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Samsung KS8000 doesn't remember settings

Hey Folks,

Thanks so much for posting this incredibly useful info.

I never could figure this out before because the options for DTS and Dolby 5.1 don’t show up unless the content is actually playing!

For those of us with older optical-only receivers, this is the only way to make the audio bearable. Dialogue sounds dreadful with the PCM downmix, and I can’t bring myself to replace an otherwise-functional receiver.

I also have a Samsung KS8000, and while your steps above work beautifully, you can’t “enable” the passthrough setting for both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 at the same time.

That is, if I set the KS8000 for DTS passthrough, it will work fine on the title I’m playing and on subsequent titles… until I try to play a DD 5.1 title. Then I have to go back to the menu and select Dolby Digital passthrough, which will work on all DD 5.1 titles until I need to play a DTS title.

This is really a ridiculous oversight on Samsung’s part. The KS8000 can clearly detect whether DD 5.1 or DTS is being received, since it shows it on the passthrough menu when they are playing.

Do you guys have any pull with Samsung to get this fixed in firmware? Honestly you shouldn’t even have to “enable” DTS or DD 5.1; selecting passthrough should be enough.




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