Vizio 2016 TVs

We’ve reviewed the new 2016 Vizio TVs, including the Vizio P Series and D Series 4k, as well as the previous 2015 E and M Series. They all offer great picture quality at a low price, each covering different price and performance levels.

Update 07/26/2016: The Chinese company LeEco just announced that it is acquiring Vizio. We are not sure yet of the implications for the customers.


  • 08/12/2016 Vizio E Series 1080p 2016 reviewed
  • 07/15/2016 Vizio M Series 2016 reviewed
  • 06/15/2016 Vizio E Series 4k 2016 reviewed
  • 05/20/2016 Vizio D Series 1080p 2016 reviewed
  • 04/19/2016 Vizio E Series 2016 and M Series 2016 announced
  • 04/09/2016 Vizio P Series 2016 reviewed
  • 03/22/2016 Vizio P Series 2016 announced
  • 03/15/2016 Vizio D Series 4k 2016 reviewed

Compared to other brands

  • Competitively priced. For the same feature set, Vizio TVs are priced very competitively, and in some cases, several hundred dollars cheaper.
  • Great picture quality in dark room. All their models have a full array local dimming backlight, which helps producing deep blacks.
  • Very low input lag. All Vizio TVs that we tested so far had a really low input lag, which is great for gaming.
  • Unpolished experience. From firmware issues to cheaper design look, Vizio TVs feel like they cut some corners. At least, they often fixe issues in firmware updates.
  • Sub-par upscaling. Low quality content like DVDs or SD channels don't look as sharp as on other brands. 

Overall, Vizio TVs are very well priced and have great picture quality without frills. They don't have the high end feel as some other brands, but they are one of the best value you can buy for your money.

Vizio's Lineup - Description and Reviews

Vizio has a relatively simple TV lineup, but it got more complex in the last few months with the introduction of the D and R series. The Vizio TVs are separated into 5 main series, with a wide range of sizes for each of them. There are some differences between sizes inside each series, so it is more complex than it looks, especially across years.

2016 Models

The main addition to the new 2016 Vizio TV models (except on the D Series) is the SmartCast OS which lets you control your TV through your tablet or smartphone. It is still in its infancy though, and feels a bit buggy. Hopefully it gets improved in an update. We will review the smart features in an upcoming separate review.

E Series 1080p 2016
Vizio E Series 1080p 2016 Design
32" 40" 43" 48" 55"

Basic 1080p TV, but comes with the SmartCast OS like the higher end model.

E Series 4k 2016
Vizio E Series 4k 2016 Design
43" 48" 50" 55" 55" 60" 65" 70"

4k varient of the Vizio E. About the same picture quality, but worse motion blur.

M Series 2016
Vizio M Series 2016 Design
50" 55" 60" 65" 70" 80"

The Vizio M Series for 2016 is similar to the Vizio P, but without the wide color gamut feature, a lower brightness and less dimming zone. Comes with a tablet.

P Series 2016
Vizio P Series 2016 Design
50" 55" 65" 75"

One of the best LED TV we ever tested. Full array local dimming and HDR.

The D Series is the budget line, and comes in two different resolutions: 4k and 1080p.

D Series 1080p 2016
Vizio D Series 1080p 2016 Design
32" 40" 43" 43" 48" 50" 55" 60" 65" 70"

Great budget 1080p TV.

D Series 4k 2016
Vizio D Series 4k 2016 Design
40" 50" 55" 58" 65"

Great budget 4k TV. Same as the 1080p version, besides the resolution.

2015 Models

Most of Vizio’s 2015 models are still being sold, and they are great value if you don’t care about the latest specs like HDR. The smart features on the 2015 models have begun to lag a bit behind the competition – there are few available apps, and no included web browser. You can see our full review of Vizio's 2015 smart platform here.

E Series 2015
Vizio E Series 2015 Design
32" 40" 43" 48" 50" 55" 60" 65" 70"

1080p. Great budget option, and still a great buy in 2016.

M Series 2015
Vizio M Series 2015 Design
43" 49" 50" 55" 60" 65" 70" 75" 80"

4k. Adds more dimming zones. Great for watching movies in the dark, but long trail on fast motion.

R Series
65" 120"

Announced a few years earlier, but only has been available to purchase since fall 2015. It is a very high end TV that is not widely available.

