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The 6 Best Speakers For iPhone - Fall 2023 Reviews

Best Speakers For iPhone

Do you have an iPhone? If so, you probably store lots of audio content on your device, from music to podcasts to audiobooks and more. Many speakers on the market make it easy to stream audio content right from your iPhone, including Apple's line of speakers. Their wired HomePods are meant for home use, with built-in Apple AirPlay capabilities so you can stream audio from your iPhone when connected to the same Wi-Fi network. However, if you want something more portable, many great Bluetooth speakers for iPhone are also available. With only a few HomePod speakers on the market, our list focuses on these Bluetooth models, but if you're shopping for a wired device, you can also check out our recommendations for the best home speakers.

We've tested over 115 speakers, and below are our recommendations for the best speakers we've tested for iPhone and iPod. See our picks for the best Alexa speakers and the best cheap speakers.

  1. Best Speaker For iPhone

    The best Bluetooth speaker for iPhone we've tested is the Sonos Move. This premium speaker has many features designed to make the most of your Apple products, including Apple AirPlay support. When connected, it's easy to stream music and podcasts from your iPhone to the speaker itself, and the low latency ensures that you don't notice any delays when you watch videos from your phone. Its versatile performance makes it a great choice for listening to different audio content, and its portable design makes it easy to bring with you on the go.

    There's no support for Siri, but its built-in Alexa and Google Assistant abilities mean that you can still control the speaker's functions using your voice. It's also compatible with the Sonos S2 app, which you can download onto your iPhone to access more features and customization tools. You can adjust its bass and treble from the app and access its Trueplay room correction feature, which uses a microphone built into the speaker to analyze your room's unique acoustics and adjust its output accordingly.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range Speaker For iPhone

    If you're not ready to invest as much into a speaker, check out the Sony SRS-XG300 instead. Like the Sonos Move, the Sony is among the best portable speakers for iPhone that we've tested, and you can easily bring it wherever you go thanks to its built-in retractable carrying handle. It's well-built with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning it's fully dust-tight and immersible in up to one meter or three feet of water for 30 minutes.

    Whether listening to music, movies, or podcasts, you enjoy a clear, detailed sound with a touch of extra boom in the high-bass. This speaker doesn't reproduce as much low-bass as the Sonos Move, especially with bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop. It doesn't have built-in voice assistant support, so you have to pair your phone to the speaker and use Siri through your other devices. Also, you won't find Apple AirPlay compatibility, though it's not much of an issue for most users since you can still stream to the speaker wirelessly over Bluetooth. Ultimately, it's still a great choice at a more affordable price—it just lacks a few extra features.

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  3. Best Mid-Range Speaker For iPhone

    On a tighter budget? Check out the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3. This cylindrical speaker comes in many colors to suit your style, and it's a great choice for listening to music from a paired iPhone. Connect over Bluetooth to enjoy a clean and clear representation of vocal and lead instruments in all your favorite tracks. The Ultimate Ears app is easy to download onto your iPhone, too, and it lets you access many extra features, including a graphic EQ to customize the speaker's sound to your liking. There are even some preset modes on hand.

    This portable Bluetooth speaker boasts an even smaller and more lightweight design than our top picks, so it may be an even better value if you're shopping with portability in mind. That said, given its smaller design, it's not a surprise that it doesn't reproduce as much bass as the Sony SRS-XG300. You aren't likely to notice a difference with vocal-centric content, like podcasts, but fans of bass-heavy music like EDM might be disappointed by the lack of thump reproduced by the speaker. Still, it's a solid pick if you want a simple Bluetooth speaker and don't need these extra features.

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  4. Best Budget Speaker For iPhone

    Even if you want to spend less on a speaker, some great budget-friendly options on the market are easy to use with your iPhone, including the Anker Soundcore Flare 2. For a low price, it makes a noticeable improvement compared to listening to music through your iPhone's built-in speakers, with clear and accurate reproduction of voices and other instruments in the mix. Plus, it has a cool design with flashing lights that you can customize in its app to bring more excitement to your favorite tunes. While in the app, you can even switch up the speaker's sound thanks to its graphic EQ and presets.

