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#7 - TV Recommendation Tool

This is update #7 in our weekly series of new features and improvements.

This week, we are introducing a tool that recommends the best TV for your needs. You can access the tool either on the TV homepage (here), or when creating a new TV custom rating (here).

This tool lets you create your custom rating, based on the aspects you care about.


Room Brightness and Viewing Angle

Recommendation Tool 1

The first step is to select how much light you have in your room, and at which angle your seating positions are located.

This will change the weights of the peak brightness, contrast ratio, local dimming and viewing angle in the formula. You can see all the exact weights generated in the 'Your Custom Rating' section.


Recommendation Tool 2

The second step is to specify what proportion of your time will be spent watching what kind of content. For example, increasing 'Video Games' will increase the weight of the input lag measurement among other things.

Other tests

Recommendation Tool 3

If you want, you can add any of our measurements in the formula. This can get complex, so we recommend that you stick to the usages only and not the individual tests unless you know what you are doing.


Recommendation Tool 4

You can exclude completely from the results any TV that doesn't match certain criteria. You can choose from any of our measurements. By default, we automatically exclude all TVs that are not in the latest test bench.

Recommended TVs

Recommendation Tool 5

To generate the recommended TVs, we use the same logic as the beaten by feature introduced a few weeks ago. You can understand how it works by looking at the generated chart of the ratings vs prices. The best TVs for the money are the ones that are cheaper and better than the other ones.

Each recommended TV is the best value in its price range. You should buy the one that matches your budget. 

Save and share URL

Recommendation Tool 6

If you are logged in, you can save this custom rating to go back to it later. The URL is shareable, so you can send it to a friend to help him find the best TV for his needs based on what you think is best for him.


  1. The prices that we have in our systems must match the ones available to you


With this tool, you can find the best TV for your specific needs faster. Let us know if you have any feedback or other ideas of tools to make your research even easier.



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