Discontinued Models


  • E Series. Simple 1080p TV with a full array backlight, but a limited number of zones. See review
  • M Series. 1080p TV with a higher refresh rate than the E and more dimming zones. See review
  • P Series. Released in late 2014, it only got produced for a few months and was basically obsolete when the M Series 2015 came out in Spring 2015 with about the same picture quality. It was Vizio’s first 4k TV and had a full array local dimming backlight with more zones than the M. See review


In general, Vizio TVs have great picture quality for their price. They are not as well polished as the main brands offering, but they offer one of the best value for the money that you can get.

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Questions & Answers

How does the Visio D650i-B2 compare to the E-Series? At $649 on Black Friday, it seems like a heck of a deal.
It is indeed a really good deal, assuming you don't set your expectations too high. It is basically a cheaper E Series. Fewer dimming zones and fewer inputs. We expect the picture uniformity to be slightly inferior, mostly in terms of uniformity (due to fewer dimming zones). Keep in mind that it is a cheap variant of the same TV, so they might have cut costs elsewhere. Usually, the QA testing's bar is also lowered, which results in greater variance between units.
My 55" Vizio M Series keeps on turning off.
Call Vizio; this isn't normal.
I saw one of your other responses to a question about the D-series vs. the E-series and just wanted to let you know: at least according to their website, the D-series has the same 16 active dimming zones as the E-series. As far as I can tell, theoretically, the only difference is a slight increase in power consumption and weight. Just bought one so I don't know how that pans out in real life, though. Love your reviews!
Thanks for the info about the dimming zones. Another difference is that there is typically more variance in panel quality in lines like the D-series, but since we haven't tested a D-series TV, we don't know for sure what they're like. Enjoy the TV!
Are you going to review the P series any time soon?
Probably in October.
Update: The review is now available here.
Can you please review the Vizio D-series 55" 4k TV? I would love to know the input lag on this set.
Unfortunately, because that model isn't available from Amazon or Best Buy, we don't get a lot of requests for it, so it isn't on our priority list.
Can you tell me the difference between the E55-C1 and the E55-C2?
They have different speakers and sound features. The C1 has two 10W speakers and the 'DTS TruVolume' feature, and the C2 has two 15W speakers and does not have 'DTS TruVolume.'
Your review of the 2014 E/M-series is in line with another website that I had looked at, both pointing out the M is just slightly better than the E and not really considered worth the price difference. I read somewhere else that for sports you would want 120 hz. With the E being 60 and the M being 120, would that really mean I should target the M?
In general, the only advantage of a higher refresh rate is that it allows you to use the motion interpolation / soap opera effect feature. The amount of motion blur when that feature is turned off is the same usually as on a 60Hz TV. For sports, artifacts produced by that feature are often off-putting (for example, the ball can disappear), so very few people use that feature. Therefore, get the E.
Guys, please review the P series of Vizio please!
We will, but it is currently sold out in the nearest Best Buy. When the 60" is back in stock, we will test it.
Update: The review is now available here.
Not sure what to get. Either the Vizio E Series 70 Inch (for $1,280 on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime, which I do) or the Samsung 65 inch H7150. I'm 10-11 feet away. The TV is used for streaming movies and TV shows through a Roku, and for some gaming (PS4, Wii U). Don't care at all about 3D, smart TV, or extra features. Thanks.
Get the Samsung 65" h7150. The picture quality improvement surpasses the 5" loss, especially at your distance.
Of all the sites I've used in 10 years, yours is the best for clarity & usefulness. Thank you! For my man cave (15' viewing), I'm down to the 80" Vizio M vs. the 75" Samsung 7150. At this 1080p resolution, which do you think would be more appreciated: 14% more viewing area, or 14% more picture quality?
You get a much better experience overall with the Samsung H7150, so I would say to go for that. It has better smart features, better uniformity (especially important at this larger size), and better motion handling. You do lose out on the extra five inches, but you get a lot in exchange.
What is the difference between the Vizio 4K Ultra HD M series and the 4K Ultra HD D series, specifically the D55u? Both are listed as 4K Ultra HD, but I can't find reviews on the D55u.
The Vizio D is a cheaper variant and although we didn't reviewed it we expect it to have lower picture quality and probably more uniformity issues between sets. The quality assurance isn't at the same level as the Vizio M.
Just a quick question. Is this TV (M65) better than the Vizio D65U-D2? Both of them are 4K, but which of these performs better? I don't know anything about the D65U-D2 model. Thanks.
