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The 4 Best Immersion Blenders - Black Friday 2020 Reviews

Best Immersion Blenders
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Immersion blenders, also known as hand blenders, are a handy kitchen tool for blending softer ingredients into smooth soups, sauces, and purees. They have a long, stick-like design with blender blades at the end of their shaft, so you can blend directly in pots, pans, and other cooking containers. Some immersion blenders even come with additional attachments like whisks, which offer even greater versatility in your kitchen.

We've tested eight immersion blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best immersion blenders. You can also check out our recommendations for the best blenders, the best blenders for crushing ice, and the best blenders under $100.

  1. Best Immersion Blender: Bamix Mono M133

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    140 W

    The Bamix Mono M133 is the best immersion blender that we've tested. It's well-built, and it has two different speed settings to help you get the best possible blend. Also, it comes with a whisk attachment and a beater attachment, which are ideal for making homemade butter and mayonnaise.

    It can take on hot ingredients, so you can use it to turn stewed vegetables into soups and sauces. Its included 20-ounce personal jar is heat-proof, too, so you can easily hot blend your favorite ingredients into soup. Also, this blender can make bar-quality crushed ice so you can enjoy frozen drinks on a hot day. When you're done, clean-up is as simple as wiping down the blades and blade guard in soapy water.

    Unfortunately, like most immersion models, it struggles to turn tougher ingredients like almonds into smooth nut butter, and it makes a disappointing smoothie. Its components aren't dishwasher-safe, either, which may be disappointing if you want an even easier clean-up. However, this immersion blender is still a solid choice for many different uses.

    See our review

  2. Best Budget Immersion Blender: All-Clad KZ750DGT

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    750 W

    The best immersion blender in the budget category that we've tested is the All-Clad KZ750DGT. It's very easy to operate thanks to the knob at the top that lets you control its speed. There's also a turbo button that can run the blades in short bursts to help break down larger chunks of food.

    While it struggles to turn hard ingredients like nuts into a smooth butter, it shouldn't have any issues turning softer ingredients like stewed tomatoes into smooth, silky purees. It can hot blend, and it can also crush bar-quality ice in little time. It's also incredibly easy to clean, and you should be able to remove most debris by running it through soap and water.

    Unfortunately, even though its body is made of stainless steel, its overall build quality is sub-par as the shaft doesn't feel very durable or sturdy. Also, its blades aren't dishwasher-safe, so you'll have to wash it by hand. That said, if you're on a budget, this blender offers a decently versatile performance that can please many different users.

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  3. Best Cheap Immersion Blender: Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    300 W

    The Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender is the best cheap immersion blender we've tested. This simple hand blender comes with just two speed settings, making it very easy to use. There's even a Lock button to prevent accidental triggering, which is convenient.

    While it struggles to blend tougher ingredients like nuts, it should perform better with stewed ingredients like tomatoes to make soups and sauces. It can blend hot foods, and it can also crush ice. When you're finished blending, you can easily clean it by hand with a blend of soap and warm water.

    Unfortunately, like many others in this price range, it doesn't have the best build quality. It may not be durable enough to successfully blend tougher ingredients like nuts, and it struggles to fully incorporate leafy greens like kale into a silky smoothie. However, if you're on a tight budget, this straightforward blender is still a solid choice.

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  4. Better-Built Alternative: Braun MultiQuick 5

    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    400 W

    If you're looking for a cheap immersion blender with better build quality, consider the Braun MultiQuick 5 instead. While it can't crush ice like the Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender, its plastic and rubber build feels much more premium and durable. Like the Cuisinart, it struggles with nuts and more fibrous ingredients, but it can hot blend ingredients to turn stewed vegetables into smooth soups and purees. It only has two speed settings, so it's very easy to use. You can run it through soap and hot water for an easy clean, and you can even put the blades and the shaft into your dishwasher for a faster clean-up.

    If you prefer a more versatile immersion blender that can crush ice, check out the Cuisinart. However, if you prefer a model with better build quality, consider the Braun instead.

    See our review

Notable Mentions

  • Braun MultiQuick 9: The Braun MultiQuick 9 makes a better-blended almond butter than the Bamix Mono M133, but it isn't as well-built. See our review

Recent Updates

11/16/2020: Minor updates to the text and verification for accuracy; no changes to product picks.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best immersion blenders for most people. We factor in the price, feedback from our visitors, and availability.

If you'd like to do the work of choosing yourself, here's the list of all our immersion blender reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no blender is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.



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