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TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science

Updated Feb 27, 2014 By Cedric Demers
Comparison of television sizes
4k Ultra HD
Size Width Height Area
32" 27.9"
70.9 cm
39.9 cm
437 sq in
0.283 m2
37" 32.2"
81.8 cm
46 cm
585 sq in
0.376 m2
40" 34.9"
88.6 cm
49.8 cm
684 sq in
0.441 m2
42" 36.6"
93 cm
52.3 cm
754 sq in
0.487 m2
46" 40.1"
101.9 cm
57.2 cm
904 sq in
0.582 m2
47" 41"
104.1 cm
58.4 cm
944 sq in
0.608 m2
50" 43.6"
110.7 cm
62.2 cm
1068 sq in
0.689 m2
55" 47.9"
121.7 cm
68.6 cm
1293 sq in
0.835 m2
60" 52.3"
132.8 cm
74.7 cm
1538 sq in
0.992 m2
65" 56.7"
136.4 cm
81 cm
1805 sq in
1.105 m2
70" 61.1"
155.2 cm
87.4 cm
2102 sq in
1.356 m2
75" 65.4"
166.1 cm
93.5 cm
2407 sq in
1.553 m2

The science behind our TV size and distance calculator

Bigger and closer is usually better when it comes to choosing the perfect television for your room. Not only it is the biggest factor affecting the price of a television, but it also has a huge impact on the perceived picture quality.

Angular resolution

Angular resolution of a television
The closer you are, the lower will be your perceived pixel density

If you sit too close though, you will notice the pixels of the television even if you are watching a 1080p HD movie. If you increase your distance from the TV, the density of the details will also increase, producing a better image. This is the angular resolution: the amount of pixel per angle. The farther away, the higher the angular resolution will be.

The limit that you can increase the angular resolution by stepping back depends on your visual acuity. At some point, your eyes are not good enough to distinguish all the details. Studies show that someone with a perfect 20/20 vision (or 6/6 in Europe) can distinguish something 1/60 of a degree apart. This means 60 pixels per degree, or 32.86 degrees for a 1080p television.

If you want to learn more where that limit of 1/60 of a degree comes from, you can read the Wikipedia page on the visual acuity.
Optimal viewing distance of a television by its size, for DVD, 720p, 1080p and Ultra HD (previously known as 4K) resolutions.
The chart also shows that the Ultra HD (previously known as 4K) resolution is not worth it if you are sitting more than 6' away and have a 50" TV. Your eye will not be able to tell the difference. Ultra HD only makes sense for really big screen if you are sitting close to the television. Learn more about 4k UHD.

Using this data, the closest you can be to your television while still having the maximum perceived angular resolution is about 1.6 times the diagonal measurement of your television. For example, a 55" television will have an ideal viewing distance of 88" (55" x 1.6), or 7 feet and 4 inches. The following table gives you the minimal distance for watching a 1080p HDTV screen while keeping the angular resolution to the maximum that the human can perceive. The chart shows the optimal distance for the DVD (NTSC 720x480 or PAL 720x576), 720p, 1080p and Ultra HD (previously known as 4K) resolutions. Only the horizontal resolution is considered, which is why both NTSC and PAL DVD resolutions are on the same line.

Screen SizeOptimal Distance
25"3.3' (1 m)
30"4' (1.22 m)
35"4.6' (1.40 m)
40"5.3' (1.62 m)
45"6' (1.83 m)
50"6.6' (2.01 m)
55"7.3' (2.23 m)
60"8' (2.44 m)
65"8.6' (2.62 m)
70"9.3' (2.83 m)

How do you interpret the chart?