We expect the M has more LED zones, and likely also has at least somewhat better overall picture. Since we haven't reviewed the new 4k D-series, we can't say for sure how different they are.
I have had horrible results with both my Vizio TVs. They will die suddenly, and be impossible to restart, or the remote will not work on the TV and neither will the buttons, requiring us to pull the power cord to get the TV's brain back. Or it will not be able to handle Netflix and will lockup. Or like right now, when I had to pull the power cord to get out of Netflix and the TV will only light up for a second when I plug it in.
Both of the TVs are a few months old and I will NEVER have another Vizio product in the house, even if they are giving it away for free!
If you have a suggestion about how to fix this latest problem, please let me know. If not, this TV is headed for the trash.
We've just recently heard about a similar issue requiring an unplug to exit applications, so you're not alone in this. Unfortunately, since we haven't encountered that same issue, we don't have a fix to offer. You should contact Vizio directly and see if they have any suggestions for what to do.
The new D-series from Vizio is apparently 4K now.
I'm looking at upgrading a 55" Mitsubishi rear-projection 1080i TV to either the 60" M-series for $799 from Dell on Black Friday, or the 65" D-series from Sam's on 11/14 for $999. Both seem like incredible deals.
I'm mainly upgrading for the new technology, as the old behemoth is nearly 10 years old. I understand that the M series will likely be a better picture than the D-series but will I regret not going a bit bigger for an extra $200? Will I be underwhelmed by the increase from 55" to 60"? I think the answer is to stick with the M-series even if it's smaller, but I'd like to have your thoughts.
You'll definitely notice the size difference, so don't worry about being underwhelmed.
Since we haven't reviewed the D-series, we can't make a wholehearted recommendation here. If the D-series has picture that isn't much worse than the M, then it would make perfect sense to opt for the D65. But if the picture is considerably worse, then the M60 would be best.
If you want to play it safe, get the M, but if you want to try out the D-series and see if you like it (most stores will let you return/exchange within first few days), that might be worth doing.
Does the 2015 Vizio E-series model E550i-C1 have better picture than the 2014 model E550i-B2? Which is the better buy?
They're basically the same TV, so get whichever is cheaper.
Any reviews or information for Vizio D Series 65 inch 4k tv?
Unfortunately, we won't have time to review one before Black Friday. It looks like a cheaper Vizio M, given the fewer number of zones and only 60Hz.
For Black Friday, Best Buy (and likely everywhere else) with have the 65" P series and 65" Samsung H7150 both priced under $1,500. Which is a better TV if they are priced equally? I'm disregarding the differences, 4K for the Vizio vs apps and 3D for the Samsung. Which one has the best picture?
The Samsung H7150, but not by much. It has a better screen finish and slightly less motion blur.
10 feet away for streaming movies and tv, and playing video games. Watching with my kid during the day. Watching with the wife at night with dim lights on. Extra feature such as smart tv/apps and 3d are not important all. Just want a great picture and low lag for gaming. Thinking either the Vizio 60 inch E-Series, Vizio 60 inch M-Series, or the Samsung 65 inch H7150. Can get the Vizios off Amazon for a great price. The H7150 is more but is it worth it? Is 65 inches at 10 feet too big? I have some seating options which are closer then 10 feet. Thank you!
65" at 10 feet is big, but not too big. You will get used to it pretty quick. The UN65H7150 is definitely better than the Vizio E and M. Whether it is worth it depends on how much you value the price difference though. The picture quality difference is about 15-20%.
What is your opinion on the "Razor" Vizios? E.g. the M701D-A3.
We didn't review those models, so we don't know exactly what they are like. They're edge-lit (2014 and 2015 Vizio TVs are backlit), and we expect they might have slightly worse uniformity. Apart from that, they should be pretty similar to the 2014 models.
I recently bought a 50 in Vizio smart TV and it seams to randomly turn off all by itself. I've checked the timers features and they are all turned off. Can you please help me and tell me why its doing this? It's very annoying. Thanks.
It's likely a defect. Try unplugging everything from your TV (including power), waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging everything in and trying your TV out again. If that doesn't solve your problem, you should contact Vizio support and see what they say. Worst case, you'll need to exchange for a different unit.
Is there an option to mount this using a standard TV mount? The dual stand to me isn't a great look, and may be too wide for my stand.
Yes, you can use a standard VESA mount with Vizio TVs.
Unfortunately, my TV will be viewed from an angle from some seating positions due to the corner TV position. Which TV is least likely to produce poor color from an angle? Samsung UN60H6350 or the P-series 60" Vizio? Thank you.
