Speed and Controls

What it is: The spinning rate of the blender and how it's controlled.

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Min Speed

What it is: The slowest measured speed the blender can achieve.
When it matters: When you want to make certain things such as mayonnaise, that won't emulsify at too high a speed.
Good value: < 3000 RPM

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Max Speed

What it is: The highest measured rotations per minute the blender can achieve.
When it matters: When deciding what to make. For most things, sharp blades past 17000 RPM is overkill.
Good value: >15000 RPM

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Speed Dial

What it is: Whether the blender is equipped with a dial, allowing the user to control the blender speed.
When it matters: It helps you achieve the desired consistency by fine-tuning the speed of the blender.

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What it is: Whether the blender can run for short bursts.
When it matters: Pulsing helps chop larger and harder food before starting the actual blending process.

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Noise @ Max Speed

What it is: The noise produced by the blender at its highest RPM from a distance of 15 inches.

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On/Off Toggle

What it is: Whether the blender has an on/off switch or button. The blender won't function until the switch is flipped, opposite to blenders without a switch that are able to be used without that extra safety step as soon sa they're plugged.
When it matters: When you're worried about safety. This helps with safety and prevents the blender from being accidentally activated when plugged into an outlet.

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