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Learn about headphones

Test Results & Methodology

Raw Frequency Response

Raw Frequency Response

Sound Overall

Our Sound Quality Score And Tests: Headphones

Passive Soundstage

Our Passive Soundstage Score And Tests: Headphones


Bluetooth Score and Tests: Headphones

Sound Leakage

Sound Leakage Of Headphones

Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation/Cancellation Of Headphones

Bass Accuracy

Bass Frequency Response Accuracy On Headphones


Our Breathability Score And Tests: Headphones


Comfort Score and Tests: Headphones


Our Imaging Score And Tests: Headphones

Battery Life

Battery Life Of Headphones

Xbox One Compatibility

Xbox One Compatibility Scores and Tests: Headphones

Recording Quality

Our Recording Quality Score and Tests

Treble Accuracy

Treble Frequency Response Accuracy On Headphones


Controls On Headphones

Build Quality

Build Quality Of Headphones

Sound Profile

Sound Profile Scores and Tests: Headphones

Microphone Overall

Microphone Of Headphones

Isolation Overall

Our Isolation Score and Tests: Headphones

App Support

App Support For Headphones


Stability of Headphones

Weighted Harmonic Distortion

Weighted Harmonic Distortion Scores and Tests: Headphones

Mid Accuracy

Mid Frequency Response Accuracy On Headphones

Virtual Soundstage

Virtual Soundstage

Non-Bluetooth Wireless

Non-Bluetooth Wireless Scores and Tests: Headphones


Frequency Response Consistency


Peaks/Dips Scores and Tests: Headphones


Wired Scores and Tests: Headphones

Connectivity Overall


Noise Handling

Noise Handling


Case Of Headphones


Portability Of Headphones

Design Overall

Our Design Score And Tests: Headphones

Test Settings

Test Settings For Headphones

Changelog 1.3

Test bench 1.3:Changelog

PC / PS4 Compatibility

PC / PS4 Compatibility Scores and Tests: Headphones


Base/Dock Score and Tests: Headphones

Active Features Overall

Active Features On Headphones



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