They're about equal. The H6350 begins to get desaturated at 22 degrees, and the Vizio P at 19 degrees. If you need a wider viewing angle, you should consider an IPS TV like the 55" Vizio P or the LG UF7700. They maintain their color accuracy to around 36 degrees, which is quite a bit wider.
I purchased the Vizio P502ui-B1 in early February. I have mostly watched movies through the Netflix app and the content runs problem-free. But with the 2-3 Blu-ray movies I viewed using my Playstation 3 system, there are moments where the picture disappears and goes black. It disappears for about a second before the picture returns, and it has done that with every movie so far. What can I do to fix the issue on my own? Or is there a defect with the TV? Thanks.
It's likely that there's an issue with the HDMI connection. Try unplugging and then firmly plugging the HDMI cable back in to both the PS3 and the TV. If that doesn't solve the issue, try using a different HDMI cable, and also try plugging it into a different port. Doing so will help you determine whether the issue is with the port or the cable
Have you reviewed the 2015 E-series models yet, specifically the 55 and 60 inch models? Any significant difference vs 2014 E-series models? Thanks. Your website continues to be a great service.
You can find our review of the 2015 E series here. We used the 60" model in our review.
The design is different, but apart from that, the 2015 model is about the same as 2014's.
Is there any possibility you could do a mini-review of one of the smaller M-series models to see how much the 60 hz panel impacts its ability to handle judder with 24p (since it can't perform 5:5 frame playback on 24p sources)?
We won't be revisiting the M-series (we're still working on new models), but we can say that the Vizio E-series we reviewed is a 60 hz TV, and it doesn't have judder. We expect the 60 hz M-series TVs will handle 24p just as well as that model does.
I was thinking of buying the VIZIO E48-C2 48". My son insisted I buy the LG 49LF5500. Same size, same price. What do you think is better? I just want a reasonable TV for a rec room and watch some DVD's, occasional tv. Nothing special. Thanks
They have completely different picture quality. The LG 49LF5500 has better color accuracy at an angle, but worse contrast ratio in front. So the Vizio E48-C2 is a better choice if you sit directly in front of the TV or watch it in a dimmed room.
I was looking at an E70 at Costco, and slightly off-center vertical lines which appeared to be the backlight structure were very obvious. On the Samsung right next to it (J6300), these were not obvious at all. Is this a common problem with the Vizio, or perhaps the way that Costco had the settings on this TV?
It's a common issue with that Tv, and you can see the same thing in our E-series' gray uniformity image, here. Changing settings won't help.
Why do some models have a C1 after the name and some have a C3? What do C1 and C3 indicate?
It usually mean a difference in design. We have seen that for the E series where there were two TVs of the same size but that had different endings in the model number ('C1' or 'C2'). One had better speakers than the other. For the M serie, there is no TV of the same sizes to compare. Generally speaking, it could just be insignificant internal changes.
I have a 55" E Series Vizio that has just gone from full screen to a picture about the size of a 17 inch monitor. The picture under most settings is in the upper left corner of the screen. Any theories on what might cause this?
Try with a different source, like a bluray player and see if you have the same problem. If not, the problem is coming from the source device and needs to be taken from there. Maybe you have a PIP feature activated on your device? If you have the same problem with different sources and that the TV image ratio doesn't change anything (rectangle button on the remote), try to reset the TV to factory defaults. To do that press 'Menu' on the remote, 'System' - 'Reset & Admin' - 'Reset TV to Factory Defaults'.
Just out of curiosity, do you have any plans to review either of the Reference series TVs at some point down the road?
We have not yet decided whether we will review the 65" R-series. We definitely will not be reviewing the 120" model.
Have you reviewed Vizio's 2016 E series yet? I'm thinking of going for the 50" with 4K, but haven't read any specific reviews on this series (2016) as of yet. Specifically wondering how it will stack up against the 2016 D series with 4K. Love the site. Thanks!
We will be reviewing two TVs from the 2016 E series within the next few weeks, the E48U-D0 and the E48-D0.
I'm thinking of getting either a Visio E50-C1, or an E55-C2. I've read that the Vizio 49" and 55" have IPS panels in the 2014 models. Is that still true for 2015? Thanks. Great site.
We haven't seen a 55" model in stores, but we'll be testing whether that size is IPS as soon as we do.
I appreciate your reviews, especially for we senior citizens who grew up with black and white TV in consoles. Ha! We are wanting a TV (42"-48") for our sunroom with large windows on two walls. We have seating about 9-12' away, but grandkids play the Wii Mario Kart from about 5' away. We do not want a smart TV - just good picture for us and one the kids can play Nintendo on. We will get a Roku stick. What TV do you suggest? Thanks.
