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Immersion blenders, also known as hand blenders, are a handy kitchen tool for blending softer ingredients into smooth soups, sauces, and purees. They have a long, stick-like design with blender blades at the end of their shaft, so you can blend directly in pots, pans, and other cooking containers. Some immersion blenders even come with additional attachments like whisks, which offer even greater versatility in your kitchen.

We've tested 10 immersion blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best immersion blenders. You can also check out our recommendations for the best blenders, the best blenders for crushing ice, and the best blenders under $100.

  1. Best Immersion Blender: Braun MultiQuick 9

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    700 W

    The Braun MultiQuick 9 is the best immersion blender we've tested. It's very well-built, with a long stainless steel shaft and a sturdy-feeling rubber handle. It comes with a 20-ounce, dishwasher-safe jar you can use for blending.

    It has touch-sensitive speed control, so you can easily increase the blending speed by pushing harder on the button. It's safe to use with hot ingredients, so you can use it to blend cooked ingredients into soups and purees. Unlike many immersion blenders, it can crush ice and also makes chunky, somewhat spreadable almond butter. It's incredibly easy to clean since most messes are easily rinsed away with water, and you can put the blade assembly in your dishwasher.

    Unfortunately, it struggles to process raw greens like kale and makes a foamy, leafy smoothie. At its top speed, it's also one of the loudest immersion blenders we've tested. That said, if you're looking for something for multi-purpose use around your kitchen, it's a sturdy, fairly versatile option.

    See our review

  2. Better Soup Alternative: GE Appliances Immersion 2-Speed

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    500 W

    If you mainly need an immersion blender for soups, sauces, and purees, consider the GE Appliances Immersion 2-Speed instead. This model can't crush ice like the Braun MultiQuick 9 and isn't nearly as well-built, but it does a better job of processing leafy greens like kale. It makes a better smoothie and has a longer shaft, so it should be able to reach the bottom of even deeper pots and dutch ovens. It's also relatively quiet even at top speed, and it's easy to clean since rinsing the stainless steel shaft with water should take care of most messes. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a jar for blending, and it makes poor, barely spreadable almond butter.

    Go for the Braun if you want the more versatile blender that can crush ice. If you don't mind sacrificing some versatility for something better-suited for making soups, you may prefer the GE.

    See our review

  3. Best Cheap Immersion Blender: Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    300 W

    The best cheap immersion blender we've tested is the Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender. This compact hand blender is simple to use, with just two speed settings, and it includes a lock button to prevent it from being switched on by accident. It comes with a 24-ounce jar for blending and measuring, which conveniently has a spout for easier pouring.

    It's safe to use with hot liquids, and while it can have trouble fully processing raw leafy greens like kale, it should have fewer issues incorporating softer cooked ingredients into soups or sauces. It can also make crushed ice that has an okay texture in about five minutes, unlike most immersion blenders that we've tested. When you're done using it, it's impressively easy to clean since a quick blend with soap and water takes care of most messes.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best build quality, and it struggles to blend tougher ingredients like almonds into a smooth butter. It also makes a sub-par smoothie since some bits of leafy greens like kale are left unprocessed. However, if you're looking for an affordable immersion blender for lighter use in your kitchen, this is a suitable choice.

    See our review

  4. Better-Built Alternative: Braun MultiQuick 5

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    400 W

    If you want a budget-friendly immersion blender but prefer something that feels more sturdy, try the Braun MultiQuick 5. It can't crush ice like the Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender, but it has a significantly better build quality. It's also easier to clean since its blade assembly is dishwasher-safe. While it makes a foamy, disappointing smoothie, it's suitable for blending hot ingredients and comes with a heat-proof jar, so you can use it for soups and sauces. While we don't test it currently, it also comes with a whisk attachment, which is advertised for making batters or whipped cream.

    If you want an immersion blender that can crush ice, go for the Cuisinart. If you don't mind sacrificing some versatility for a better-built option, try the Braun instead.

    See our review

Notable Mentions

  • Bamix Mono M133: The Bamix Mono M133 is a fairly versatile, very well-built immersion blender. It's better at crushing ice than the Braun MultiQuick 9, but it's not easy to find in stock and may have been discontinued. However, it's still available directly from the manufacturer's website. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Feb 02, 2021: Replaced the Bamix Mono M133 with the Braun MultiQuick 9 as the 'Best Immersion Blender' and moved the Bamix to Notable Mentions. Made the GE Appliances Immersion 2-Speed the 'Better Soup Alternative'. Removed the All-Clad KZ750DGT because it's not easy to find in-stock online and may have been discontinued.

  2. Jan 12, 2021: Verified that products are still the best picks and that they're in stock.

  3. Dec 07, 2020: Added the GE Appliances Immersion 2-Speed to Notable Mentions.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best immersion blenders for most people. We factor in the price, feedback from our visitors, and availability.

If you'd like to do the work of choosing yourself, here's the list of all our immersion blender reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no blender is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.



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