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#4 - Beaten By


This is update #4 in our weekly series of new features and improvements.

This week, we are adding a feature that uses last week's "Recommended If Under" to help you navigate faster to the best product that matches your needs.

Definition: Product with the best value in this price range. 'None' if the current product is the best.

Automatically updated every hour based on the scores and prices of all other products we've tested.

How it is generated

Beaten By 1

To generate this column, we use the same algorithm as the one used for "Recommended If Under". If a product isn't the best value for its price range, then it will point instead to the one that is on the outside boundary of the Rating/Price chart within its region.

In some cases, it could be a slightly worse (within 0.1) product if it is significantly cheaper (more than 10%). At the opposite, it could also be a slightly more expensive (less than 10% more) product if it is noticeably better (more than 0.1).


Beaten By 2

If the current product is already on the boundary, then none is shown with arrows that point to alternatives at different price points.

The left arrow points to the closest cheaper product on the boundary line. The right arrow points to the next pricier product on the boundary line.

These jumps have significant performance differences (more than 0.1), but also significant price differences (more than 10%).

All of them are great options for their price. You should opt for the one that matches your budget.


This system has the same limitations as the "Recommended If Under" number. Mainly:

  1. Your needs must match one of our ratings
  2. The prices that we have in our systems must match the ones available to you


With this feature, you will be able to quickly navigate to the best products that match your needs starting from any review. Then, you can select the one that matches how much you want to spend.

At first, we are adding this new feature to TV reviews only. If you like it, we will add it to headphones too.