At that distance, you'll want to go with the larger end of your spectrum. The Vizio E-series E48-C2 is a good choice. It has good contrast, can get quite bright, and it works well for gaming, too. Its uniformity is not the best, but that shouldn't be a big problem with normal usage.
If you watch lots of sports, you might prefer the Samsung UN46H6203, as it does have better uniformity, and is otherwise comparable to the E48-C2.
I recently purchased the E70-C3. While watching football, it is horrible. When the quarterback throws a pass, the ball disappears on longer passes. When it does not disappear, it flashes in and out of the picture.
I have two other LCD televisions that do not have this problem. Is this common with the E-series? If so, this TV will be going back.
It sounds like you might have the motion interpolation options enabled. These clarify movement by increasing the frame rate of the video, but they can also create issues like yours, where fast-moving objects just disappear.
Press 'Menu' and then go to 'Picture' -> 'More Picture' and disable 'Reduce Judder' and 'Reduce Motion Blur.' You can also turn on 'Game Low Latency' to make sure. That should stop the ball from disappearing. You may also notice a bit more blur to movement, but you get pretty much the same tradeoff from any TV.
Is there gonna be a 2016 E-Series from Vizio this fall? I'm trying to decide if I should by it this month of August, or wait until fall to buy the new version.
The next iteration of the E-series will likely be released in spring of next year. There will definitely not be a new one released this fall. You should go ahead and buy whenever you're ready.
On the strong reviews, including yours, I helped my mom purchase a Vizio E70 as her first HD television.
She has one foot in the last century and still uses a VCR. Her VCR does not work properly. Menus and timer setup pages will cause "No Signal" to appear on screen. 4 others VCRs I tested of different models and brands on two E-series and one P-series produce the same results. After talking with a high level tech at Vizio I learned:
1) Menus from old VCRs, the original Nintendo console and even some games for the N64 console output resolutions below 480 lines.
2) Vizio TVs cannot and will not display these signals (RF antenna on channel 3/4 OR composite RCA). It is a known limitation and they will not address it.
3) Lower tier customer support is not allowed to acknowledge the problem to a customer and will attempt to talk around it.
Retro gamers and VCR users should avoid TVs by Vizio. Old DVR or DVDr devices may run into the same problem.
This problem includes Vizio E's, M's and P's.
Thanks for pointing out this issue on Vizio TVs! It will be helpful for other people looking to plug in old devices into their TVs.
We'll be buying a 70" Vizio. M or P series? The prices are very close to one another. We watch lots of sports!
Their picture quality is about the same, so get whichever is cheapest.
I'm looking to purchase either the 50in Vizio P502ui-B1E or the 50in Vizio M-Series M50-C1. I use Netflix and game on PS4. Which one would provide the best quality for the PS4?
The M50-C1 is better at upscaling 1080p, so go with that one, since it will be better at displaying your PS4's video output.
Is the Vizio E65-C3 a 2015 model? You don't list a 65" E series model for 2015 in the chart above. Does it have motion interpolation and 120hz? It looks like it's about $200 more than the 60" model. Would it be worth $200 to upgrade 5" and get 120 hz and motion interpolation?
It was unavailable when we created the 2015 E-series page. We've now added it. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
It does have motion interpolation + a 120 hz panel. The upgrade is only worth it if you want the interpolation option. It doesn't make a big difference if you don't.
Do you know if there will be a 2015 P-series released this fall? I am trying to decide whether to get the M-series or wait and see what the 2015 P-series has to offer. I like the JU7100, but it's out of my price range. Thanks!
It's very likely that there will be, but it will likely be at a higher price point than the current P-series.
I am looking to purchase a TV for my family room. The viewing distance is 10-12 feet and I would like to spend $2,200 or less. I will be using the TV to mostly watch movies, shows, and stream from Netflix. I would like to get a 65"-75" set. Which brand (Samsung, Sharp, or Vizio) and size would you recommend?
Get the Vizio M70-C3. It has really good picture quality for movies and shows, and it fits your budget.
Do you have any thoughts about the Reference Series that Vizio is preparing to release?
We saw the R65 in person last April at Vizio's showcase event. It is a good TV, the number of zones is impressive (still has blooming though), and it can get very bright. But at the end of the day, it is still an LCD TV, so it is nothing revolutionary and has the same flaws as all LCD TVs.
I have a budget cap of $1,000 and am looking at a 60" Samsung J6200 or a 65" Vizio E-series. I'll be viewing Blu-rays, video files, and Netflix. I want the TV to be able to do motion smoothing well. Which one would you recommend?