There are a few ways to read the chart. For example, let say that you have a 50" television. Start at the bottom of the chart at 50". Up to 3', you are below the blue line. This means you can see the pixels of an Ultra HD resolution. If you go back a bit (up in the chart), between 3' and 7' is where an Ultra HD resolution does not matter because you cannot see its pixel anyway. However, you are still too close for a 1080p resolution (it will not appear perfect). Above 7', the perceived quality will start to decrease for 1080p because your eye will not see all the details. You would notice the difference though it if is 720p. For more than 10', it does not matter if it is a 720p or 1080p HDTV, your eye is not good enough to see the difference. You will still see the difference for a standard resolution though, up to a 18' distance. To summarize, you can see the pixels if you are below the line but not above.

Ideally, you want to be exactly on the line for your TV size and media resolution.

Example of artifacts for the same resolution depending on the compression
Compression Artifacts

This takes into account a perfect resolution, which is never the case in real life. Even if you are watching an HD channel with a high resolution, there will be some artifacts due to the compression algorithm. Artifacts can appear in multiple forms like noise, blurs or a pixelated image (see the picture to the right). You will be able to see artifacts from farther away, so consider the above numbers as being for a perfect 1080p media. The numbers show the minimal distance where you start losing the advantage of the resolution.


You are probably now thinking something like "My couch is 10' away from my TV, which according to the chart I need a 75 inch TV. This is insane!". Yes, if you want to take advantage of the full 1080p resolution this is the ideal size. This brings us to actual limitation of common people: the budget.

plasma vs led tv price chart

The price of a TV is exponential to its size, as shown in the chart. The chart shows the price range of all 2013 TVs by their size.

