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We don't have ads on our website; instead, our revenues come from our affiliate links to retailers like We choose this revenue model to be aligned with our main goal, to help you find the best product for your needs faster.

Why we don't believe in ads

We don't have ads on our website for three main reasons:

  • To keep our focus on great recommendations and reviews, not the number of page views
  • To prevent any conflicts of interest, because ads on tech websites are typically paid for by manufacturers
  • To keep the website's design clean and simple

How these links work

When you click a link to a retailer from our website, we receive a commission on anything that you buy from that retailer within the next 24 hours. Everything you buy counts; it’s not just the product at the link you clicked.

You can switch which store you want to have displayed on our website by changing the drop-down on the top right of our website.



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