am concerned as many of your reviews mention picture quality becoming poor at an angle. I have an L shaped couch some viewers will be on the side; at what angle/degree does the picture quality start to diminish? Which TV would you recommend keeping this in mind? Viewing will be from about 12 - 15 feet away. Thank you.
We measured anything from 9 ° to 77 °. Plasma used to be the best for viewing angle but there aren't any plasma TV released this year. OLED TVs are now very close to what plasma offered but they are the most expensive. IPS LED TVs, mostly LG TVs have good viewing angles but suffers from poor blacks and contrast. The other kind of LED panels, VA, are the worst for viewing angles but usually offer better picture quality. There is no perfect world as far as viewing angle is concern. If the budget allows it, go with OLED. If you are ready to sacrifice some picture quality, go with the LG 65LF6300. It is a 1080p IPS TV with good viewing angle.
I need a little help deciding on a TV, we sit about 9-10 feet away in a mostly dark basement. We primarily watch cable and streaming content, a very small amount of gaming and no sports. My budget is under $2000 and plan to keep this TV for the next 10 years. I have it narrowed down to UN65JU7100 (over budget), XBR65X810C, and UN65J6300. What do you recommend and any others I should consider?
Avoid the Sony 65" x810c. This specific size has an IPS panel with poor blacks and contrast that is even more apparent in a dark room. Your other options are great TVs anyway. It comes down if you want to watch 4k contents in the future or not. If so, the JU7100 is a great 4k TV and you would enjoy the bigger resolution as long as you don't sit farther away. If ever you want to stick with a 1080p TV, you can't get better than the J6300.
I need a TV for a conference room, I would like to hook it up to a Logitech Conference Cam CC3000ee and use it for video conferences, presentations etc. I need a 60-70" that can connect to wireless internet. We want it to hold up in a commercial setting. Any recommendations?
You won't be able to use that camera with just a TV, but you can connect it to a computer and then connect that computer to a TV via HDMI, which will work out to the same thing.
For your needs, the Vizio E70-C3 will be perfect. It's inexpensive, has good picture quality, and is more than capable of handling everything you want to do.
I'm looking to buy a smart 4k TV, and I'm not sure which 65" 4k is best for me. I have about 10 feet of viewing distance, and I'm looking for something with great picture and sound. I also would like one that I don't have to keep turning my sound up and down, and a good price. Nothing over $2000.
Unfortunately, we don't currently test for sound, though we will be adding sound test results by the end of the month.
For that price, you'll need to should go for the Vizio M65-C1. It has good picture quality overall (good contrast and uniformity), though it has a bit too much blur to be useful for gamers.
First, my compliments to your site. Wealth of information! I'm in the market for a new 65" LED TV and have it narrowed down to Samsung UN65JU7100 or the Sony XBR65X850C. I was also considering the UN65JU7500 curved screen, but it appears it's not worth the extra money? The new TV will be placed in our living room that has lots of windows/natural light. The viewing distance is approximately 10' away and will be primarily used for DirecTV, movies, and sports. I'm thinking the 7100 is probably my best bet, but wanted an experts take on this big purchase.
If the windows are to the sides of the TV, the JU7100 is a better bet, because its glossy screen will cut down on reflected ambient light. If they're directly opposite the screen, you should get the X850C, as direct reflections on a glossy screen tend to be distracting.
Both TVs are great overall, so you can't go wrong, but the JU7100 is a bit better for gaming and for handling ambient light, so it should be your first choice. You're also right that curved TVs really aren't worth the extra money.
In your H6350 review you spoke of Samsung's panel lottery. Is that also the case with the J6300?
Yes, it appears there is a lottery with the J6300. We don't expect any huge differences between the various panels, though. Most people shouldn't be able to see anything different between them.
I am in the market for a new TV and have been leaning towards the 65" Samsung line. We have an open floor plan, 18 foot ceilings, large windows that are on one side of our TV and get a lot of reflection from them. It's about 10 feet from TV to either couch and the couches are set up in a L configuration.
The more I read, the more I'm wondering if I should opt for a 4K or stick with an 1080p. Should I get a 2014 model TV to go bigger? The issue I'm worried about with Samsung is, you don't know what kind of panel you're getting (panel Lottery). I found a UN65HU9000 online for $1500 and it seems too good to be true, and I know that when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You won't get much of the benefit of 4k at that distance, so you might as well stick with a 1080p TV.