To know which TV has the best price/quality ratio for your budget, usage and room, check out our TV buying tool. Alternatively, you can also explore using our big chart of all 2013 TVs.
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Apr 20 2013
What is the best height above eye level to wall mount TV? What is the most commonly comfortable tilt angle to set TV on a tiltable wall mountings ? ie: All of DaVinci's great painting like Mona Lisa have subjects' eye elevation located a distance of 68% above the base of the painting.
There is no fixed answer because it depends on what you are watching. For example, if you play video games, the ideal height would varies if it is in first person or third person. For TV shows, is it a sitcom or news? You either want to match the director of photography's goal or the position of the camera. The same thing is true for the tilt angle, but practically, set it so your eyes arrive perpendicular to the screen.
Mar 12 2013
Can't decide between 55" Samsung, Smart TV or 60" Samsung Plasma 3D Smart TV. Are there any significant issues or differences between LED and Plasma when it comes to 3D or Smart TV capabilities?
Smart TV capabilities are the same because manufacturers usually use the same software on both. For 3D, in this case both use Active 3D. There will not really be any difference if you are comparing a top LED vs a top Plasma. However, if you are comparing a mid LED to a mid Plasma, the Plasma will have less crosstalk because the TV is able to switch between images a lot faster.
Jul 08 2013
I have a 70 inches LCD TV but I noticed that my eyes are not comfortable watching the tv this size. I am wearing spectacles and I have checked my prescriptions and they are fine. When I watch tv programmes, I feel like my eyes cannot concentrate on the tv, it is like my left eye tends to go left and right eyes go right. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. My seating distance from the tv is approximately 9 to 11 feet. I have told my husband that the tv size is making my eyesight uncomfortable but he said that based on the study for 70 inch tv, the optimum distance is 9 to 10 feet. Can you help me?
Are you watching 2D or 3D content? Also, do you normally have problems watching close objects for an extended period of time (like a computer monitor)? The sensation that you are describing (your eyes tend to go their separate ways) is not really related to the size of the screen but the distance. The closer an object, the more your eyes need to point inward. The muscles of your eyes might not be used to point inward (for example, if you do not have a desk job). Your eyes should get used to it after a while, but if you still find it painful, tell your husband to increase the seating distance.
Sep 21 2013
What TV size would be best to sit in a corner of a family room?
Use the calculator above and enter your viewing distance. In a corner, what matters most is the viewing angle of the television. Check out our article on this here and check our videos. Overall, for an LED, LG has better viewing angle than Samsung.
Jul 13 2013
I am planning to buy a 46 inch 3D LED TV (Samsung or LG). What is the best option and atn what distance I should sit to have full resolution?
The best TV depends on your budget and personal preference. There is obviously not a single best TV for everyone, which is why we created this website. For a 46", the optimal distance is 6 feet for a 1080p resolution.
Feb 16 2012
I am sitting at 7.3' for a 55" 1080p HD, but I can still see some pixels. Is it normal?
Even if your television resolution is 1080p, you need a 1080p media to have the full resolution. Also, a 1080p media will have artifacts, especially if it is a streaming feed or a television show. Algorithms that encode a media are not noiseless, there can be some blurry on the final picture. The optimal distance as listed above is an ideal case. In everyday life (except if you are only watching high quality blu-ray) you will need to stand farther from the television.
Aug 18 2013
My living room is 25' long, which is the best size tv for that distance? I was thinking a 70 inch 1080p. In your opinion will that make for a good picture?
25 feet is quite far, even for a 70 inch. Hopefully your seating distance is closer than that, like half would be great.
Nov 16 2013
What is the minimum and maximum distance for a 40" 1080p HD TV? I find 7.8 FT too close in my room.
You benefit from the 1080p resolution closer than 7.8 ft and you will see pixels at 5.2 ft. Of course, you can sit farther, but it is just that you won't see all the details (assuming you are watching a blu ray quality footage).
Mar 22 2013
I am sitting about 10 feet from my 50 plasma full HD Samsung, what is the best resolution? I heard I have to lower it on my pc. What about 1600 by 900?
It is always best to set your PC to the screen native resolution. In your case, it is 1920 x 1080. Otherwise, the screen need to upscale the picture which will lose information and make it blurry.
Oct 14 2013
What does the value 4k mean in an UHD TV?