Get the 65" E-series. Both TVs are about equally good for what you want to watch, so you should go for the larger screen.
HI! Your reviews are awesome! Quick question. I'm going to wall mount my TV and run the cords in a cable racer on the wall. What length of power cable comes wit the TV? Also I assume its too short; so where can I get a replacement? Can you tell us what type of cable it is? And how long you recommend it to be?
The power cable is 6 feet long. You can find longer ones on amazon. There shouldn't be any problem if you can find even longer ones.
The D-Series does not have a 60 hz refresh rate. Vizio's website states it has a 120 hz effective refresh rate, with 240 Clear Action.
The effective refresh rate is equal to twice the real refresh rate, so the D-series is 60 hz.
Strongly object to you monitoring what we watch on our Vizio Smart TV! How do we opt out?
Vizio collects some of its TV owners viewing habits with its 'Smart Interactivity'. To turn it off, press 'Menu' on the remote then 'System' - 'Reset & Admin' and set 'Smart Interactivity' to 'Off'.
What is motion handling?
It just means how well the TV handles motion, and particularly fast movement. TVs have different amount of blur that trail after a moving object, and a TV with good motion handling has less blur.
Is the Vizio D39hn-D0 considered a smart TV, and can you mirror from a smart phone to it?
It doesn't have apps included, so it isn't a smart TV.
It also doesn't support phone mirroring right out of the box, but if your phone supports MHL, you should be able to do the following: Buy a compatible MHL adapter, connect your phone to that, and then connect the adapter to the TV via HDMI.
Currently the new M series is cheaper! Is there a significant difference in picture quality to justify the Vizio P series? The 65 inch is now a 500 bucks difference! Is the extended extra HDR color and half the full array zones worth that 500 difference?
If you have access to HDR media, yes, the difference is worth it. But for normal 4k content, not really.
On the E-series 2016, the specs sheet mention 4 HDMI ports. (1 side/3 down), and one of them has HDMI 2.0 for 4K/60. Would this function similarly to HDMI 5 on the D series?
It is similar, on the 2016 E series HDMI 1 supports chroma 4:4:4 at 4k/60Hz whereas HDMI 2 to HDMI 4 only support chroma 4:4:4 up to 4k/30Hz. All of the HDMI ports can display 4k/60Hz with chroma 4:2:0. The review for this TV will be published in the next few days.
Do you have an approximate review date for the 2016 E and M series TVs? I have seen the expected review dates get pushed back a few times, and currently there are sales on Vizio's lineup from some big box stores. I would think it would be very helpful for those interested to see comparisons of the E/M/P series before those sales end. The P review was very thorough, as are all of your reviews, so I'm looking forward to seeing more for sure! Thanks for all you do!
The E series 4k review has just been posted, and is available here. We will be reviewing the 1080p E series in the next few weeks, and expect to review the M series in July.
When will review for M Series 2016 be available?
We plan to review the M series 2016 in the next couple of weeks.
Something I am adamant about having in a TV is full array local dimming, while also keeping it below $1,000 and with 120hz. The only TVs I have seen that fit the bill are the Vizio M and E series, but the review said that the local dimming on Vizio TVs is subpar. Should I stick with Vizio or go with the edge-lit Sony W800B? Is edge-lit that much worse than full-array local dimming? I will be using the TV for Blu-ray and gaming.
Full-array local dimming tends not to be very effective, and local dimming on an edge-lit TV is worse. On the whole, local dimming doesn't improve picture anyway, so you might as well forget about it. Of the TVs that you mentioned, the Sony W800B is the better TV, and particularly for gaming. It has better contrast, uniformity, and input lag than the Vizio E, along with comparably low levels of motion blur. Your best bet would be to ignore the dimming issue and pick the W800B.
Looking to buy a new 55 or 60 inch Vizio. I would prefer a 60, but would consider a 55 if it made sense. What do you think is the best option: 2014 or 2015; E, M, or P Series; 55 or 60?
If you want 4k, get the M60-C3. If you want to save money or you don't need 4k, get the E60-C3.
I am looking to purchase a TV to mainly watch sports (football) and movies. Which would you suggest as being the best value? I have read a lot of your reviews and not sure if the 4K will benefit me or not. I was going to purchase the Vizio 60" M-series, but not sure now. Thank you for your time and wisdom!! :)
If you never play video games, the Vizio M is a fine choice. It has good contrast and uniformity, and sports and movies will look good on it. It has too much blur to be a good gaming TV, though, so if that's a concern, you should get something else.
If you would watch genuine 4k material, it might be nice to have a 4k TV, in which case the Samsung UN60JU7100 (or smaller, depending on budget) would be a great choice. If you don't care about 4k at all, or won't watch genuine 4k material, the Vizio E-series would be a great value, with good picture quality and good gaming performance.