The panel lottery issue is a little bit overblown. Most people won't be able to see a difference, so don't worry about that too much.
There's not much difference between the 2014 models and this year's, so it's not a bad idea to save money and go for a 2014 TV if you can find one. Whichever you go for, you should try to make sure you get a TV with a semi-gloss screen finish. A glossy finish will make those reflections look pretty bad.
As for knowing which websites/stores to trust, we recommend taking a look at this list of Samsung's Authorized Resellers.
Will you get to review any flagship models for Sony Samsung or LG ex: Js9500, X940c or x930c or Oled tv's this year?
We already reviewed the JS9500 as well as the X930C. They aren't mentioned in this page because we haven't updated it yet (we will soon). You can see all our TVs reviewed by going on our homepage and clicking the # of TVs reviewed.
Im looking for a 65" tv mounted above a fireplace, so a need a good viewing angle. LG offers the best viewing angle, but the picture quality isn't as good as rest. That being said, what TV would give me both?
Unfortunately, we have yet to see any TVs that offer both, so you'll have to compromise on picture quality if you want the wide angle.
Awesome site, so glad I found it. I'm currently torn between the 65" JS8500 and the 75" JU7100. I watch a lot of sports and movies and play a lot of video games. My primary viewing distance is about 10'. The wider color array of the JS8500 is appealing and appeared to be better than the JU7100 in the store (but the JU7100 was broadcasting baseball and the JS8500 was running the 4k loop).
Quality over size? I think the 75 fits the wall better, but is it too big for my viewing distance? I've never heard anyone say, "I should have gotten the smaller one". Is there another model I'm overlooking? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
At that distance, the larger size is indeed more important, so get the JU7100 (and no, there's no other model that really bears mentioning).
You'll be able to notice a lot more of 4k's increased detail if you get the 75" JU7100, so the various minor improvements of the JS8500 (better gray uniformity, better colors, etc) aren't as important here.
Do you expect any more large screened 1080p TVs to come out this year made by the main 4-5 brands that you review? I don't know how these companies operate as far as TV release schedule. Are you guys convinced that there will be no high end 1080p TVs released this year?
We don't expect to see any new high-end 1080p TVs this year. There will likely be some really cheap options released around Black Friday, but for the most part, the major brands have announced or released all their better models.
Who makes the best full-motion wall mount for a person with drop ceilings, so I could make sure my new XBR-65X930C doesn't come in contact with my low ceiling?
Unfortunately, since we don't currently review wall mounts, we don't have any recommendations to offer.
I am looking to replace my old Sony 720p 55". As this TV is almost 10 years old, anything I buy will be a big step up. I have already done a lot of reading on what's out there and I have looked at quite a few sets, including the Sony XBR65X850C, the Samsung UN65JS8500, the LG 65UF6800, and the Vizio M65-C1. I have also checked out the Sony KDL75W850C.
From my research and visits to stores, I would say that the Samsung is definitely #1 and the Sony XBR is #2. I was impressed with the picture on the LG, but it was definitely the worst of the three at an angle. To be honest, the Sony KDL75W850C seemed to be one of the best from an angle.
Here is my dilemma: I am not thrilled about spending 3K on the Samsung when, like all of the 4k TVs out there right now, it has its flaws. I am wondering whether I will even notice much difference between the best 1080p and the 4K with most of the shows I watch. I watch a lot of sports, television shows, and movies, do no gaming, and I'm not really into 3D. I still think OLED is going to be the wave of the future and once it comes down in price LCD 4Ks will be super cheap.
Forgot to mention that we sit about 8 to 12 feet from the TV and have a lounge chair to one side at an angle to the set. Not an extreme angle, but enough that I am concerned about the issue of color loss.
Any thoughts?
You're a bit farther than ideal, but you'll still be able to notice some of the added detail of 4k when you do watch genuine 4k video. If you won't be watching real 4k video, though, you should stick with a 1080p TV.
The JS8500 is definitely the best option of all of those, as it has good picture for movies and TV and exceptional picture for sports. You will have to deal with a bit of color saturation loss at wide angles, but the same is true for the rest of the TVs you listed (we actually expect the UF6800 to have the widest viewing angle, but haven't tested it yet).
