Reviewed on Aug 20, 2013

LG LN5300

6.3 Overall
5.3 Movies
6.0 Sports
7.2 Video Games
7.3 Living Room
0 Sound
This television has been discontinued.
It was replaced by the LG LB5800

The LG LN5300 LED TV has picture quality similar to the LN5400. It has a good viewing angle, but its blacks are not very good. It also has some slight motion blur. Its strongest point is its very low input lag.

  • Very low input lag.
  • Good viewing angle.
  • Average motion blur.
  • Poor contrast.

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42" 42LN5300
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LG LN5300 Borders

0.75" (1.9 cm)

LG LN5300 Thickness

3.09" (7.9 cm)

5.3 Movies
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Included scores: 0 4k

6.7 Dark scene
LG LN5300 Dark scene
Black : 0.087 cd/m2
White : 100.5 cd/m2
Contrast : 1155 : 1

With a dark scene, the black color looks slightly gray, but that isn't a big issue, given its low price.

6.0 Uniformity
LG LN5300 Uniformity

The uniformity of the screen is average.

6.0 Sports
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6.0 Motion blur

Motion blur is sometimes visible on the LN5300, but not enough to be a deal breaker for most people. Movie watchers will like the true 24p playback.

7.2 Video Games
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Included scores: 6.0 Motion blur

8.4 Input lag
LG LN5300 Input lag
Input lag : 37.5 ms

Gamers will appreciate this TV's low input lag.

7.3 Living Room

7.3 Dark scene in a bright room
LG LN5300 Dark scene in a bright room
Reflection : 3.7 %

The LN5300 reflects slightly more light than average.

7.1 Bright scene in a bright room
LG LN5300 Bright scene in a bright room
Max white : 227.2 cd/m2

The reflection is less of an issue with brighter footage.

7.4 Viewing angle
Viewing angle : 33 °

The LN5300 has a wide viewing angle with consistent colors. The contrast drops by half at 33°.


Unfortunately, we didn't test the sound quality in 2013.

Software and Inputs

Side inputs
LG LN5300 Side inputs

1 USB (only for pictures and music)

Rear inputs
LG LN5300 Rear inputs

1 RF In
1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)

LG LN5300 Remote


4k: No
LG LN5300 Pixels

Amazon Out of stock

The LG LN5300 LED TV is a good basic TV without fancy features. For the price, the picture quality is not bad, but it certainly doesn't match the higher-end models.

6.3 Overall
5.3 Movies
6.0 Sports
7.2 Video Games
7.3 Living Room
0 Sound
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Questions & Answers

How do I view videos stored on a flash drive? What video format will this TV recognize?
You can't. It doesn't support video playback, even via USB.
My LG 42LN5300 television only displays video in black and white. How can I rectify this?
This isn't normal. First, try resetting your picture settings. If that doesn't help, call LG support and get it replaced.
Which wall mount bracket should I use for the LG LN5300 32"?
Pretty much all wall mounts would work. Just make sure it supports your size and has the articulations that you want for your room.
I just bought this HDTV. I was wondering if it will support 5.1 surround sound.
Depends what you mean by this. There are only two speakers inside the TV, but it does have a digital optical audio output, so you can connect it to a real sound system.
I just bought a 42" LG ln5300 from Target for $379 and a $50 gift card. I will mostly use my TV for PS3, PS4, Netflix, and maybe Basketball/Football. I read everywhere that the Sony w600b is the best TV for games in this price range. I would like to stay $500 and under. Is this the best, or are there other recommendations could you make?
Yes, the Sony W600B is indeed the best TV in this price range.
I have this TV and I want to know which HDMI cable would be best for connecting it to a PS4.
All HDMI cables are the same, so just find one that doesn't cost much and use that.
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