I can get a 65" Samsung J6300 or a 70" Vizio E70-C3 for about the same price. The smart TV features are not important to me. I'm mostly concerned with picture quality. Gaming is not important. Usage is mostly general viewing and sports. Viewing distance is about 10 ft. Am I better off with the 65" Samsung or the 70" Vizio?
For general viewing, the Samsung J6300 is the best 1080p TV we've seen this year. You're at a good distance for the 65" size, so you should go for the Samsung UN65J6300.
I have two questions:
1. Do the Vizio M-series TVs support VP9?
2. What is the true refresh rate of the 50"/55"/60" M-series TVs? I can only find the "effective refresh rate" on the Vizio website.
No, they don't. The 50" and 55" models are 60 hz TVs, and the 60" and higher are 120 hz.
You previously indicated (in a reply April 2015) that the 2014 and 2015 E-Series were about the same PQ. I see at least one major technical difference however - the 2014 specs from Vizio's site indicate 200K:1 contrast ratio whereas the 2015 show 200M:1. Are you implying this is a trivial difference? Thanks for your insight and the great website.
This is marketing. We measured the contrast ratio on both of them around 4500:1.
What is the difference between TV models D32H-C0 and D32H-C1?
We haven't reviewed those TVs, but based on Vizio's website, the main difference appears to be in sound capability. The C0 has two 10W speakers and DTS TruSurround capability, whereas the C1 has two 5W speakers and DTS TruVolume.
I'm looking to buy an 79-80 inch TV. What is the overall best picture quality that I can get for $4000-4500?
The only TV we've seen that fits the bill is the Vizio M80-C3. Its picture quality is quite good for general use. It has good contrast and black uniformity, as well as judder-free 24p playback, making it a solid choice for people looking to watch movies, and a pretty good option for TV and sports, too.
Its main downsides are the somewhat weak 720p and 480p upscaling - DVDs and some broadcast TV won't look their best if the TV does the upscaling - and the fact that it has a bit too much blur to be a good choice for video gaming.
Hi, we've recently purchased a Vizio 32" Smart TV E-series. I'm wondering if it's better to buy a computer monitor or a smart TV? Is there any difference between a monitor for PC and a TV? I've read good and bad reviews of the Vizio Smart TVs, so I'm unsure whether they are a good TV to keep.
It depends on what you're looking to do. If you want to play 60 fps games, this TV will work well. If you want to play 120 fps games, you'll need a different TV, whereas most monitors should work fine.
Monitors also support something called 'chroma 4:4:4,' which (among other things) helps keep text looking nice and crisp. Some TVs also support this, but not all do. If you're looking for a TV for productivity purposes, a TV with chroma 4:4:4 is desirable.
For the best TVs for use with a computer, take a look at our list of the best TVs for PC monitors.
My viewing distance is 19 feet from my TV. What size screen would best suit that distance?
As large as you can afford, because you are relatively far away.
I am looking for a 65" 4K and am intrigued by your review of the Visio M65 C-1. We watch TV shows, news, Netflix, cable on-demand and lots of sports (golf, football, baseball); absolutely no gaming. The TV room has floor to ceiling glass on one side (not behind) so it's bright during the day, but obviously dark at night with ambient lighting. Based on your review and the relative low price, I'm thinking the Visio would be a smart choice. However, because of amount of sports we watch, I'm also considering the Sony 65X850C and the Samsung 65JU7100. At the best prices I have seen, the Sony and Samsung are $800 more. What recommendation do you have and what should I be considering? Also, love your site; so helpful being able to search by size, brand, price, etc. I noticed you test and rate the sound quality. Any thought of reviewing sound bars? I cannot find a site that reviews and rates sound bars that get even close to your work. Any recommendations on where to go for sound bars? Thanks much!!
The Vizio M is good but the JU7100 will offer you a little more in nearly all aspects that are important to you so that would be the better choice. It has a little better motion for sports, less reflections and it's better with upscaling lower resolutions. If you can afford it, the JU7100 is worth it but if you want to save money, you will still be satisfied with the M65-C1. Unfortunately, we have no plans to review sound bars.
I am thinking about getting the Vizio M50-C1 for my bedroom. I have currently a 42" LG that's about five years old. I mainly watch sports (football, basketball, and racing). Also, I do watch TV shows, I got DirecTV (if that matters), plus I play video games via Xbox One & PS4. On consoles I use Netflix, YouTube, etc. Would this system be good? Doesn't have terrible game input lag or anything else? Thank you.