It refers to the number of horizontal pixels (contrary to 1080p which represent the vertical lines). The 4K term has been used for a long time now especially in the movie industry. Last year, the Consumer Electronics Association decided to rebrand 4k into Ultra HD for televisions, to make the name more consumer friendly.
Nov 28 2013
I'm 10' (3 meters) away from my TV and 90% of my shows are 720p, I'm planning to get the 60" F5300 from Samsung. Will that work fine or I need to get a smaller TV? I already have a 46" LED and I'm planning to replace it with a bigger TV.
At that distance and size, you will see some pixels/artifacts when watching 720p content. However, that shouldn't be a deal breaker considering the proportion of 1080p content will only increase in the next few years.
Jan 02 2014
I will sit 7 feet far and thinking to buy a 50 inch tv. The size and distance will be great?
Yes, this is very good even for 1080p materials. You won't lose any details.
Nov 30 2013
I will be sitting 6 foot away from my tv watching mainly 1080p footage and playing PS4, what is the best screen size to purchase?
46" would be perfect.
Oct 09 2012
What do you think would the best choice considering that I will watch 720P and also 1080p video on my TV (blu-ray will be in 1080 but videotron will be in 720) ? Will it be better to choose 720p and lose the details in 1080p or to choose the 1080p optimal size but see pixels in 720p ?
You should use the highest resolution that you will watch, 1080p in your case. It is better to see the pixels on a lower resolution media than to lose details on a higher quality media.
Dec 16 2013
I have used your size calculator but I am confused. At 10ft distance and 1080p, I get 75 inches. For 720p I get 51.5 inches. If I am mostly watching 1080i cable broadcasts, should I be considering a 55 inch or 60 inch.
At your distance, you will see artifacts when watching cable at both 55" and 60" sizes. Because you will probably watch 1080p materials from time to time, and the quality of cable will only increase over time, go for the 60" if it is in your budget range.
Mar 10 2013
Does 24 inch full HD led TV produce the same quality as a 32 inch TV?
If it is the same model, yes, the quality will be very close. You do not need 1080p though for a 24" if you watch it from a distance; your eye will not really be able to see all the pixels.
Dec 16 2013
I'm at 10 feet. I'm not a gamer. I don't even have a Blu-ray hooked up. Most likely will be Netflix. I narrowed it to the Panasonic ST60 60 inch for $1,350 or 55 inch VT60 for $1,500. The salesman tell you how much better the VT panel is plus the sound but is the size/price a more important factor. Which would be the better buy for me?
Because you are not a gamer (so don't care about the input lag) and you probably also don't care about the fancy remote or camera, get the 60" ST60. The picture quality is very similar so you should go for the extra size instead.
Dec 19 2013
Couple questions: 1) What is optimal height on the wall for a 70 and 75 inch tv? 2) What is optimal distance in feet from a 70 and 75 inch tv?
1) This depends on your furniture and seating position. You want your eyes to arrive perpendicular to the screen. If you have a normal height sofa, this means the center of the screen is at about 4 feet from the floor. Some sofas have a more lay back seating position though, so you can put it higher and tilt the screen downward. 2) Between 10 ft and 15 ft if you are watching 1080p.
Dec 21 2013
What is the best distance to play games in a 43 inch Samsung Plasma TV HD Ready in order not to have vision problems afterwards?
HD Ready means a resolution of 720p. For a 43 inch, a distance between 8 ft and 15 ft would be good.
Feb 05 2014
I have a long rectangular room which is 22ft by 12ft with the tv in one corner. My lounge occupies two thirds of the length of room, with the remaining third being the dining table/area. My current TV is an old style 42 inch with a thick 2 inch bezel but I am looking to go bigger. I like the 46" with thin bezel but have found that the outer measurements are exactly the same as my existing TV and therefore thinking that I wont be able to tell much difference. The closest sofa to the tv is about 5ft and the furthest sofa being 14ft away. The dining table being 18ft away, although 90% of viewing is done in lounge. What size tv is best, 46 or 50 given the close proximity of the nearest sofa?
Your closest sofa is really close, but the other one far. Go for a 50" if it is within your budget. At the closest seat, it might be a little too big, but you will appreciate the bigger size from the other seats.
Dec 06 2012
When do you think Ultra HD(4k) will hit mainstream and become widely available? Should I wait for it before buying a new television?
You should not wait for Ultra HD to become mainstream. Currently, the only 4k televisions available in 2012 cost more than 10 000$. It will probably take 5 years for Ultra HD to hit more affordable prices in the 2000$ range, and it will mostly be only for very big screen (> 60"). Anything smaller does not make sense for a resolution that big on a television.