OLED's rise may not lead to a reduction in LED prices, so don't hold off for that. It's also worth keeping in mind that something better is always on the way, and you probably don't want to wait forever.
What would be the best TV in 65 to 75" 4K class with passive 3D glasses? Main usage would be for night movie watching. Looking for good uniform blacks.
There is not much passive 3D TVs that was released in 2015 and those that were have poor blacks. That's the case of the Sony XBR65X900C. If you don't mind going active 3D, then you would have more options like the Sony 65" XBR65X930C that has deep blacks or the more budget oriented X850C available in 65" or 75".
I have a Panasonic plasma TV TH-58PZ800U. I was thinking about buying a new Samsung 4k UN65JU6700FXZA. Is this any better than my Plasma that I have now? There is nothing wrong with my panasonic just was thinking about upgrading. Thanks for all the help.
It will be better in some ways, like resolution or max luminosity, but worse in other ways, like viewing angle or blacks uniformity. If you sit directly in axis, and in a not dark room, yes it is worth to upgrade.
Are you going to review the Panasonic 65CX850U?
Unfortunately, we won't be getting to Panasonic this year.
Hi, thank you for your site. I've got a local dealer that I use instead of a big box store, and they carry Samsung and Sony TV's. I've tried to do a lot of research, including your site. I sit about 7 feet away, and am wanting a 3D 4K TV. I'd love 60 inch, but unfortunately there really aren't any 60 inch 3D 4K TVs. So I'm stuck with 55 or 65 inches, and think the 55 is just a little small. I had settled on the XBR65X850C which they were going to sell to me for around $2,000. But then some black friday ads started coming out, and the Samsung 65 inch JS8500 is also going to be around $2,000 and my local dealer will price match. I do want a TV with HDR, and both support this feature. The TV is probably going to be used for 35% PS4 gaming, 40% HD TV viewing, and 25% Blu-ray viewing. I'm coming from a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma, so I've been spoiled with black levels, and the more realistic picture quality the Plasma's show. Which is why I've leaned Sony, as I feel their Triluminos display in my eyes shows a more realistic, and less blown out picture then the Samsungs seem to show. But your site does give the JS8500 a better mark. It would seem the Sony in the 65 inch size does have full-array lighting, whereas the Samsung is edge-lit. If I can get them for about the same price, is the Samsung really that much better of a television?
Both TVs won't be ideal for HDR content. The x850c is direct lit but doesn't have local dimming and the JS8500 is edge lit. If you still want support for HDR, than the two TVs are very similar in picture quality. The main differences are that the JS8500 has better motion, uniformity and can get brighter. If ever you change your mind on HDR, there is in fact a nice 60" 3D 4k TV, the JU7100. It has about the same picture quality than the two others, has local dimming (direct lit) and is selling for less.
What is the proper length for a table to hold a 65" Vizio TV? The Vizio has two "feet" for the stand instead of one stand. How do you properly secure TV to wall if on a table?
You will be safe with a table that is as wide as the TV. Since both the 65" Vizio M & E are of 57.3" in length, plan to get a table that is as wide. To secure the TV to the wall you can use a kit like this one.
All curved TVs suck. You need to lower your overall rating by at least 2 points on each of them because of it.
We agree that curved screens don't really add anything. This is why the fact that it is curved or not has no influence on our score. But a curved screen has no negative impact on picture quality, so their score shouldn't be reduced because of the screen is curved.
Just wondering if you know anything about 65" TVs coming out in 2016. Is it worth the wait or should i pull the trigger now?
We received the 2016 LG UH8500 last week and currently in the process of reviewing it. There is not much new models currently available though. If you are not in a hurry, it could be worth it to wait a little. Most new TVs will be released around march so it's pretty soon. You may as well see some interesting deals around that time too.
Why bother including Vizio reviews? They are notorious for becoming defective right after warranty period. There are more sets out on the curb then in use I would bet. I have several friends who lament buying them. After asking a Best Buy salesmen about this, he said, "Please, we are renaming Geek Squad to the Vizio MASH unit". He guessed their failure rate is due to cheap component sourcing to achieve lowest price point. Your good reviews of these sets deserve a disclaimer - "Enjoy it while you can".
We appreciate your feedback. We don't have real numbers to compare failure rates between brands but what we can say is that we haven't had more problems with Vizio TVs than other brands from our use in our office. Many Vizio owners still enjoy their TVs after several years of usage too.
