The 3 Best Vitamix Blenders of 2021 Reviews

Best Vitamix Blenders

We've currently tested nine Vitamix blenders. This manufacturer specializes in making full-size blenders for both commercial and in-home use. Generally, their blenders are well-built and have a premium look and feel. They're easy to clean by hand, and newer models have jars, lids, and blade assemblies that are dishwasher-safe. Some of them are also Bluetooth-compatible, so you can use a companion app to access additional preset modes. However, most Vitamix blenders don't come with a lot of extra attachments like personal jars or food processors, but you may be able to buy these separately.


Best Vitamix Blenders

  1. Best Vitamix Blender For Multi-Purpose Use

    Blender Type
    Full Size Blender
    1640 W

    The best Vitamix blender for multi-purpose use that we've tested is the Vitamix A2500. This well-built, full-size model comes with a 64-ounce main jar and a ten-speed dial. While there are some presets on the control panel, it's also Bluetooth-compatible, so you can access even more presets via the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. Overall, it has a very versatile performance that can please many different users. It can make smooth, spreadable almond butter and snow-like crushed ice in little time. Also, it can hot blend, so you can use it to make smooth soups and purees. Thanks to its tamper, you can push tough-to-blend ingredients like kale closer to the blades to make a silky, well-blended smoothie. You can easily clean it using soap and hot water, and its lid, jar, and blade assembly are also dishwasher-safe.

    Unfortunately, its timer operates more like a stopwatch, so while it counts how long you've been blending, you have to manually stop the blender when you're finished. If you want something with a dedicated timer, you may prefer the Vitamix A3500. However, for avid chefs who like to make lots of different blends, this is a solid choice.

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  2. Best Vitamix Blender For Smoothies

    Smoothies/Protein Shakes
    Blender Type
    Full Size Blender
    1471 W

    The Vitamix Explorian E310 is the best Vitamix blender for smoothies that we've tested. It has fewer features than some other Vitamix blenders and lacks any preset modes, but it makes fantastic smoothies. Using its 48-ounce main jar, you can mix big batches of silky smoothies in less than a minute. It can also make bar quality crushed ice, which is great if you like to add ice to your smoothies or make frozen drinks. It's a remarkably well-built blender that has a two-part lid, so you can add ingredients while blending, and it also comes with a tamper you can use to push ingredients towards the blades.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any personal jars, so it's not ideal if you want to make a single-serve smoothie. It can also be tricky to clean if you use it to make something sticky like almond butter, but liquid ingredients are easy to rinse away and its jar, lid, and blade assembly are all dishwasher-safe. Overall, it's a very sturdy, versatile blender and it's even on our list of the best blenders for smoothies.

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  3. Best Vitamix Blender For Soups

    Smoothies/Protein Shakes
    Ice Crushing
    Professional Use
    Blender Type
    Immersion Blender
    625 W

    The best Vitamix blender for making soups that we've tested is the Vitamix Immersion Blender. This fairly well-built model has the longest shaft of any hand blender we've tested, so it should be able to reach the bottom of most pots or dutch ovens. You can use it to blend hot ingredients like cooked vegetables into smooth soups, sauces, and purees. There's a button on the handle that allows you to cycle between five speed settings, and it's fairly quiet, even at maximum speed. It's not dishwasher-safe, but it's fairly easy to clean since most liquidy messes are easily rinsed away with soap and water.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a jar for blending or any attachments, like a whisk or beater. Also, like most immersion blenders, it's not the most versatile, as it can't crush ice and struggles to fully blend fibrous ingredients like kale. There's also a risk of it overheating if you use it to blend tough ingredients like almonds. Still, if you want a straightforward immersion blender for making soups, it's a solid choice.

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Compared to other brands

  • Incredible build quality and easy to clean. Vitamix blenders have a premium build with materials that feel solid and durable. You can rinse out messes easily using soap and water, and some blenders have jars and lids that are dishwasher-safe for an easier clean.
  • Additional jars with Self-Detect technology available. All the blenders in Vitamix's Ascent series are compatible with other sizes of Ascent series jars, which are sold separately. These attachments come with Self-Detect technology built into the base, so the blender recognizes the size of the attachment and adjusts its speed settings and preset modes accordingly.
  • Lots of speed settings and preset modes. Vitamix blenders come with a ten-speed dial that gives you lots of control over the blender's speed. More premium models are Bluetooth-compatible, so you can access additional preset modes using the Vitamix Perfect Blend app.
  • No personal jars. Unfortunately, many Vitamix blenders aren't compatible with personal jars, so you can't make single-serve blends of your favorite shakes and smoothies.
  • No heating element. Unfortunately, Vitamix blenders don't come with a heating element, so you can't cook or heat ingredients using your blender. However, you can still safely hot blend when processing warm ingredients.
  • More expensive. Vitamix blenders are generally more expensive than other blenders on the market, and they don't really offer budget-level options, either.

Vitamix makes full-size blenders that are very versatile in their overall performance. They have a ten-speed dial, so you can easily adjust the speed based on what you're blending. Uniquely, some of their blenders are also Bluetooth-compatible, so you can use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app to access additional preset modes like 'Smoothies', 'Baby Food', 'Spice Grinding', and 'Acai Bowls'. Unfortunately, they don't come with extra features like a heating element or additional personal jars.

Recent Updates

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Vitamix is a blender manufacturer that makes well-built, premium-looking blenders. They're generally very versatile, so they're suitable for lots of different users. They usually come with a 10-speed dial and some preset modes, and they can hot blend. However, most of their blenders don't come with a lot of extra features or accessories.

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