Z9F vs Z9D

Hello I am trying to decide on which TV to purchase? My main concern is reference picture quality, head on full screen. I sit about 7 feet away from the center of my TV, XBR 65X930C currently. In my living room where it can be very bright during the day, but at night I watch with low/dim lighting! I am aware of the issues with light bleed, blooming and raised black bars on the Z9F Also the low contrast ratio! However I am interested in a 75 inch panel which has more dimming Zones! I have read on the Avs forums that the perceptible contrast is very good on the 75 inch Z9F? I saw your comparison video on YouTube with both 65 inch TVs side by side, they were very similar to me. My question is how close or similar are these 2 TVs in PQ? Does the Z9F have what you would say a Reference type picture? Is it a night and day difference between the 2? I am well aware of the Z9D performance! But I like that the Z9F has 4 full bandwidth HDMI ports with One having e-arc! Netflix Calibrated mode and the soon to be IMAX enhanced also interest me! In the end it would be a mixed usage tv for me and HDR performance is important too. I would appreciate any advice you have to offer.



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