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#6 - Contributors

This is update #6 in our weekly series of new features and improvements.

This week, we are adding a way to support us so that we can test more products and stay ad-free, by becoming a contributor.

Many of you like the fact that we don’t have ads on the website and that we buy our own products to test, to stay as unbiased as possible. We've received a lot of requests saying that you want to support us but in a more direct way than via our affiliate links on our website.

We've now added a way to accept donations so that you can contribute to our goal of helping people find the best product for their needs. This will help us to keep our website free of ads, to buy more products to test and to do more videos.

Extra Features

In addition to helping us test more products and stay ad-free, you will gain the following benefits to help you find the best product for your needs faster:

  • Early access to key review measurements, like input lag and peak brightness
  • Question response time of 2 business days, so you can get answers faster
  • Prices listed in tables and reviews, so you don't have to click on the retailers' links to see the prices

Don't worry, our long term goal is not to put our reviews behind a paywall, but to simply provide extra bonuses for those of you who want to support us.


You can now help us test more products and stay ad-free while gaining extra features. Let us know if you have ideas or comments about extra features we could add for our contributors.

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I'm planning on buying a TV on Cyber Monday and am currently debating between the Samsung Mu 8000, Samsung Q6F, and the Sony X900E. I will primarily be using the TV for gaming/watching movies in a room with one window opposite of the TV. I was wondering if the Quantum dot on the Q6F or the full array lighting on the X900E would make it worth purchasing over the Samsung MU8000. Thank you for your time, and I love your reviews.


Soren V.

Thank you for contacting us.

We haven't reviewed the Q6F so don't know how it performs. If your room gets dark then the full-array backlight of the X900E offers the best picture quality for watching movies, and it also has fairly low input lag (~34ms) and excellent motion for gaming. The MU8000 is better suited to an average lit room as blooming is visible in dark rooms due to the poor local dimming. It is good at handling motion though, and has low input lag (~20ms) for gaming. If you've got a bright room though, it may be worth spending a bit more for the MU9000 which offers the same performance but with a better anti-reflective coating.

I am land locked at 70" built in. Is the Vizio M Series my best option? Is the 2018 M series 70" worth the $$$ or just go with 2017 M series 7"’ model and save some $$$?
The 70" 2018 model isn't available yet, but we do expect it to perform similarly to the 65" model we tested. In this case, it does offer some improvements over the 2017 model so if you can afford it then it is likely your best option. Compared to the 2017 model it offers better reflection handling, lower input lag, and a tuner but lacks a wide color gamut for HDR.
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