Dec 26 2012
I am planning to buy a 32 inch 3D TV (Samsung or LG). What is the best option and in what distance I should sit to have full resolution.
Most 32" have only a resolution of 720p instead of 1080p, because at this size you will have to sit very close to notice the 1080p. At a resolution of 720p and a 32" size, the closest you can sit without seeing the pixels is 6.2 feet. If you sit more than 11.4 feet, you will only see the information as if you were watching a 480p source instead. Checkout our calculator here if you want more info. As for the best 3D TV at that size, you can also use our chart here. There are not a lot of 3D TV at 32", but the best one for the price would be the LG 32LM6200.
Jan 09 2013
Is resolution upscaling really effective for a Full HD TV when displaying standard definition TV programs ?
No, resolution upscaling is never good. To understand this, you need to think in term of the amount of information a video contains (or more specifically, entropy). A resolution that has 4 times the amount of pixels as a potential of 4 times the amount of information (the key here is potential, because if the whole screen is perfectly white, the total amount of information is very small). Resolution upscaling will always be worst for 2 reasons:
First, the television cannot create new information, it can only extrapolate from the available information. This means that the television cannot know what was between two pixels. So it will guess instead. Second, there is a loss of information when upscaling to match the desired resolution. Unless the scale factor is exactly a whole number (which is mostly never the case), some information will be loss by trying to fit 1 pixel into a fraction. For example, let say you want to upscale a 1x3 picture (consisting of a white pixel next to a black one and then a white pixel) into a 1x4. What do you do? The two on the side can be white, but none at the center can be black without deforming the picture, so it will mostly be gray.
As a side note, this assume the resolution upscaling is done on frames independently of each others. Technically, you also have access to information present on the previous and next frames. There are some research done in that field that do look promising, but the algorithms aren't really effective yet besides very controlled cases.
Jan 16 2013
I understand most TV signals are standard definition. Will an HD receiver improve my picture quality on my LS4000? I am considering going to an antenna and would appreciate your thoughts on that.
If you are only watching channels in standard definition, it will not help to have a HD receiver. A HD receiver will only improve the quality of signals that are available in HD.
Mar 11 2013
Problem is that we all have material in various resolutions, so I'm not sure which size will work well in real life. 480p content is still very wide spread, which leads to very small screen size in the chart, and watching 1080p leads to a completely different size category, which won't work with the smaller size. So which size should I pick for, say 10', which will let enjoy 1080, yet not suffer when I watch 480p? Or should I sacrifice one over the other?
In case of a doubt, go for bigger. That way, you will appreciate watching quality 1080p content. Also, your TV will be more future proof because the resolution of the material will only go up in the future.
Aug 05 2013
How bigger is the size of movie in hd 1080p if its size in avi format is 1GB?
It could be any size. The resolution is not the most important factor of video size. The bit rate of the encoding is more important. A Blu-Ray movie has a normally a bit rate of 36Mbit/s, which correspond to about 20GB per full movie. However, a lot of encoded videos have a lower bit rate.
Feb 04 2014
I am planning to buy a Sony 70 inch smart 3D TV 1080p and sit about 12 feet away. Will the 720p broadcasts still look okay on a 70 inch screen?
You might see compression artifacts from time to time, but overall, it should still look pretty good.
Nov 25 2013
I am planning to buy Samsung F6300. Yet to decide on the screen size 50" or 55". My requirement is a Smart TV with great picture quality. My budget is $800. I wish to know whether my plan to buy Samsung F6300, a perfect decision for my requirements? And whether it is worth the price? And which size to go for 50" or 55", given the difference between the 2 sizes is $100?
The Samsung F6300 is a great choice, definitely worth the price. The only real downside is the narrow viewing angle (like all Samsung LEDs). If the price difference is only $100 for 5", go for the bigger size, you won't regret it.
Dec 01 2013
I have a 29" Vizio LED 720P TV "1360 x 768" that I use as a work PC Monitor, I work as an internet manager for an large car dealership. How Close is too close to sit to the TV?
Anything closer than 5.6 feet and you will see the pixels of the screen. For a PC monitor, this is quite a low resolution for that size. That screen was more meant to be watched as a TV from a sofa than be used as a PC on a desk.
