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The 4 Best Bose Speakers of 2023 Reviews

Best Bose Speakers

We've currently tested 10 Bose speakers. Bose is a well-known audio equipment company that also sells headphonessoundbars, and home audio systems. If you're looking for the best Bose Bluetooth speaker, they make speakers for a wide range of uses, including smart home speakers and waterproof speakers that you can use outdoors.


Best Bose Speakers

  1. Best Bose Speaker

    The Bose Home Speaker 500 is the best Bose speaker we've tested. This premium home speaker offers versatile performance, making it a great choice for many different listeners. With built-in support for Google Assistant and Alexa, you can control it with your voice, so you can switch tracks while washing dishes or folding laundry with ease. The speaker doesn't have trouble hearing your commands, even if you're far away or in a noisy environment. The LED screen on the front of the device lets you monitor the track you're listening to and other adjustments, which is nice, too.

    Out-of-the-box, this speaker has an even sound, so voices and lead instruments are clear and detailed in the mix. With the Bose Music app, you can adjust its bass and treble to your liking. You can use the app to pair it with other Bose Home Speakers to play audio across different rooms of your house or to amplify your music at your next party. That said, since this wired speaker is meant for home use only, it isn't meant to bring along with you on the go, which can be disappointing if you want to use it outdoors.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range Bose Speaker

    A more affordable alternative is the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II. It's a portable Bluetooth speaker with a premium design, and it lets you bring your favorite tunes on the go. It's rated IP55 for dust and water resistance, so it can withstand some interaction with water in case you run into rain at the park, and the manufacturer says that it can withstand some small bumps and drops. It has a built-in handle, too, and its Bluetooth compatibility makes it easy to stream audio wirelessly from your phone.

    This speaker reproduces dialogue in podcasts and audiobooks with clarity and offers an accurate reproduction of voices and lead instruments in your music. Unfortunately, compared to the Bose Home Speaker 500, you don't have any tools to adjust its sound. However, you might not feel that you need it, given its balanced sound out-of-the-box. There's no built-in voice assistant support, but you can use voice assistants from your paired smartphone, which is nice. Overall, it's the best Bose portable speaker we've tested.

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  3. Best Mid-Range Bose Speaker

    The Bose SoundLink Revolve II is another versatile speaker that's a more wallet-friendly alternative to the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a similar overall design, though it doesn't come with a built-in handle. That said, it's lightweight and easy to bring with you outside, with an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance to help protect it against some light exposure to rain. You can pair your phone over Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes, and if your phone supports Siri or Google Assistant, you can use those voice assistants to control it with your voice.

    The sound quality is solid with this speaker, too. Voices and lead instruments are clear and detailed in the mix, so it's suitable for many different types of audio content. Podcasts and audiobooks sound great with the speaker since dialogue is reproduced with accuracy. You won't find any customization tools to switch up its sound, though. Also, it doesn't get quite as loud as the Revolve+ II, so it's not as suitable for filling large spaces with sound. That said, if you're listening in an average-sized room, it'll get the job done.

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  4. Best Budget Bose Speaker

    The Bose SoundLink Flex is the best Bose Bluetooth speaker available in the budget range. It's a portable speaker that's sold in several different colors with a sturdy design that's great for taking your favorite tunes with you on the go. On your next trip outdoors, use the built-in strap to attach the speaker to your bag or backpack. It's rated IP67 for dust and water resistance, and the manufacturer says that it can withstand some falls to the floor. It lasts over seven hours off a single charge, so you can keep listening all day long.

    This speaker uses Bose's PositionIQ technology to automatically adjust its output based on its orientation, meaning you can use it either horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs. With a clear and accurate reproduction of voices and other lead instruments, it's a really solid choice for lots of different music genres, as well as podcasts and audiobooks. Compared to the Bose SoundLink Revolve II, it doesn't have as good of a soundstage since it lacks a 360-degree design. Still, if you want something to take with you outdoors, it's a great budget-friendly choice.

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Compared to other brands

  • Well-balanced sound profile. Bose's speakers offer pretty neutral, balanced sound profiles out-of-the-box, especially in the mid-range, so vocals and lead instruments are usually reproduced clearly and accurately. This makes them suitable for listening to different types of audio content.
  • Bluetooth-compatible. Bose speakers support Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly stream your audio from another paired Bluetooth device, like your smartphone, to the speaker. Some of their smart speakers also support Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay.
  • Voice assistant support. Most Bose speakers support voice assistants. Some models use the voice assistant from your paired smartphone, while their smart speakers have built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Lackluster customization options. While some of Bose's more premium speakers are compatible with the Bose Music app, which gives you access to bass and treble adjustment features, they don't offer graphic EQs for full sound customization. Other Bose speakers don't have any sound customization features at all.
  • Limited stereo support. While a few of the Bose speakers we've tested support stereo content, most of them need to be paired to a second unit to play stereo audio and downmix stereo content to mono when used on their own, which doesn't sound as immersive.
  • No room correction features. The Bose speakers we've tested don't offer a room correction feature, so your audio sounds different depending on the room you're listening in.

