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The 5 Best All-In-One Soundbars - Fall 2023 Reviews

Best All-In-One Soundbars

If you don't have a lot of space in your living room, a standalone soundbar is a great option to upgrade your TV speakers. These setups are designed to offer an immersive listening experience without the need for a dedicated subwoofer or satellite speakers. Thanks to side-firing and up-firing drivers built into the bar, many all-in-one setups can play surround and Dolby Atmos content.

We've tested over 175 soundbars; below, you'll find the best soundbars without subwoofers to buy. You can see our recommendations for the best soundbars, the best Dolby Atmos soundbars, and the best small soundbars.

  1. Best All-In-One Soundbar

    The best all-in-one soundbar that we've tested is the Sonos Arc. This premium standalone setup is a great choice for listening to all sorts of audio content, from music to movies to TV shows, and it provides an immersive sound right to the comfort of your living room. You can enjoy a clear and detailed sound with support for advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital, which are commonly found on most streaming services. Its wide and immersive soundstage brings sound effects to the space around your room, so you feel like the action on screen is happening all around you, too.

    This soundbar has many features to make the most of your listening experience. As with most premium setups, it has a room correction tool designed to optimize sound based on your room's unique acoustics—it's called Trueplay. The feature is only available with iOS devices, but Android users can use bass and treble adjustments to manually control the bar's sound instead. If you're an avid Android user looking for a similar option with room correction available on both Android and iOS devices, check out the Bose Smart Soundbar 900. It's another premium standalone bar with a wide and immersive-sounding soundstage, though it doesn't reproduce as much low-bass as the Sonos.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range All-In-One Soundbar

    Want a more affordable all-in-one soundbar? Check out the Sonos Beam (Gen 2). This versatile setup is the latest version of the Sonos Beam and keeps the same small design as its predecessor, but it adds support for Dolby Atmos content that's often found on different streaming platforms. As a result, you can take advantage of more immersive object-based formats, even if you don't have the space in your setup for a larger standalone bar. Despite its small size, it still offers a wide sound thanks to its side-firing speakers that beam sound throughout your room.

    You'll find a similar selection of sound enhancement features compared to the Sonos Arc. Like most premium bars, there's a room correction feature, which Sonos calls Trueplay, via the app on compatible iOS devices. With it on, vocals and lead instruments reproduce pretty clearly, and there's a touch of extra boom in the bass to bring action-packed scenes to life. If you want to customize it, bass and treble adjustments are available. That said, given its small size, it's little surprise that it doesn't get as loud as the Arc, and its Atmos performance isn't quite as impressive. Still, it's a solid pick for those without a lot of space who want a premium bar.

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  3. Best Mid-Range All-In-One Soundbar

    The Samsung HW-S60B is a standalone soundbar that's a more affordable alternative to our top picks. This sleek 5.0 soundbar boasts a stylish design that's easy to blend into your living room decor, with an all-white alternative available as the Samsung HW-S61B. For the price, it offers many different sound customization features to make the most of your listening experience. For example, there's a room correction tool on hand to optimize its sound based on your room's unique acoustics, as well as a graphic EQ to manually switch up its sound if you prefer.

    The built-in Alexa support also lets you control the bar using your voice, which is a cool touch. Much like our top picks, this soundbar offers a pretty versatile performance suitable for listening to many different types of audio content. It has a clean and accurate stereo content reproduction, including most music and TV shows. Plus, it supports many audio formats commonly found on streaming platforms and Blu-rays, like Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos.

    However, it's important to note that it can't truly "support" height content like Atmos since it has to downmix it into surround sound to play it. The resulting sound is less clear or real, so you don't feel quite as immersed as with our top picks. That said, it's worth a look if you're on a tighter budget and want an all-in-one bar.

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  4. Best Budget All-In-One Soundbar

    The Sony HT-S100F is the best budget all-in-one soundbar we've tested. It offers a solid upgrade over your existing TV speakers for an affordable price, so it's a great entry point for users who've never owned a soundbar before. It's less premium than the Samsung HW-S60B/S61B but still solid and well-built. As a 2.0 bar, it's ideal for stereo content, which includes most music and TV shows. Dialogue is clear in the mix, and there's even an enhancement tool to make it easier to follow along with the action on screen.

    With a small and compact design, this soundbar is ideal for those who don't have a ton of space in their living room setup. You can even use it in front of your computer, which is handy. That said, the bar's sound enhancement features are limited. Unlike the Samsung soundbar, there's no room correction tool, meaning it sounds slightly different depending on your room. Without bass and treble adjustments, you can't manually compensate for this. Still, it's worth checking out if you'd rather get a simple, plug-and-play bar.

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  5. Best Standalone Soundbar With An Integrated Subwoofer

    Are you a bass lover? If so, you'll want to check out the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar MAX. It comes with an integrated subwoofer, and it's one of the only bars we've tested that can reproduce a deep and extended low-bass without the need for a dedicated sub. As a result, it's a great choice for smaller spaces or anyone who doesn't have room for a bulky subwoofer. The bar is still quite large and heavy, but it packs a punch, especially in the overall sound quality.

    This soundbar is great for listening to everything from music to movies to TV shows—and its virtual surround feature called AMBEO 3D is a handy way to enhance your listening experience. It offers a wide, immersive sound, with plenty of rumble in the bass during action-packed scenes. There's even a room correction mode, like the other premium bars on our list, and a graphic EQ to manually customize its sound across the range. It's a unique bar with a powerful performance overall. That said, given its size and price, bass lovers might find it's a better value to add on a separate sub to the Bose or the Sonos instead.

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Notable Mentions

  • Sony HT-A7000: The Sony HT-A7000 is a premium 7.1.2 setup with Dolby Atmos support. It provides a pretty immersive sound and has extra features like room correction. However, it can't give the same immersive feeling as the Sonos Arc with Atmos and surround sound content. See our review
  • Sony HT-A5000: The Sony HT-A5000 is a 5.1.2 setup. It can playback surround sound and Dolby Atmos content, though its sound isn't quite as clear or real as what you get with the Sonos Arc. See our review
  • Sonos Ray: The Sonos Ray is the manufacturer's more budget-friendly all-in-one bar that's a good alternative to the Samsung HW-S60B/S61B if you want something that can integrate into your existing Sonos ecosystem. However, unlike the Samsung soundbar, it doesn't support Dolby Atmos content. See our review
  • Bose TV Speaker: The Bose TV Speaker is another budget-friendly all-in-one bar ideal for those already owning products in the manufacturer's ecosystem. It doesn't support Dolby Atmos content like the similarly-priced Samsung HW-S60B/S61B. See our review

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  5. Dec 16, 2022: Replaced the Vizio M Series M213ad-K8 with the Sonos Ray as the 'Best Mid-Range' pick.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best all-in-one soundbars and the best soundbars without subwoofer add-ons for most people to buy. We factor in the price (a cheaper soundbar wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no soundbars that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to choose for yourself, here's the list of all our standalone soundbar reviews. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. No soundbar is perfect. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will matter more in your selection.