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#10 - Updated Side-by-Side Tool


This is update #10 in our weekly series of new features and improvements.

This week, we've updated our side by side tools:

They now show the main differences between two products, depending on the usage rating you care about. You can quickly compare the trade-off between two products that you are considering buying.

Selecting the main differences between two products

The list of main differences is automatically generated based on the usage rating you selected. To be displayed in this list, the difference of scores multiplied by the weight must be more than 0.1.

Side by Side Formula

As an example, let's take the Sony X900E vs the Samsung MU8000 (Movies rating):

Side by Side Example

Local dimming is displayed since (6.5 - 1.8) x 12% = 0.564, which is more than 0.1.


This tool complements our recommendation tool. It helps you in your final decision to select which product to go for between two. Let us know by email or in the discussions if you have other ideas on how to improve this tool.



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