So far enjoying the site a lot, but I've noticed you don't mention anything about processor speeds in any of the TVs. Samsung this year went backward in processor quality and Sony stuck with their opticore. I notice you do a calibration test, but are all the other tests after calibration or before? About 95% of people never calibrate their TV. I also find it strange the amount of love for Vizio on here considered they don't actually manufacture anything, and just buy parts and use them to build TVs. Literally the same model tv a month apart could have completely different internal materials. (Lots of questions sorry) As sound is becoming more and more pointless on the tv itself will you begin to rate sound bars? I wouldn't be surprised if in 2-3 years we start seeing TVs manufactured without sound at all.
The processor speeds that are advertised only affect the smart apps. The tests are all performed after calibration, however most tests are not affected (such as the uniformity). It is true that most people don't calibrate their TVs and so the pre-calibration color accuracy test is weighted to 80% of the color score. We are open to any feedback if a TV doesn't correspond to our review and will update it accordingly. Most brands (not just Vizio) build TVs from parts, such as Sony. At the moment there are no plans to review sound bars, however an external sound system would be an upgrade to any TV.
If I purchase a 4k 65 inch TV, will my current Sony Blu Ray player hook up to the new 4k TV without adapters? Will the channels that are not 1080p look better or worse? ESPN is a important station for my husband.
Your Blu-ray player will hook up just fine. Whether sub-1080p content looks better or worse will depend on two things: how good your current TV is at upscaling/displaying 720p, and how good your new 4k TV is at upscaling. For example, Samsung TVs tend to be quite good at upscaling, whereas Vizio does a fairly poor job.
I'm deciding between the Samsung JU7500 and the JS9000. For the additional approx $900 is it worth it to pay more for the JS9000? Not a gamer, use is for movies and sports viewing more than anything else. Have not really considered the JS8500 and the JS9500 is definitely out of budget. Thank you
The JS9000 is definitely better, but only by about 10%, so the JU7500 has a better price to quality ratio than the JS9000. If you want the best, get the JS9000. But if you care about price, the JU7500 is still very good.
When do the next lineups of Samsung TVs come out? I'm about to buy the UN65JU7100FXZA, but don't want to buy a 4k TV now and have newer TVs come out in the next few months.
Also, my couch is about 8.5-9.5 feet away from where the TV will be, but it reclines, which is what I usually do when I watch movies or sports. I sit up when playing PS4, though, so that's about 8.5 feet away. Is it worth it to get a 4k TV now? I don't wanna spend $1,300 on a 1080p TV when I can spend an extra grand for 4k.
They usually come out at the end of spring, beginning of summer.
At that distance you would get some benefit from 4k, but the higher resolution is only worth it if you will watch real 4k video. If you'll just be watching 1080p or lower, you might as well save the money and get a 1080p TV.
I know that you highly recommend the Samsung 6300, but is it worth the $400 over the 6200 on a 60" set?
It depends on what you'll be watching. If you watch lots of 720p video (satellite/cable, some videos) and want the video to look its absolute best, or if you want a slimmer TV with more HDMI inputs, the J6300 is worth it.
Otherwise, stick with the J6200, since it's pretty much equal for other elements of picture quality.
I'm currently debating between the Sony XBR65X850C, which is a 65" 4k model, and the Sony KDL75W850C, which is the 75" 1080p. I sit about nine feet away from the TV, and I also do viewing from about four to five feet on either side of the television.
I mostly watch sports, movies, and use it a lot for video games. I really like the idea of a 75" TV, but the most clarity onscreen is important. What would you recommend? My 61" DLP just broke and I'm having trouble deciciding
Nine feet is a bit too close for a 75" TV, and the X850C has better picture quality overall, so go for the X850C. You'll also get the option to watch 4k, which is nice. Keep in mind, though, that both of those TVs do lose color saturation at an angle.
Hi. I'm looking to buy a 65" TV. It would be used for watching movies, playing video games, and watching sports. I'm seriously considering the Vizio E65-C3 because of the price point, but I see that the 65" lags a bit (which is a problem for gaming), so I'm hesitant.
Main question is this: should I hold off for two months for the Black Friday deals? I'm in a new place, so I don't have a TV at all. I'm just not sure if holding out without a TV for two months will be worth it for the holiday deals. Thanks in advance.
