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The 6 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers - Spring 2023 Reviews

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

If you want your audio to fill a large crowded room at a party or you listen to music outdoors, you'll want a speaker that can get pretty loud, with little compression present at maximum volume. High compression levels at max volume degrade audio quality and affect how clean and clear audio is reproduced as you bump up the speaker's volume. Most speakers that can get quite loud tend to be larger, bulkier, and aren't very portable. However, the best large Bluetooth speakers' sizes also help them produce more extended low-bass than their smaller counterparts.

We've tested over 110 speakers, and below, you'll find our recommendations for the best loud Bluetooth speakers that we've tested. See our recommendations for the best speakers for parties, the best Bluetooth speakers, and the best Bluetooth speakers for bass.

  1. Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

    The SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) is the loudest Bluetooth speaker we've tested. With a measured max volume of 110 decibels, this powerful party speaker has no trouble getting loud. Crank it up while listening to your favorite tunes at your next party, and you'll feel plenty of rumble in the bass to bring genres like EDM and hip-hop to life. If you want a different sound, you can customize the speaker's output using the graphic EQ and presets in the SOUNDBOKS app. If you buy more than one speaker, you can link them together to fill larger, more open spaces with powerful sound, which is handy. It's unavailable through Amazon, but you can still pick one up through the Soundboks website.

    Overall, this speaker has a very good sound quality. Voices and lead instruments reproduce with clarity and detail, and the overall v-shaped sound adds some sparkle in the treble, along with a little extra boom in the bass. Overall, it's well-suited to listening to a wide array of music genres, but tracks with lots of highs and lows, like rock, EDM, and hip-hop, are ideal for the v-shaped sound. With Bluetooth compatibility, it's easy to stream your favorite tracks right from your phone, too, and since the speaker lasts over 43 hours off a single charge, you can take your party long into the night.

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  2. Loudest Upper Mid-Range Bluetooth Speaker

    If you're looking for a more affordable speaker that gets loud, check out the SOUNDBOKS Go. It's another booming party speaker that's designed to look like a smaller version of the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3). We measured this speaker's max volume at 106 decibels, which is more than enough to fill your room with sound when you listen to your favorite songs. It gives you access to the SOUNDBOKS app, too, where you can find a graphic EQ to customize its sound and connectivity features if you want to pair more than one SOUNDBOKS device together.

    Like its larger cousin, this speaker offers a v-shaped sound profile right out of the box. This means that voices and lead instruments are clear in the mix, but you get a little more rumble in the bass and some additional brightness in the treble. Overall, V-shaped sound profiles are ideal for genres like rock, hip-hop, pop, and EDM, but you can always switch it up if you want a different sound. Since it lasts over 35 hours off a single charge, this speaker lets you enjoy many long listening sessions in a row. It brings less low-bass than the Gen. 3, but it's still a great pick for its price.

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  3. Loudest Mid-Range Bluetooth Speaker

    If the speakers above are out of your budget, check out the JBL PartyBox 310. It's another loud Bluetooth speaker available at a more budget-friendly price, and it's a great addition to your next party. It gets loud, but at 104 dB, it's not quite as loud as the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3). It's still more than enough to carry sound throughout your space, even if you're outdoors. The circular RGB lights on the front of the speaker are a nice touch, and you can customize them in the JBL PartyBox app to set the mood for your next party.

    This device ranks among the best large Bluetooth speakers we've tested, and thanks to its design, it has no trouble bringing the thump and rumble in the low-bass. You get a punchy sound right out of the box. Voices and lead instruments remain clear in the mix, and the bass doesn't overwhelm them. However, if you prefer a different sound, you're in luck. The PartyBox app features a three-band graphic EQ and a bass adjustment feature to control how much punch is in the mix. With its added microphone and guitar inputs for your next karaoke session, you may find it a better value than the SOUNDBOKS speakers, so long as you don't mind sacrificing a few decibels.

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  4. Loudest Lower Mid-Range Bluetooth Speaker

    While the JBL PartyBox 100 is smaller than the JBL PartyBox 310, it gets as loud for a more affordable price. Bring it to your next party, and you can easily crank up the volume to enjoy your favorite music without issue. There are guitar and microphone inputs, which is great if you want to host a round of karaoke. Its RGB lights are a cool touch, and you can customize them to fit the ambiance of your party.

