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Which is the best 4K 49inch tv for gaming?

Hi! First, I wanted to say that I love this page and I find its information very useful! Second, I have an Xbox One X and I am considering a new 4k tv but it can’t be bigger than 49 inches. I was trying to decide between the Samsungs Q6FN and the NU8000 but I found out that both of them display a 60Hz panel for the 49inch models. I was wondering how that would affect the gaming experience since Xbox One X can do 120Hz. I wonder if 60hz are fine and whether 4k will look smooth at 60hz or whether I should look into the Sony X900F if it drops in price this Black Friday. My budget is around $600 or $700 with taxes and those samsung models are currently on sale but the Sony isn’t.



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