There are indeed likely issues with the input lag for that size, so a different model would be best if you want a good gaming experience.
You can get some pretty great deals on TVs around the holiday season, but that is a pretty long time to wait. If you don't want to wait that long, consider the Samsung J6200 instead. It has good picture, isn't too expensive, and has average input lag.
Hi. My priorities are gaming and sports. I'm looking at the 65" Samsung Smart TVs. The viewing distance is 10 - 13 feet. I like the specs of the JU7500, but I'm turned off by the extra cost for 3D and the curved panel - about $700.00 dollars, apparently.
The JU6500 seems like the most comparable, but its rating is a full point lower than the JU7500's. Specs-wise, is there a more comparable TV I should be looking at?
Yes, the JU7100. It's about midway between the JU6500 and the JU7500. It's flat, and has a bit more blur and input lag than the JU7500, but it's not a big difference at all.
The main advantage the JU7100 has over the JU6500 is that its 120 hz panel means there's no judder with movies. If you never watch movies, the JU6500 is the better deal.
Are plasma TVs around anymore?
Plasma TVs stopped being produced in 2014. You may be able to find them on some websites or in some stores, but they're very rare.
When will you add OLED reviews to your fine site? Seems they set a new standard that is heads above what I see from even high-end LED models from Samsung and Sony. With WebOS 2.0, is the smart system highly-refined as well? Is it just about budget?
We have reviewed one OLED TV, the LG EC9300. It topped our overall scores for the year, and we're definitely excited to review more OLED TVs in the future. Given that most people will still be buying LED TVs, though, we have to focus on those to better meet the needs of our visitors. We'll likely do more OLED sets in 2016.
We live in the country. On satellite for Direct TV and Hughes Net for WiFi. We can't download Netflix or we max out our data allotment. We watch TV/movies/sports and Blu-ray videos. No gaming. Sit 10 feet away and large windows on one side. Best 65" for color. Do we invest in 4K?
At that distance, you won't see all the extra detail you get with 4k, so stick with a 1080p model. Get the Samsung UN65J6300. It's the best overall 1080p TV we've seen this year, and would be great for what you want to watch.
I'm looking to get a new TV - 65 or 75 inch . After reading many of your reviews I'm down to a few different TVs. The 1080P UN75J6300 or the 4k 65in 7100. They are both about the same price. our living room is setup with seating about 10 feet away then behind that to the left we have bar seating that is about 15 to 20ft away. I'm not that worried about 4k but at the same time I don't want to have to replace my TV in a few years. Should I go for size or 4k? - or should I just pay the extra 800 and buy the JS8500? My other issue is I'm not sure where I would put the one connect box. I want an all around good living room TV.
At that distance, you will enjoy the 75" J6300 a lot better. 4k won't become the norm any time soon and you wouldn't enjoy it's added details at your viewing distance anyway.
In a previous answer you stated that the TV's digital out would only output 2.1 sound. Is that a limitation of the H6350/H7150? I was reading the J6300 specs since I can no longer find an H6350 in stock anywhere and they say it will output full Dolby Digital/DTS through the digital outputs. I contacted Samsung to verify, and they also said that the J6300 will output full 5.1/7.1 channels through the digital outputs. Thanks!.
On the J6300, we can confirm that both a 5.1 Dolby Digital signal and a 5.1 DTS signal can passthrough the HDMI ARC or optical out fine. We found earlier that only 2.1 sound was possible on the H6350 but we don't have that TV anymore so we can't double check.
Our 2010 Sony Bravia 55EX710 just "died" - won't power up. We really liked it and bought it primarily because Sony offered a matted screen - our family room has 2 walls of Windows and the matted screen measurably reduced the glare. We want to replace with 65" and we are seniors using directv and watching major network programs along with some movies on ppv, HBO & stars. Our viewing is around 10-12 feet. What do you recommend? Hopefully someone is stil offering matted screens! Thank you
There are no matte screen anymore. The closest they make now are semi-gloss (for example, the Vizio M65-c3).
Have you review the Panasonic TC-65cx650u. They are having a sale and I am considering it.
No, we haven't reviewed any Panasonic TVs as of yet and it still isn't in our plan for now.
