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Soundbar Deals - 2019

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Deals on Soundbars

Bose Soundbar 700


Soundbar alone
- Dropped by $100
3.1 setup
- Dropped by $100
5.1 setup
- Dropped by $200

The Bose Soundbar 700 is a decent 3.0 soundbar. It performs noticeably better than the similar Bose Soundbar 500 thanks to a better frequency response and a more neutral sound profile. 

Samsung HW-Q80R


$997 - Dropped by $100

The Samsung HW-Q80R is a great performing 5.1.2 soundbars. Its audio reproduction is accurate, well-balanced and clean, even at very high volumes

TCL Alto 5+


$100 - Dropped by $30

The TCL Alto 5+ is a sub-par performing soundbar that has a very bass-heavy and dark sound profile. It doesn’t get as loud as other models but should be fine for casual listening sessions at a normal volume.

Samsung HW-R550


$175 - Dropped by $20

The Samsung HW-R550 has a decent overall performance. This 2.1 system setup can get pretty loud and will perform quite accurately. Its sound profile is slightly dark, though, as there's an overemphasis in the bass range while lacking a bit of detail in the treble, which some won’t notice. 



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