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Q&A Overhaul

We are rolling out today a new Q&A system throughout our whole website, at the bottom of every review and pages.

Problems with the old system

  • We couldn't keep up with the number of questions, so we had to limit them not only to those of you from the USA but also only to recent reviews.
  • Only we could answer your questions, and sometimes we don't know the answer, or maybe our answer is wrong.
  • Only one answer, with no reply options, which makes it hard to investigate complex issues.
  • Questions were only posted once we answered them, and the waiting time was long (> 5 days).

Advantages of the new system

  • Discussions are open on all pages, even old reviews.
  • Everyone can reply or comment, so you can get the opinion of not only us, but also the rest of the community.
  • Complex issues can be investigated back and forth.

Future improvements

With this change, our goal is to help even more people find the best products for their needs. More of you will be able to get help with this new system. The first version is really rough around the edges though, so we will continue to improve it. Let us know which features you want us to add or bugs you encounter.

Feel free to test it out at the bottom of this page.




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