Smoothie (Best Jar & Other Jar)

What it is: Smoothie preparation using the jar that gives the best smoothie. Our recipe: 2 cups kale (40g), 1 frozen banana (100g), 1/2 cup orange juice. Kale is challenging to properly blend in a smoothie. For Immersion Blenders that come without a beaker, our standard 1000 ml beaker is used.
When it matters: When you look for a blender to finely blend anything.
Score components: Subjectively assigned
Score distribution

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Test results

Our tests

Jar Used

What it is: The jar we used to obtain the smoothie

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Preparation Time

What it is: The time it took to blend 2 cups of kale (40g), 1 frozen banana (100g), 1/2 cup orange juice.

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What it is: The texture of the smoothie. Not all blenders perform the same; some can inject too much air in the preparation and make foamy smoothies, some have difficulties processing kale and end up grainy.
When it matters: When you want a silky smoothie.

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