Bose vs Sonos

Sonos and Bose are similar audio manufacturers that mainly produce high-end speakers with built-in smart capabilities. If you already own products in their respective ecosystems, their speakers are designed for easy compatibility, so you can spread music throughout your whole home. You can also find a few models at more budget-friendly price points with outdoor-oriented designs. You'll find Bluetooth compatibility with Bose, while Sonos tends to operate over Wi-Fi.

Bose vs JBL

JBL is another well-known speaker manufacturer that offers a wider range of devices compared to Bose. With JBL, you'll find more budget-friendly models with outdoor-ready designs, as well as some high-end party speakers for big events. That said, JBL's speakers aren't as well-designed as Bose's, and they tend to lack built-in voice assistant capabilities.

Bose vs Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears produces outdoor-geared speakers that are usually available at wallet-friendly price points. With ratings for dust and water resistance, as well as the ability to float in water, some Ultimate Ears devices are better suited to the outdoors than the sleek, home-friendly speakers produced by Bose. That said, Bose's speakers are generally better built, and their smart features offer additional support for voice assistants, for example.

Overall, Bose makes a large selection of speakers that can please many different listeners, including smart speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, and speakers for musicians. Their speakers are usually Bluetooth-compatible and offer balanced sound profiles out-of-the-box, but lack premium sound customization features like graphic EQs or room correction features. They also may have to downmix stereo content into mono to play it, which isn't very immersive-sounding. You can use them with voice assistants, either from a paired device or via built-in support.


Bose's speakers are designed to suit a wide array of potential consumer needs, from in-home to outdoor use. 

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

  • SoundLink series: Mid-range models that you can pair together to amplify sound
  • S1 Pro series: Premium party models with Auto EQ calibration
  • Smart Speaker series: Premium smart speakers with built-in voice assistant support; battery-powered, unlike the home audio models

Home Audio Speakers

  • Smart Speaker series: Premium smart speakers with built-in voice assistant support; wired-only compared to the portable models


  • Amplifier series: Smart home devices that connect to your record player, CD player, or passive speakers to amplify audio

Stereo Speakers

  • 251 series: Environmental outdoor speakers meant to withstand snow, rain, salt, and extreme temperatures; compatible with the Bose Music Amplifier
  • 791 series: In-series speakers with a slim design to blend into your home environment; compatible with the Bose Music Amplifier

Computer Speakers

  • Companion series: Mid-range multimedia speaker systems designed for easy integration with your computer

Portable PA And Loudspeaker Systems

  • S1 Pro series: Portable party-oriented speakers with Auto EQ and Bluetooth compatibility
  • F1 series: Premium loudspeakers with Auto EQ and Flexible Array technology to adjust the coverage pattern based on the space you're in; compatible with the F1 subwoofer

Generally speaking, the higher the model number, the more features are included. Depending on your needs, you may or may not find that these features are worth it for you.

Recent Updates

  1. Feb 07, 2023: We've removed the Bose SoundLink Color II, as it's no longer widely available.

  2. Dec 09, 2022: No changes in product picks after verifying their accuracy and availability.

  3. Sep 12, 2022: Recategorized picks to better reflect a price-based approach. Added the Bose SoundLink Revolve+II as the 'Best Upper Mid-Range Bose Speaker', the Bose SoundLink Revolve II as the 'Best Mid-Range Bose Speaker', the Bose SoundLink Flex as the 'Best Lower Mid-Range Bose Speaker', and the Bose SoundLink Color II as the 'Best Budget Bose Speaker'.

  4. Apr 28, 2022: Updated text for clarity; no changes to product picks.

  5. Jan 28, 2022: Checked text for accuracy and verified product availability. No changes were made to recommendations.


Bose is a well-known brand that offers many different types of speakers; depending on your listening habits, you may prefer one over the others. They make well-built Bluetooth speakers with a balanced and neutral sound out-of-the-box, and their smart speakers come with built-in voice assistant support. However, their models tend to lack extra sound customization options.

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