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Reviewed on May 29, 2014

Sony R420B

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This tv has been discontinued.

The Sony KDL32R420B LED TV is an inexpensive TV, but its picture quality is also inferior. The contrast ratio is sub-par, it reflects a lot of light, and it has more motion blur than average. At least it has a good viewing angle.

Test Results
  • Great viewing angle with consistent colors.
  • Low input lag, which is great for fast-paced games. However, it has quite a bit of motion blur.
  • Low contrast ratio. In a dark room, the blacks are gray.
  • Significant amount of reflections. It also doesn't get very bright, so it is not suitable for daytime viewing in a room with windows.

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Overall, the Sony KDL32R420B LED TV isn't a very good TV. Unless you can find it at a steep discount, it is worth spending a little bit more to get a better TV.

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Questions & Answers

I'm trying to find the difference between the kdl48R470B and the kdl48W600B. I think the R470B is a Walmart-only model, but what's the difference in the actual TVs?
It is basically the same TV, but without the smart features. We expect the picture quality to be in the same ballpark.
Have you tested it with a PS3 or PS4? What are your thoughts? For me, it is a bargain. I am considering this over a PC monitor for my PS 3/4 at the same price, which is a BenQ GW2760HS. Just a quick answer: which is better?
We haven't tested the BenQ GW2760HS, so we can't compare it. The KDL32R420B has a fair amount of motion blur, so it isn't ideal for fast games on the PS4.
Is there only one HDMI port on this TV? Based on the picture you provided, it looks like there are two.
Two HDMI and one USB. It was a typo in our review, and it is fixed now.
How do I fix audio delay?
If you are using a receiver, you should have a lip-sync feature on that device, which would let you adjust the delay. If not, try putting the TV into Game mode and see if that fixes the lag.
In the Sony R420B, is Netflix installed into the TV?
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.