I have a 50" Pioneer Elite Kuros. The last in the line, circa 2008. The only problem with it is that it is too small. I don't think 4k at 65 inches is going to be visually superior from 15 feet away. Am I correct here? The LCDs i have looked at have really bad viewing angles and/or bad black levels (without cheating). If you can recommend a 1080p plasma in 65" that performs like the Kuros (or better) please do so. I know they are out of production. Thanks, John.
Kuros have long been seen as the best plama TVs you could get. To some extent, it is still true today. Unfortunately, plasma are completely phased out from the market but you can still find new ones (models from two years ago) in some stores. If you can find it, we would suggest the Samsung plasma 64" 1080p F8500. It can very well be compared to the Kuros line. OLED would be another option but then they are still very expensive for 65".
Be great if you could get an answer to this pretty quickly, because it's about a potentially serious safety issue. Read a recent (Nov 2015) comment on Amazon about the stand on the Samsung UN65J6300. Gist of it was that the stand was flimsy, screws connecting it to TV were inadequate. As a result the TV was unstable and tipped over (stripping the screws), almost hitting a small child. Any opinion on that?
Although the TV wobble a bit on its stand (like many other TVs), the screws used to fix the stand on our J6300 are firmly in place and doesn't move at all. We even tried to move the screws around with a screwdriver to no avail. There is no way the TV could fall flat unless it receive a major hit from the back, which is unlikely. The user to which that story happen may have got the wrong screws with its TV or the stand might just not have been fixed correctly.
What are your thoughts on an XBR65X850C for a dark room with viewing distance of 10 ft. My other choice is a UN65JU7100, but it's a little over our budget. 90% of the time it'll be for cable TV and streaming content. I asked this question before with the x810c, but wanted to understand if the JU7100 is worth the $200-$400 up charge vs. the x850c.
For your usage, you would get slight benefits here and there but nothing major. For the price and your budget, the x850c is great and will give you a similar picture quality.
Your reviews are great. I will be watching from 8 to 12 feet and want a 1080p TV. I only watch HDTV movies and sports (Bball and Football). I am debating between the Samsung UN60J6300, UN65J6300 and LG 55EG9100. Please rank in order for my situation, and don't worry about cost of the 3.
1 - The LG EG9100 is the best 1080p TV we saw in 2015, and will get you the best picture for anything you want to watch. It's a little small for the 9-10 foot distances, but will still look good.
2- The Samsung UN65J6300 is the best size of the three for your setup, and the picture quality is the best of any 1080p LED TV we saw in 2015. Pretty good overall, but not as nice as the LG OLED.
3- The Samsung UN60J6300 is fine, but its smaller size means it isn't as good a choice as the Samsung UN65J6300 is.
I am unable to get 5.1 output from Youtube playing from UN65JS900 TV connected to Onkyo receiver using optical cable? Any idea how to fix or any alternate solution.
It is doing the same on our office receiver. We tried via optical and HDMI ARC. While it works under other apps like Netflix with the same audio settings, YouTube is only sending a 2.1 signal to our receiver.
Will the Samsung js8500 65 inch tv stream Netflix with a Verizon DSL line?
Yes. Just make sure to get a speed of at least 3mbps for standard definition content or 5mbps for HD content.
When do you expect your reviews for new 2016 televisions to be done? I'm looking for a new 65".
We're picking up new models as they are released, and will be reviewing them throughout the year, so you'll have to wait a while for complete coverage. We should have a few good picks reviewed within the next few months, though.
Why is the new P-series not included?
For the table, this is currently a bug on our website that we will fix soon. For the recommendations, we update them every quarter, and in about 2 weeks we will do a complete update for spring.
Update: The recommendations are now updated.
Any chance you guys will review the TCL 65US5800?
We will review the TCL 55US5800. Although not the same size, our review should be valid for the bigger TCL 65US5800. Expect the review in summer.
I have a ten year old 65 inch Panasonic Plasma TV, which is having an input connection problem. I am considering buying either a 60 in. TV or a 65 in. TV. I sit about 11 feet. away from my present screen. Give me advice for which TV would be best for me..... for watching broadcast TV and Blu-rays....and Netflix on Apple TV box. Thanks!
You are unlikely to see the benefits of a 4k TV from a distance of 11 feet, however the 65" will allow you to see more detail. If you're looking for an upgrade from your current TV, go with an OLED such as the EG9600 or a high end LED such as the KS9500.
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