The only downside is that the M-series has a bit more blurring on fast movement than is ideal for gaming. Games won't look horrible - they just won't look their best. Beyond that, this is a great TV for what you want to do, so if you're not bothered by the extra blur, go for it.
You would think a $1700, 70" Vizio would last longer than 24 months, just days after the warranty went out. I talked to them and they didn't care, but wanted me to buy another one. Only in their dreams. Just want everyone to know.
It's unfortunate, but this kind of thing does happen on occasion. If there's a chance you can fix the problem and you want our input, feel free to let us know the specific issue and we'll see if we can help.
I really like the site and appreciate all the work that has gone into it. I am looking at upgrading my tv. My couch is 10 feet from the tv so according to your distance calculator I need a really big tv to make 4k worth it. That being said if I can get a Vizio M49 for a better price than the Samsung UNJ506200 or UNJ556200 would it be worth it? Or should I pay more and get a bigger tv like the Vizio E 60 or Samsung UN60J6300AFXZA. Right now the Vizio M49 is going for $529.
Unless you decide to get a bigger size, don't get the Vizio M. That specific size (49") has an IPS panel inside with poor blacks and contrast. At that distance and size, you wouldn't take full advantage of the 4k resolution anyway. If you want to save money and go as big as you can, the Vizio E is where you need to look at. It will give you the most bang for your bucks. Buy the biggest your budget can afford.
The 55" models are 60 hz yet they support 24p. How is this accomplished? Besides the bigger screen, what would I gain by buying the models with a 120 hz refresh rate if the 60 hz models support 24p?
It's just some additional hardware in the TV that allows genuine 24p playback. The main difference you get with the 120 hz E-series TVs is the ability to interpolate movement and introduce the soap opera effect.
What are the key differences between the 2015 D series and M series (they're both 4K rez)? Is the M series worth ~$140 more ($830 vs $690 at Costco) for the 55" class?
The D series is likely to use a lesser quality panel with somewhat worse uniformity. It is also advertised with a lower contrast. Unfortunately, we haven't tested one so can't do a proper comparison.
We just bought a vizio 49" m series 4k tv and a 43" vizio 1080p. One is for the bedroom so I'm good with the 1080p. The other is for our den. After reading the reviews I'm thinking that maybe I should go back to SAMs club an exchange them for Samsungs. I don't want them to de after a short time an be out of luck. My question to you is: Do you think Samsung's track record is better? I just don't want to get everything set up and then have to go through the hassle of returning them. We would only use them to watch tv. Thanks.
We cannot comment on the track record without hard numbers but Vizio has proven to be a reliable brand to date. Don't worry about it and enjoy your TVs.
We watch lots of movies, sports and video games via Xbox One. Looking for a new 55" tv, which would you recommend.....Samsung UN55JS8500 or UN55JU7100, or the Vizio M series 55"? Video games are pretty important, and Black Friday sales are mostly up, the js8500 is actually priced the same as the ju7100..... Is the js8500 the best of the 3 for our needs? Thank you.
Get the JS8500. The JU7100 has somewhat lower input lag, but the JS8500 still doesn't have much, and the picture quality is a step up (better uniformity and less blur). The M has a bit more blur than ideal on some movement in games, so it's not as good of a choice as either of those.
I know you have not reviewed the Vizio D series yet. I am looking at the D58U-D3 from Costco @ $679.00. I will have a small media room and we mostly watch Netflix through our Roku. I want to be able to connect my tablets and smart phones. We do everything through wifi. We do not have cable tv. Do you know if this tv will do well? I am waffling between getting this low end 4k or getting a higher end 1080p.(most likely a Samsung) I really like the price though. I would like to stay under $800.00. Or maybe wait until March when I think the new 2016 tvs come out and the 2015 should go down in price. I appreciate your thoughts.
Waiting until march could be a good idea since it isn't far off. There is no screen mirroring features on the Vizio TVs so if that is what you want to do with your phones and tablets, you would have to pick a different TV. The Samsung 1080p J6300 would work for that.
Does the 2016 Vizio TVs cast 4K YouTube?
All the Vizio 4k 2016 TVs are able to play 4k YouTube videos except for the D series for which we couldn't get above 1080p.
Why is the 2016 Vizio 1080p D-series listed as a "limited availability product"? I'm guessing this is a mistake since they're everywhere at the big box stores.
This is automatically updated, based upon the availability through Amazon. In the future we may add the information from more sellers, which would increase the availability for all products.
Your information on the refresh rate for the P Series 2016 is incorrect. The 50" does indeed have a 120Hz effective refresh rate.
The effective refresh rate is a marketing term. The real refresh rate of the 50" model is 60Hz.
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