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Which TV Should I Go For?

I been planning on getting a TV. I been playing my PS4 PRO on my 1080p monitor, but it’s just too small, and I want to get a tv. I am also in the middle of getting a Nintendo Switch for the upcoming “Super Smash Bro’s: Ultimate. As well the Zelda game.

I been looking to get the XBR900F, Quality looks great, HDR/4K gaming Inpug lag is in the 20’s which I find acceptable. However, if i play the Switch and find myself playing Super Smash Bros, the inpug lag for 1080p is 45ms or so. I don’t know if i’;m going to tell a difference, but I read that it is a high number. So I been looking at the Vizio P Series. Quality looks great, cheaper, and has 10ms?

However, any help is appreciated, and love to hear back from other people. <3.



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