Dec 28 2013
I'm on distance of 10 feet. Considering to buy P55ST60 or P65ST60. Unfortunately, in my country there is no P60ST60, which I prefer. I'll watch 1080p (3D also), 720p and digital cable tv (some HD channels included). What is the better choice 55" or 65" ST60 (or maybe P55VT60 for similar price)?
If you can afford the price difference, go for the 65" ST60. 55" vs 65" is a very noticeable difference, more than the picture quality difference between the ST60 and VT60.
Jan 07 2014
I'm sitting 8 feet from tv what is better 69 or 65 inch?
65" is good while 69" would be slightly too big.
Mar 28 2014
I have a Sony 32 inch full HD LED. I am sitting at 10 feet away from TV, is it ok to see all the details?
When watching 1080p content, you are losing some details because you are too far. For a 32", you need to sit pretty close (5 feet) if you want to enjoy the full 1080p resolution.
Dec 16 2012
I do not have a HD box yet for my LM4700 LG TV. Will the TV have a better picture with the HD box added? Of course it will be better but will the picture be clear or not without it?
Yes, a HD signal is a lot better than a standard signal. If you feed to the television a standard signal, it will upscale it to HD (to be able to display it in the television native 1080p resolution). However, it cannot create information that was not there in the original signal, so the upscaled version will still look blurry and not clear. The television will always just be as good as the signal you provide it, so invest in a HD receiver to receive native HD content.
Aug 07 2013
I'm using a 23inch 1080p 16:9 monitor for my computer. How far should I sit from the monitor so i can get the perfect viewing angle and pixel density?
3 feet
Aug 19 2013
We are planning on connecting a 27" iMac to two 60" LED TV's in our church service to project the words for our worship music. Any draw backs to using two tv's vs two monitors, which seem to be much more expensive. Max distance from the screens will be approximately 50'. Font size can be variable utilizing two lines (Max 3) on the screen at a time.
A monitor and a TV is the same (except for plasmas ones). It is just the set of inputs that change. All TVs now have digital inputs so two 60" LED TVs will work just fine.
Sep 04 2013
I have a 32" HD ready LED TV which I use as a pc monitor. I also watch lots of blurays, so should I get a FullHD in order to get a better view even at close positions?
If you sit closer than 6 feet, yes.
Dec 31 2013
Is plasma 46" TV good compared to 46" LED for my room of 16? Plasma is quite economical.
Check out our full article on plasma vs led. If you have a bright room, go for an LED.
Jan 14 2014
I am sitting 6 feet from my tv. I am thinking of getting a 49 or 55 inch 4k tv when they come out. What size would be best?
Definitely 55". You won't notice the difference of 4k for a 49" at your distance.
Jan 19 2014
I am planning to install a 90" (16:9, 1080p) television at 6'9" to center on a tilt-down mount with the use of recliners. What distance away would be appropriate for this scenario?
12 feet would be great for a 90" in a setup like yours.
Jan 23 2014
I got a 70" sony led 3d smart tv. It's about 12 feet or so away. Is the tv too big and should it be smaller?
No, this is about right. It might feel a bit big at the beginning but you will get used to it and you won't want to go back to a smaller one.
Jan 27 2014
I have a 19" color TV. What is the minimum and maximum distance to sit?
At that small size, you need to be really close if you don't want to lose any details. Just try to be as close as possible for your room.
Jan 27 2014
I got a 55" Samsung and sitting approx 9 feet from the TV. After watching for awhile, it seems small. Most of time I watch 720p stuff. I am afraid that if I go any bigger its going to be blurry. Do you think the 55" would be ok for this watching distance?
9 feet for a 55" is great especially if you watch a lot of 720p. Indeed, if you go any closer or bigger, you will see more imperfections. At the end of the day though, it is still a personal preference and you might value more the immersion factor than the details density.
Feb 16 2014
I have a 42" plasma TV and I am sitting 10 feet away. Is this correct?
Usually, 42 inch plasma are 720p. If that is your case, then yes, 10 feet is good.
Feb 18 2014
I am planning to buy 32" or 40" TV and viewing distance is about 7-8 feets. What tv should I buy?
Check out our best 32 inch LED TV and our best 40 inch one.
Feb 23 2014
I have a 55 invh LG Google TV 1080p. I am approx. 11.5 feet away. Am I in good distance view?
It is about right, but you could sit a little bit closer when watching 1080p to fully benefit from it.
Feb 24 2014
Considering to buy 55" or 65" ST60 (60" not available in my country). I am about 9 feet from the current 42" HD ready plasma TV and it can be slightly adjusted between 8.5 - 9.5 feet. I am planning to watch more and more 1080p movies and would like to make a future-proof investment. But I will still watch some SD TV / DVD / 720p (for what is not available in higher resolution). 55" costs $1,550; 65" is $2,650. I am a bit afraid that the SD/DVD content will be terrible on the 65" at this distance, however I would like to maximize the 1080p and the 3D experience. Should I go with the 65", is it worth to compromise the SD/DVD experience in favour of the 1080p/3D experience?
