Plasma vs LED: TV Power Consumption and Electricity Cost

Updated Dec 09, 2013 By Cedric Demers

TV Electricity Cost Calculator

Use the following calculator to know how much will cost you a television in electricity over a year and compare it to an LED or Plasma TV.

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Plasma TV
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Power Consumption

plasma vs led tv power consumption

As shown in the chart, the power consumption of a plasma television is higher than an LED television. The difference is more noticeable for big televisions.

The chart displays the average typical power consumption for 2013 models as advertised. This isn't the maximum power consumption.

A plasma TV consume significantly more power than an LED TV because each gas cell need to be excited enough to produce a bright color. In an LED display, the light is independent and shared across all the pixels so a more efficient way to produce the light can be used.

You can learn more about how they work here.

The data displayed is the average case scenario; the power consumption varies depending on the content viewed and the settings of the television. The TV consumes a lot more power when displaying a very bright white screen compared to a dark one, especially for plasma televisions.

Electricity Cost

plasma vs led tv electricity cost
Yes, the chart is exactly the same except for an axis change. This is normal because the electricity cost is directly proportional to the power consumption.

The next chart shows the yearly cost if the television is watched 5 hours per day for 365 days, at a cost of electricity of 0.11$ per kWh.

As you can see in the chart, a plasma television does cost more electricity than an LED TV. However, the resulting cost at the end of the year is not very big, about 10$ more for a 50" plasma. On a 5 years period, the total amount saved would be 50$.

As mentioned here, a plasma TV cost on average 350$ less than an LED TV for the same size. Based on this, it will take 35 years for the total cost of ownership (initial cost + electricity cost) of a plasma television to surpass its LED counterpart.

Winner: LED