    From the jump, this speaker reproduces voices and lead instruments accurately, making it suitable for listening to many different music genres. Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with the JBL PartyBox app, so you can't access a graphic EQ like with the 310. Still, its Bass Boost feature gives you some control over the sound, allowing you to adjust the amount of punch in the high-bass. However, given its smaller size, this speaker can't bring as much low-bass as the 310, so you feel less rumble in bass-heavy genres. If you don't listen to a lot of EDM or hip-hop, and you want to spend less on your speaker, it's still a solid pick—but fans of a thumping bass will want to opt for the 310.

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  5. Loudest Budget Bluetooth Speaker

    Looking for a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker? Check out the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom. It's one of the loudest speakers in this price category, and its max volume of 93.1 decibels is more than enough to fill larger and more open rooms with sound. Plus, it boasts great sound quality for all your favorite songs. Voices and lead instruments are clear and present right from the jump, and if you want a different sound, you can use the graphic EQ in its companion app to customize its output. The BassUp preset does what its name implies: it ups the bass in the mix for a punchier, thumpier sound.

    This speaker has a smaller and more portable design, too, so it's easier to carry around than bigger speakers like the JBL PartyBox 100. The built-in handle is a handy way to carry it from room to room. Plus, it lasts 39 hours off a single charge, so you can go multiple days without a recharge. Of course, you won't find microphone and guitar inputs like with the JBL, but it's worth a look if you want a simple speaker for loud listening sessions. It's a great way to blast music without breaking the bank.

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  6. Best Portable Loud Bluetooth Speaker

    If you want a more portable alternative to our top picks, check out the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM. It's another loud Bluetooth speaker in a slightly smaller size, so it's easier to carry outside. With a max volume of 98.3 decibels, it's loud enough for your next backyard party. Plus, there's even a built-in carrying strap to help distribute the weight when bringing it to your next event. It's available in either Black or White, too, so you can choose the style that best suits you.

    This speaker's stellar sound quality makes it suitable for listening to all sorts of different music genres. Voices and lead instruments are clearly and accurately reproduced right out of the box, and its extended low-bass brings a good amount of rumble. Of course, given its smaller size, it brings less thump in the low-bass than the similarly-priced SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3), but you may find it a fair trade-off if you want something more portable. Its room correction tool is great for optimizing the sound to your unique space, and there's even a graphic EQ on hand for manual adjustment. With a battery life of over 23 hours, this speaker's great for long listening sessions on the go.

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Notable Mentions

  • Sony SRS-XG500: The Sony SRS-XG500 is a portable speaker with party-related features like customizable RGB lights and a mic/guitar input. However, it doesn't get as loud as the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM and has some compression present at max volume, so your audio doesn't sound as clean and clear at louder volumes. See our review
  • JBL Boombox 3: The JBL Boombox 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It can produce a more extended low-bass than the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM and is better built with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. That said, while it can get pretty loud, it doesn't get as loud as the Ultimate Ears. See our review
  • Bose S1 Pro System: The Bose S1 Pro System is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can get loud with little compression at max volume, so your audio sounds clean during loud listening sessions. It doesn't get as loud as the JBL PartyBox 310. See our review
  • ION Pathfinder 280: The ION Pathfinder 280 is a great alternative to the JBL PartyBox 100 if you want a similarly-priced speaker with a graphic EQ to customize its sound. However, the ION doesn't get as loud as the JBL and can't reproduce as much low-bass. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. May 30, 2023: Confirmed product picks and made minor updates to the text for consistency.

  2. May 05, 2023: Confirmed product picks are accurate. Some updates to the text for clarity.

  3. Apr 07, 2023: The ION Pathfinder 280 was our best budget pick, but its price has risen above that of the JBL PartyBox 100. As a result, we've replaced the ION with the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom and added it to Notable Mentions.

  4. Mar 09, 2023: No changes in product picks, as they're still the best for their categories. Minor updates to the text for clarity.

  5. Feb 09, 2023: Verified that these speakers are still the best picks for their category; minor updates to the text for accuracy.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best loud Bluetooth speakers most people can buy, according to their needs. We factor in the price (cheaper speakers win over pricier ones if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no speakers that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to see more products, here's the list of all our reviews of Bluetooth speakers sorted by their max volume levels. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. There are no perfect speakers. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will matter more in your selection.