    Overall, this speaker has a small and portable design that lets you bring the party with you on the go, so you can carry it around with your iPhone to listen to music. Pair it with your iPhone over Bluetooth to listen to your favorite tracks, and you can also use Siri through your phone to control the device. It's rated IPX7 for water resistance, meaning it can withstand some exposure to the elements, and its eight-hour battery life is good for a day on the go. Unfortunately, its battery doesn't last as long as the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3, so you'll have to charge it up more often. Still, for the price, this speaker is a great choice for iPhone users.

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  5. Best Cheap Speaker For iPhone

    The best cheap option we've tested for iPhones is the Anker Soundcore 3. It's a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that's easy to pair to your iPhone to listen to your favorite tunes. Despite its small size, it still offers decent sound quality, especially with more vocal-centric content like podcasts or the news. It stands out from similarly-priced models thanks to its companion app, which you can download onto your iPhone to access a graphic EQ and presets to adjust its sound.

    This speaker is rated IPX7 for water resistance, which is handy if you want to use it outside. It even lasts for over thirteen hours off a single charge. While its sound quality isn't quite as impressive as the larger and more premium models on our list, it remains a solid plug-and-play pick for iPhone users shopping on a budget.

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  6. Best Home Speaker For iPhone

    Apple fans will recognize the Apple HomePod (2nd generation), which keeps the same signature design as the first generation model for easy integration into your living room setup. This wired device is available in both Midnight and White color variants and includes built-in Siri support for hands-free control. Naturally, this speaker pairs up with your iPhone, meaning you can stream music and other audio content over an Apple AirPlay connection.

    Compared to the first-generation model, this speaker shines for bass reproduction. With more thump and rumble reproduced in the mix, it's well-suited for listening to bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop. Its built-in room correction tool automatically optimizes the audio reproduction based on your room's unique acoustics, which is a nice premium touch. Unfortunately, Apple still hasn't added any sound customization tools for its speakers, so you can't switch up its sound. Still, it's a great pick for iPhone users, and the more affordable Apple HomePod mini is another solid alternative if you're okay with less bass in the mix.

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Notable Mentions

  • Sonos Era 300: The Sonos Era 300 is a premium home speaker that's great if you already own products in the manufacturer's ecosystem since you can easily pair the speaker to them to spread sound throughout your home. It supports Apple AirPlay, too, though there's no native Siri support like with the Apple HomePod (2nd generation). See our review
  • Bose Home Speaker 500: The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a versatile Bluetooth speaker for home use that supports Apple AirPlay. It offers a wider-sounding soundstage than the Sonos Move and can play stereo content without downmixing it to mono, which is more immersive. It isn't as portable as the Sonos due to its wired design. It also doesn't produce as deep a bass. See our review
  • Sonos Roam: The Sonos Roam is a versatile portable speaker. It supports Apple AirPlay and has low latency over this connection, and its room correction feature is also only available to iOS users. That said, it doesn't get as loud as the Sonos Move. Like most small speakers, it also struggles to reproduce low-bass. See our review
  • Yamaha MusicCast 50: The Yamaha MusicCast 50 is a wired home speaker that supports Apple AirPlay and has low latency over this connection. However, it isn't as portable as the Sonos Move. See our review
  • Denon Home 350: The Denon Home 350 is a larger, more premium home speaker that's a solid alternative to the Apple HomePod (2nd generation). It supports Apple AirPlay, so you can easily stream audio from your iPhone. Depending on your listening habits, you may not find it's worth the added price. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Aug 29, 2023: Replaced the Anker Soundcore 2 with the next-generation Anker Soundcore 3. Made some text edits for clarity.

  2. Jul 04, 2023: Confirmed accuracy and availability of product picks. Some minor text changes.

  3. May 05, 2023: Added the Sonos Era 300 as a Notable Mention.

  4. Mar 09, 2023: Restructured the article in light of the Apple HomePod 2nd generation release. The new HomePod replaces the Denon Home 350 as the 'Best Home' pick, while the HomePod mini is mentioned in the text.

  5. Jan 10, 2023: No changes in product picks after verifying their accuracy and availability.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best speakers for most people to buy for iPhone, according to their needs. We factor in the price (cheaper speakers win over pricier ones if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no speakers that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to choose for yourself, here's the list of all our reviews for Bluetooth speakers. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. There are no perfect speakers. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will matter more in your selection.