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Score Rounding Update


We have just launched a small change to our scoring formula to be more transparent, and this has changed quite a few of our scores by +/-0.1.


We're using a weighted average formula for our scoring, both for general ratings and individually scored boxes. If you tried to replicate our scoring in the past using published numbers, you might be off by a few decimals since, internally, our system used more digits than displayed for intermediate scores.


Instead of maintaining the full digits internally, we are now using rounded values for each subscore, like the ones published on the website. That way, you can match the same numbers as published on the website.


  Score of crushed ice test x 65% + Score preparation time x 20% + Score build quality x 15% = Blender Ice Crushing Rating
Previous Method:
Rounding at the end only
8.5 x 65% + 8.125 x 20% + 8.0 x 15% = 8.35
(rounded to 8.4)
New Method:
Rounding each subscore
8.5 x 65% + 8.125 (rounded to 8.1) x 20% + 8.0 x 15% = 8.345
(rounded to 8.3)

Full List of Affected Scores

You can find a complete list of the changes here.