Like you mentioned, in the future you will watch less frequently SD/DVD content. Therefore, it make more sense to invest in the bigger 65" than the 55". You will definitely see pixels and artifacts when watching SD content, but it shouldn't reduce your experience too much.
Mar 01 2014
I just bought a 75 inch Samsung LED smart TV and sitting 11.5 feet away, coming off of a Sony Bravia 46 LCD TV. I am getting headaches and eye strain. Does this just get taking used to, or did I bought too big? Is the LED lighting a difference maker coming off the LCD which seems less bright?
If you can, try to identify what is giving you eye strain. The common causes are: 1) Flickering of the screen. LEDs don't flicker much so this is unlikely the issue here. You can try turning off the setting called LED Motion Plus, which increase the flickering of the backlight. 2) The screen too bright. This can easily be adjusted by reducing the backlight setting of the television. 3) The TV too close, but unless you are not used to watching a screen close (like if you do not have a desk job), it is unlikely at that size and distance.
Mar 05 2014
Do even the highest resolution TVs have artifacts? I seem to be getting a pulsating effect when looking at dark and light areas with some low resolution material. My screen is 70" and I am sitting about 9 ft from screen hung on the wall above head level when seating down.
Yes. Artifacts are caused by the content compression algorithms when a low bit rate is used. If your content isn't good, it doesn't matter that you have a high resolution TV, you will see artifacts.
Mar 14 2014
I'm planning to buy a 50" LCD HD TV. My viewing distance is approximately 10 ft, or maybe a bit less if needed. Would that be a good choice?
Check out our choice of the top 50" TV here.
Mar 17 2014
What is the optimum viewing distance for a 65 inch Panasonic plasma full hd?
Between 9 feet and 12 feet.
Mar 27 2014
I want to buy a 42 inch led Sony TV where my child and my self sit to view and watch tv for 2 hours. Please tell me the distance to sit?
Between 6 and 10 feet would be good.
Mar 30 2014
We are looking to upgrade from a 55" LCD to a larger LED/3D. We have a sectional with the main viewing or "captain" seats are at 13.5'. The "L" part of the sectional is 6-8' and receives minimal use for viewing TV. We watch television and movies via satellite with limited gaming. What size and model would you recommend based on this? Our budget is 2000 plus or minus. Thank you in advance!
First off, do not expect a significant improvement of the picture quality (LCD panels have plateaued in the last few years). As for the size, you could go up to 75" for your distance, so you will be limited by your $2,000 budget. If you care more about size, the Vizio 70" E701i-A3 is great (about $1,700). Otherwise, the Samsung 65" UN65H6350 (about $1,750 currently) has more features/better design, which we should review next week hopefully. Both don't have 3D. If you really want 3D, you either have to pay about $400 more or opt for 5" less.
Apr 04 2014
Is 75" Samsung LED with viewing distance of 9ft okay?
It is a bit too close. 10-11 feet would be better.
Apr 06 2014
How far off the floor do I mount a 75 in led?
It depends on your seats. Usually, 2 feet from the floor is good.
Apr 07 2014
The viewing distance in this particular room is approximately 20 feet. It is not possible to move the seating or the tv. The wall for the tv can accommodate nothing larger than a 60" screen. Does this mean I should be using a 480p tv?
Not exactly. It means you will not really see a difference between a DVD and Blu-ray in term of picture quality at that distance and size. All TVs of 60 inches are at least 1080p, but you can still play lower resolution videos.
Apr 11 2014
Please help me deciding between 42" and 46". I have 12 feet as viewing distance and most of the content is 420p.
For 420p, you will pretty much see artifacts/pixelization no matter the size. The question then becomes about the immersion that you want. To be future proof, go for the bigger size (assuming its within your budget).
Apr 11 2014
I am planning to buy an LG LED 55LB6100. The distance from me would be around 2.4 meters. Looking at your values it would be a good distance but I have been reading about other recommendations (multiplying TV size by 2.5/1.5) which would result in bigger distances. What would you suggest for TV size?
Our recommendation tends to be on the bigger side, because usually people prefer this. Very few people wish they opted for a smaller one. Once they are used to it, most people will always want to go even bigger. Therefore, assuming it is within your budget, go for a 55". After the initial shock, you will like it.
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